Benefits Of Trikonasana Everyone Need To Know

benefits of Trikonasana

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Trikonasana or Triangle Pose is the type of yoga poses. The name Trikonasana comes from the Sanskrit word Trikona which means Triangle and Asana which means Yoga Pose. From strengthening muscles to building up flexibility there are many Benefits of Trikonasana. Trikonasana expand muscles that create space in muscles that help in emotional release and also heal your body.

Trikonasana is beneficial for pregnant women.


This yoga pose should practice in empty stomach. The time gap between the yoga practice and meal should be at least 4-6 hour.

  • Stand upright and keep your legs apart.
  • Place your right foot outside at 90 degrees and the left foot at 15 degrees.
  • Raise both hands upward while inhaling. In that manner, hands will be parallel to the ground and face your palms downwards.
  • Bend your body at the right side.
  • Face your left hand towards the ceiling and touch your right toe with your right hand.
  • Face your eyes toward the ceiling.
  • Don’t bend forward or backward.
  • Deeply inhale and exhale.
  • Hold the position for 1-2 minutes.
  • Repeat it on another sign.

The ideal time to do this yoga is morning, if you cannot practice in the morning you can practice is in the evening. You should not practice it at night.

Benefits of Trikonasana

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Benefits of Trikonasana:

Opens the Hips:

The forward twist and in reverse curve yoga poses viably open up the glutes and hip flexors. Nonetheless, a considerable lot of us have totally overlooked the side muscles of our body, including the hip. The side hip muscles take care of amid cycling, running and strolling. The triangle present is very essential for each and everybody who utilizes their lower body territory a lot in the everyday exercises. It viably opens up the side hips.

Opens the heart:

Probably the cutest medical advantages of Trikonasana are obvious in the way that Triangle present is a delicate heart-opening yoga asana. On the off chance that you practice the posture with right arrangement, you will pivot your chest upward while making a curve in the back that inconspicuously opens up the heart and abdominal area.

Strengthens the core muscles

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Strengthens the core muscles:

In the event that you practice triangle present with accuracy and consistency with its custom, it will without a doubt advantage your center. The posture energizes the utilization of the stomach and back muscles for making an equalization. The utilizing of the center for holding the body up assembles quality and stamina in the center muscles. This is one of the benefits of Trikonasana.

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Lengthens the back:

The rigors of ordinary debilitate the back. A triangle present viably extends the back muscles, makes it solid, supple and spares you from the adverse impacts of joint pain and a spinal pain. This is one of the benefits of Trikonasana.

Heals the Internal Organs:

The turning of the body in the Trikonasana rubs the interior organs upgrades their capacity to dispose of the poison and set them for ideal working guaranteeing an entire strength of the body. This is one of the benefits of Trikonasana.

Expands the side waist:

Many of us often overlook the importance of the side waist and triangle pose effectively opens up the sides of the abdomen. Neglecting the side waist can lead to posture issues, as well as pain and discomfort. Trikonasana provides a deep stretch to the side waist, helping to open it up for practitioners, as this area of the body is commonly disregarded by many.

Helps to Rotate legs Externally

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Helps to Rotate legs Externally :

Outside revolution of the legs is vital. Ace it through a normal routine with regards to triangle present. A considerable lot of us remain with our legs inside turned, and outside pivot is urgent for reinforcing the legs, pelvis, and building balance in the lower body. A special reward for the ardent yoga professionals, a predictable routine with regards to Trikonasana shows you outer turn and sets you up for the advanced yoga stances. This is one of the benefits of Trikonasana.

Low or High blood pressure patient and people who are suffering from back and spinal injuries should not perform this yoga pose.