What Are The Poses Restorative Yoga Sequence Consisting Of

Restorative Yoga Poses: You Can Try At Home

Source:- gaia . com A restorative yoga sequence is usually consisting of only 5 or 6 restorative yoga poses. These restorative yoga poses supported by the...
What Is Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga: 4 Acro yoga steps and some benefits of it

Any person can practice the Acro yoga as there is no weight, age, or size limit. In any case, you experience the ill effects...
What Is Jivamukti Yoga or What Does It Mean

What Is Jivamukti Yoga? What Are The Jivamukti Yoga Benefits?

Yoga generally means a connection or union of the body and breath. Yoga helps to improve our physical and mental body. There are a...
Restorative Yoga Benefits

Restorative Yoga Benefits Everyone Should Know

Restorative yoga is one type of yoga style. It is known for its calming, relaxing, and healing effect. Restorative yoga boost the immune system...

Hanumanasana | Monkey Pose | Steps & Benefits

Source Sanskrit Name: Hanumanasana (हनुमानासन) English Name: Monkey Pose, Splits Pose Yoga Type of Yoga: Seated VinyasaYoga Level of Yoga: Intermediate Duration: As per your capability or 30 to...
standing Asanas in yoga

Know About Some Standing Asanas In Yoga & Its Benefits

Source:- https://www . yoga-teacher-training . org/2009/01/25/teaching_hatha_yoga_contraindications_fo/ Standing Asanas in yoga means those Asanas which can be done standing. People with knee problem can’t sit on...
Chair Yoga for seniors

See Step By Step Guide To The Chair Yoga For Seniors

Source:- Instagram Chair Yoga for seniors is an outstanding way to stretch and loosen painful muscles, improve circulation, and reduce stress. Chair Yoga for seniors...
power yoga poses

Power Yoga Poses & Their Health Benefits

Source The Power yoga poses are a type of intense yoga. The difference between power yoga poses and general yoga poses are nothing. Power yoga...
Maha Mudra

Maha Mudra | Method | Benefits | Precautions

Source Maha Mudra is a group of teachings found in many Tibetan Buddhist sects in which we ourselves are taught how to understand the true...
Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Satyananda Yoga | Satyananda Yoga Poses

Source Satyananda Yoga is a type of yoga that is developed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. This type of yoga is a combination of ancient yoga...

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