Natarajasana Benefits On Health To Know About

Natarajasana benefits

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‘Nataraj’ is a symbol of Shiva’s ‘Tandava dance‘. This dance of Nataraja is the indicator of five great acts of the world- (i) Sristy (creation), (ii) Sthiti (state), (iii) Pralay (destruction), (iv) Tirobhav (disappearance) and (v) Anurag (grace). The idol of Shiva’s Natraj is a unique combination of religion, scripture, and art. Lord Shiva’s dancing position is called Natarajanasana in Yoga. This yoga pose has many health benefits. So, let’s see how to do Natarajasana and Natarajasana benefits here.

Natarajasana benefits

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Stage: Advanced

Yoga Style: Vinyasa Yoga Style

Time Duration: 10 to 30 seconds

Stretches: Shoulder, Thighs, Abdomen, Fingers, toes

Strengths: Ankles, Legs, Elbows

Preparatory Pose:

Adho Mukha Savasana, Dhanurasana, Hanumanasana, Virabhadrasana, Varksasana, Garudasana, etc.


You should practice this yoga asana on empty stomach. You must make it sure that you have to practice this asana six hours after having meals.

Steps To Do Natarajasana

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Steps To Do Natarajasana:

  • First of all stand in comfort posture.
  • Place the body weight on the left foot and turn right knee slowly and lift the leg above the ground.
  • Bend the right foot and back behind you.
  • Hold the right ankle right-handed.
  • Raise the left arm in the height of the shoulder.
  • Leaving the breath, press the left foot on the ground and bend forward.
  • Take the right leg away from the body.
  • Place the head and neck in the spine of the spine.
  • Stay in this currency for 15 to 30 seconds.

Precaution Of Natarajasana:

This yoga should not be practiced when there is a problem in your waist. It should stop practicing even when suffering from constipation, hips, and knees.

Follow-Up Poses:

Natarajasana is an advanced stage in Vinyasa yoga style and the last yoga asana in the backbend yoga series. So there are no follow up pose. But you can practice Ardha Uttanasana after practicing it to comfort your spine.


Natarajasana should practice at dawn or dusk.

Natarajasana Benefits:

It’s incredible how many benefits Natarajasana, also known as the Dancer’s Pose, can offer. Regardless of your body type, even if you’re obese, you can still reap its advantages. Yoga holds a unique importance in rejuvenating the body and mind, restoring lost energy, and nurturing spiritual growth. Let’s explore the health benefits of Natarajasana.

Reduce Stress

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Reduce Stress:

Yoga is the best medicine to avoid or eliminate stress. If you wake up in the morning and do yoga, then you will not feel stress throughout the rest of the day and sleep well at night. Natarajasana is one of the best yoga that helps to reduce stress. This is one of the Natarajasana Benefits.

Control Diabetes

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Control Diabetes:

Yoga is very beneficial for diabetic patients. Only once a day, you can get control of your diabetes without any medication. Natarajasana helps to control the sugar level of blood and helps to treat it. This is one of the Natarajasana benefits.

Helps To Lose Weight

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Helps To Lose Weight:

The daily practice of Natarajasana will help to reduce fat from the body. Natarajasana helps to reduce weight faster. This is one of the Natarajasana benefits.

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Improves Blood Circulation

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Improves Blood Circulation:

Natarajasana helps to improve blood circulation. This increases the ability to absorb oxygen of the lungs, thereby increasing the circulation of the oxygen supply in the body. Along with this it also makes your bones strong. This is one of the Natarajasana benefits.

Treat Many Health Issues

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Treat Many Health Issues:

Natarajasana helps to treat many health issues like asthma, allergy, sinusitis, blocked nose, colds.

Improve Digestion System

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Improve Digestion System:

The body can remain fit only when your digestion system is good. Natarajasana is one of those yoga asanas that helps to improve the digestion system. This is another Natarajasana benefits.

Increases Metabolism

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Increases Metabolism:

Regular practicing of Natarajasana increases your metabolism. When you relax after yoga, even calories burn at that time, which does not make fat in the body and the weight is reduced fast. This is one of the Natarajasana benefits.

Strongen Muscles

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Strongen Muscles:

Regular practicing Natarajasana strengthens your muscles and keeps blood flow in the body better. It keeps you healthy and also provides the right blood supply, the brain also actively works and the brain also helps in the formation of new brain cells. This is one of the Natarajasana benefits.

Controls Blood Pressure

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Controls Blood Pressure:

Natarajasana is also helpful in controlling blood pressure. Regular practicing of Natarajasana reduces the risk of high blood pressure by up to 75 percent. Besides, low blood pressure is also controlled by this yoga. This is one of the Natarajasana benefits.

Improves Immune System

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Improves Immune System:

Natarajasana increases immunity to the body and helps you to recover from many diseases. Many studies have proven that patients of high blood pressure, asthma, type 2 diabetes have become completely healthy by practicing Natarajasana. This is one of the Natarajasana benefits.

Improves Respiratory System

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Improves Respiratory System:

By practicing Natarajasana the body is in the state of relaxation, hence the burden of work on the respiratory system decreases.

Makes Heart Healthy

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Makes Heart Healthy:

One of the Natarajasana benefits is this yoga helps to reduce stress on the heart and makes the heart healthy. Natarajasana helps to increase oxygen flow to the heart that helps the heart to pump blood easily.

Improves Balance

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Improves Balance:

There is a possibility of losing balance with aging from poor physical posture. This is due to doing little or no work in our localized daily lifestyle. Due to falling injuries, bone breakdown, back problems and other difficulties. With the help of Natarajasana, this lost balance and control can be found back. Yoga improves your balance and enhances power and flexibility. With this improvement, your brain moves fast and you are able to better control your responses. This is one of the Natarajasana benefits.

Improves Flexibility

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Improves Flexibility:

Practicing Natarajasana helps to improve flexibility to our body. Natarajasana is an advanced level yoga asana which is quite difficult to do. Mastering Natarajasana makes us more flexible. This is one of the Natarajasana benefits.

Improves Concentration

Improves Concentration:

One of the Natarajasana benefits is it helps to concentrate carefully. Students or office workers can benefit by adopting Natarajasana to live a better life and thus their work capacity also increases. It is possible to concentrate the mind with the practice of regular Natarajasana.

Improve Posture

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Improve Posture:

By practicing regular Natarajasana, you become aware of your body. How are you sitting, how are you getting up – they take care of these things. When you have the impression that the position of your standing, sitting or lying is not correct, then you make the relative improvement in it. This is one of the Natarajasana benefits.

Treat Insomnia

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Treat Insomnia:

When you are physically healthy and stress-free, then your mind and mind also remain calm. With the practice of regular Natarajasana, you get better sleep too. Good sleep makes you physically and mentally fit and fit. This is one of the Natarajasana benefits.

Improves Lung Function

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Improves Lung Function:

With the practice of regular Natarajasana, your body remains healthy and the ability to take oxygen in the lungs increases. In this way, in a normal situation, we do not breathe in as much amount of time as we do for Natarajasana. This increases your lung’s ability to take oxygen i.e. the lung volume increases. This is one of the Natarajasana benefits.