back pain

8 Best Poses Of Yoga For Bulging Disc

Source Do you have a bulging disc that causes you back pain is strong enough to interfere with your job, family life, or day to...

Why Western Doctors Are Now Prescribing Yoga Therapy

The yoga therapy has created an opportunity for Westerners to experience yoga in its original and purest form. The more they practice yoga therapy,...
baba ramdev yoga for back pain

What Are The Baba Ramdev Yoga For Back Pain?

Source 42% of people in India suffer from back pain. Yoga for back pain is essential in our lifestyle. This problem is becoming very common...
yoga asanas for reducing waist side bulges

Effective Yoga Asanas For Reducing Waist Side Bulges

Source Looking for a toned stomach, but crunching ab sounds just boring? Try yoga poses instead. Doing yoga properly not only gives you a flat...
yoga for dark circles by Baba Ramdev

Poses Of Yoga For Dark Circles By Baba Ramdev

Source Nowadays the routine of people has become very tense and rushing. Today, most people's lifestyle is unhealthy. Due to working on the computer for...
yoga to increase height after 21

Effective Poses Of Yoga To Increase Height After 21

Source Length plays an important role in improving the personality. Short-length people often feel embarrassed. Children usually reach their maximum height by the late stages...
importance of yoga in human life

What Are The Importance Of Yoga In Human Life?

Source A question will come to your mind again and again that why should we do yoga? While we do not have any problems mentally...
benefit of matsyasana

12 Amazing Benefit Of Matsyasana Or Fish Pose

Source :- artofliving . org Matsyasana or Fish Pose is a great pose to strengthen your spine. When you get to practice this yoga you will...
shirshasana benefits

15 Astonishing Shirshasana Benefits And Steps To Perform It

Source:- theayurveda . org There is a lot of yoga poses but none of them has benefits like Shirshasana. Shirshasana is also a posture that...
Yoga For Flat Stomach And Slim Thighs

5 Effective Yoga For Flat Stomach And Slim Thighs

Yoga For Flat Stomach And Slim Thighs: Yoga is a spiritual activity which helps to cleanse our body and mind. Yoga has a lot of...

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