20 Astonishing Vajrasana Benefits And Instruction To Do It

vajrasana benefits

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Vajrasana composed of two words of Sanskrit “Vajra” and “Asana”. Sanskrit word “Vajra” means thundering in the sky. Here the thunderbolt means the dominant or thunderbolt, whereas “Asana” means pose. Therefore, Vajrasana means the yogic posture that makes the body stronger as a diamond.

What Is Vajrasana Yoga?

Vajrasana, also known as Diamond Pose or Thunderbolt Pose, offers numerous benefits. It promotes overall health and strength, aids digestion, and fortifies the legs. Considered one of the fundamental asanas, its advantages are manifold.

This seat is very beneficial for your digestive system. This is probably the only posture that can be done after eating food and by which your digestion improves.

This article describes the ways and means of doing Vajrasana posture. Due to this asana, the problems of digestion are removed from the root. In this article, we will tell you about the way to practice it and the health benefits of Vajrasana.

Step By Step instruction to do Vajrasana

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Step By Step Instruction To Do Vajrasana

The way to practice the vajrasana is as follows:

Step 1:

Like every posture, before performing Vajrasana yoga pose, one has to sit in a normal posture by choosing a clean, clean and comfortable place, laying the yoga mat.

Step 2:

Now spread both your legs towards the front. Now bend your body weight to the left and slightly, put your right leg under the knees and apply it below the right hip.

And then carry the weight of your body on the same side and also fold your other left leg)from the knees and put it under the left hip.

Step 3:

Keep in mind that the claws of both your sides should be bent in such a way that your face can be placed comfortably on it. There should be a difference between the two joints of the feet in such a way that both the toes should touch each other.

Step 4:

Now put the claws of both your hands on your knees. Both palms should be towards the knees. Do not disturb your body by sitting in Vajrasana, keep the body straight.

Step 5:

Now take a deep breath in your body. Keep in mind that while doing Vajrasana, breathe through your nose. Do not breathe in the mouth.

Step 6:

Now close your eyes and keep your mind calm and enjoy Vajrasana, and continue to breathe at normal speed and exhale over time.

Step 7:

Initially, performing Vajrasana may feel a slight drag on the nerves of the feet, but after a few days of practice, this asana can be done with ease.

Step 8:

After practicing Vajrasana for three to five minutes, straighten your body in the order in which you were suffocated. And sit in the normal posture.

In cases of acute digestive disorder, do vegans for 100 breaths before and after meals

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Vajrasana benefits

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Vajrasana Benefits:

The benefits of Vajrasana are as follows:

1. Vajrasana strengthens pelvic muscles by changing the blood flow and nerve impulses in the pelvic area.

2. It prevents a hernia and also helps in relieving hemorrhoids.

3. It improves the whole bowel movement, relieves stomach problems related to acidity and peptic ulcer.

4. Vajrasana yoga pose helps to reduce blood circulation in the genitals and massage the nerve fibers which make them active, which is useful in the treatment of sexual organs of men.

5. It is also beneficial in the problem of gas

6. It helps in the delivery of the child.

7. Vajrasana is a very important posture for meditation because the body becomes absolutely straightforward without effort.

8. This is the best meditative state for those suffering from sciatica.

9. Vajrasana yoga pose is beneficial for the body’s strength and peace of mind

10. Practicing Vajrasana ends all diseases of the stomach.

11. Vajrasana yoga pose also improves the problems associated with women such as menstrual problems.

12. Vajrasana yoga pose not only enhances digestion, but it relaxes the lower back pain.

13. In Vajrasana, the body passes through such condition which causes pressure on the central part of the body, which increases the digestion power and eliminates the contraption

14. Vajrasana yoga pose is very beneficial for those people who work by standing throughout the day, after a time, people begin to complain of knee pain, such people should be energetic. It combines and reduces the pressure of the muscles.

15. Deep breathing and long breathing are advised during Vajrasana yoga pose, which ends with respiratory problems

16. Vajrasana yoga pose activates the calf muscles, pulls them into pulling, and also improves metabolism, which helps in weight reduction.

17. Vajrasana yoga pose also removes the problem of blood pressure by correcting blood circulation.

18. Due to the digestion of the body, the person gets rid of skin-related diseases. This posture makes the toxins out of the body and skin so that the skin becomes soft, smooth and the face glows.

19. It helps stretch the ankle, buttocks, and knees. Because of this, the whole body is toned and the health is good. Apart from this, the Vajrasana yoga pose gives the health benefits of both exercise and meditation together.

20. There are many reasons behind the mood swing of a person. The gastrointestinal tract is healthy due to Vajrasana, which produces good hormones in the body and helps in maintaining a good mood.


Q. How Long Should We Sit In Vajrasana?

A. In the beginning, Vajrasana should be done for three to five minutes. It can also be done for longer (up to ten minutes) once the exercise is increased.

After eating, sitting in Vajrasana for 10 minutes, the food gets digested quickly and gets rid of constipation, gas, chaos, etc. If there is a pain in the knees, then Vajrasana should not be done.

Q. How Many Times A Day Should We Do Vajrasana?

A. The great feature of Vajrasana is that you can do it immediately after eating food. If you do not have time to walk or you cannot go for a walk due to the odd time, then you can get the benefits of the walk by practicing the Vajrasana yoga pose. For better results, you must do 10 to 15 minutes of Vajrasana every day.

Q. Does Vajrasana Reduce Belly Fat?

A. To reduce belly fat, and improve digestion Vajrasana is most effective in yoga poses. During the practice, there is a slight pressure on the stomach and intestines, which eliminates constipation, and digestion is good.

In the posture of Vajrasana, the tension of the muscles of the waist and legs is removed and joints are opened. After walking or standing for long, you will feel relaxed with the help of this asana.

Q. Who Should Not Do Vajrasana?

A. Those whose knees are weak, or have gone through knee surgery, or those who have arthritis or whose bones are weak, should not do Vajrasana.

People of extreme weight should be under the supervision of a Vajrasana Yoga master so that they can get immediate help in case of some disturbance. Pregnant women should not “do” Vajrasana at all.