Why Western Doctors Are Now Prescribing Yoga Therapy


The yoga therapy has created an opportunity for Westerners to experience yoga in its original and purest form. The more they practice yoga therapy, the less questions they have left about incorporating yoga in Western culture. Yogarepresents the path of health and orderliness. Yoga exercises produce balance on physical, mental and social levels. Absolute balance means complete health and every method or science that leads to this goal matches the notion of yoga. And that is the reason more western doctors are opting for prescribing yoga therapy for their patients

As they continue to experience the benefits of yoga therapy and its immense value to their health, the need within western doctors inspire them to flow this knowledge into their patients as a medical practitioner. The number of patients reentered for physical therapeutic care has reinforced western doctors’belief that the integration of yoga therapy has enriched the healing practice.

So, let’s now know more about yoga therapy and the reason behind western doctors’ preference for yoga therapy in the next section of the post


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