What Is Anusara Yoga? What Are The Anusara Yoga Benefits?


Anusara Yoga

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In India, people are practicing many kinds of yoga since ages. Inventing in India, “YOGA” means ‘Spiritual Discipline’. Every different procedure of yoga has its specific set of benefits and different ways of performing them. Today we are going to discuss about the Anusara yoga and Anusara yoga benefits in details.

People perform different kinds of yoga poses as per their requirements and needs. Performing yoga poses on a daily basis can keep you healthy and fit all the way through your life. Anusara yoga helps you in achieving physical strength and mental stability.

Regular practice of this Anusara yoga may bring a sense of spiritual calmness to you.


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What Is Anusara Yoga?

An American yoga instructor named John Friend had invented the Anusara Yoga in 1997. Amongst the other style of yoga poses, the Anusara yoga is the perfect mixture of different types of yoga Asanas. It includes breathing training and attitude.

Anusara yoga is the best modern form of yoga poses. There are more than 250 yoga asanas in the Anusara yoga. It is indeed not possible to practice all the asanas at once. Therefore, there are divisions of the yoga asanas. These divisions are as follows:

  • Backbends
  • Basic warm-ups
  • Forward Bends
  • Inversions or chants
  • Standing Poses
  • Sitting Poses
  • Breathing and Meditations and so many more.

The Anusara Yoga is actually an improved form of the traditional Hatha Yoga.


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Components Of The Anusara Yoga

There are mainly three different components of the Anusara yoga. These components include Action, Attitude, and Alignment.


The action of Anusara yoga is connected to the body. According to Friend, it is the natural flow of the energy in our body that provides both joyful freedom and stability.


The friend said attitude is the power of our emotion as the strength behind each expression or action in an asana. It is the aspiration to revive our spiritual nature and to celebrate life to the fullest.


John states that alignment is the attentive mindfulness of how different parts of the body are combined and interrelated.

Now let’s talk about the Anusara yoga benefits below

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What Are The Anusara Yoga Benefits?

Unlike other forms of yoga asanas, Anusara yoga benefits are undoubtedly useful. And the best part of any yoga asanas is that yoga does not have any negative impact on the body. And if you are not able to continue practicing the yoga it will not affect your body.

So, let’s now discuss the Anusara yoga benefits in brief:

Anusara Yoga Benefits: Increase Immunity

People performing Anusara yoga regularly are less expected to fall ill, as Anusara yoga poses increase their immunity power to a great extent and also fight many deadly diseases.

Anusara Yoga Benefits: Increase Concentration

The Anusara yoga and meditation strengthens the concentration abilities. When your brain is calm, you can concentrate on things better. The Anusara Yoga reduces your intolerance and thus you get to focus on things better. It is also assumed that while performing Anusara yoga, you can manage your feelings in an enhanced way. Yoga increases the ability to express one’s inner self spontaneously.

Anusara Yoga Benefits: Increase Energy

Anusara yoga increases your stamina and strength. Who practice this Anusara yoga on a regular basis, feel greatly energized. They perform their daily life works energetically.

Anusara Yoga Benefits: Increases Flexibility

The Anusara yoga guarantees excessive flexibility in the body. Anusara yoga poses also stretch out the ligaments, muscles, and tendons to improve the body’s posture and strength. Anusara yoga strengthens our muscular structures. This brings more flexibility to our body

Anusara yoga postures are considered to be “heart-opening” or “heart-oriented”.


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