Side Plank Benefits: 6 Astonishing Benefits Of Side Plank

Side Plank Benefits

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Side plank is a bodyweight exercise and it is very beneficial for being fit. Side plank benefits are many as it helps to reduce excess fat deposited on belly and hips. Plank is also necessary for making Six Pack Abs. The Side plank is also known as the Vasisthasana (वशिष्ठासन).

Plank Exercise can be used to keep the belly and waist in good shape. Planking increases the stomach muscles and increases the body’s workforce. There are several types of plank exercises. However, today in this article we are going to explain to you the side plank benefits in detail. Let’s know about the side plank benefits below:

Side Plank or Vasisthasana yoga is a completely balancing pose on the hands, which directly targets your wrist and tricep. The side plank pose is an ideal posture for intermediate level yogis. When you practice this asana, your mind will become relaxed and calm.

Vasisthasana yoga or side plank is known to activate the heart chakra. This asana is a powerful asana which also helps you develop inner strength. While doing this asana, your body is kept completely upright. Side plank benefits are such that it helps improve the feeling of physical and mental balance in all children or men. Let’s know about this exercise below…

What Is Side Plank or Vasisthasana?

what is side plank


Vasisthasana is the side variation of the Plank pose and falls under the intermediate level. The name of Vashisthasana Yoga is derived from Sanskrit. “Vashistha” is the name of one of the seven great sages, hence Vasisthasana Yoga is dedicated to the great sage Vashishtha. Vasisthasana Yoga is made up of two words “Vasistha” and “Asana”, in which

“Vasistha (वशिष्ठ)” is the name of a great sage meaning “rich”

And the other word “Asana (आसन)” meaning “pose”.

This asana is the powerhouse of health, so it is named after Vasistha. Vasisthasana is also known as side plank pose. This posture is also called One Arm Balance Pose.

Step By Step Instructions to do Side Plank:

At first, you may find it difficult to do Side Plank or Vasisthasana yoga posture, but after continuous practice, you can easily do this yoga. Do the following steps to do Vashisthasana Yoga.

The Technique of Doing Side Plank

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  • To do Side Plank or Vashisthasana yoga, first of all, spread a yoga mat and stand upright on it.
  • Now bend your waist from here and place both hands on the floor.
  • In this situation, you will look like a person doing a reverse facing posture yoga.
  • Then you straighten both your legs backward and straighten your legs completely.
  • In this pose, you will look like a person doing a push-up.
  • The weight of your entire body will be on the fingers of both hands and feet.
  • After this, bring the weight of the whole body on your right hand and raise the left hand.
  • Then you put the left foot on the right, in this too the weight of your left foot will be on the right foot.
  • Now while breathing in, straighten the left hand completely upwards so that both your hands are in a straight line.
  • Keep in mind that in Vashisthasana Yoga your feet, top body, and head stay in a straight line.
  • Stay in this position for a few seconds and then exhale, bring the left hand down.
  • Lower your left foot to its initial state.

Side Plank Benefits:

Side Plank, also known as Vashisthasana in yoga, offers numerous benefits for the body. Practicing this asana regularly helps in preventing various health issues and promoting overall well-being. Now, let’s delve into the detailed benefits of Side Plank.

Side Plank Benefits to Improve Balance

side plank benefits


If you want to balance the body in the right way, then side plank exercise helps you with it. No one can stand on a leg for more than a few minutes. But side planking makes the muscles strong, which can be kept in balance for a longer time so that the balance of the head and the body increases.

Side Plank Benefits to Improve Core Muscle

Side Plank Benefits to Improve Core Muscle

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Side Planking is beneficial for the stomach muscles. It helps to strengthen the muscles of the stomach. The ability to carry more weight increases and jumping power also increases, which is essential for the players.

Side plank exercise not only works on the hip and thigh, but it is effective for the whole body. Side plank exercises create pressure on your hands, feet and your abs, thus your exercise becomes effective. You can lift any type of weight by practicing Plank daily.

Side Plank Benefits to Boost Metabolism

Side Plank Benefits to Boost Metabolism

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With the help of the side, plank exercises more than enough calories burned and sweating flows daily. During the plank, the stomach muscles are strengthened, which keeps the digestive system healthy. This is the reason that metabolism is strong after planking 5-10 minutes daily.

Side plank exercise helps in reducing the body’s calories faster than lower abdominal exercises like cranes or sit-ups. By exercising this daily, your muscles are strong and your calories burn even when you do not do any kind of work. Also, before doing any work or after doing a 10 minute Plank exercise at home, it will keep your metabolism intact all day long.

Side Plank Benefits to get the flexibility

get the flexibility


By planking, the balance of the body increases and it also strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, feet, waist, etc. This also increases the flexibility of the body.

Along with increasing strength, side plank exercise helps in increasing the body’s flexibility. The lack of flexibility in the body can also hurt, so to maintain the body’s flexibility it is necessary that you practice side plank on a daily basis. Doing Plank is the bone stretch near the shoulders and neck. Also, the muscles of the hips, thighs, and feet to the toes also start stretching.

Side Plank Benefits to Reduce Back pain

Reduce Back pain


When the lower area muscles of your stomach get stronger then your body puts less pressure on the waist muscles. Apart from this, your body strengthens muscles with daily activities and exercise, thus eliminating the pain of the lower part of the waist. Exercising the side plank daily reduces the pain of the waist and upper back muscles of the stomach are strong.

Side Plank Benefits to Improve Mood

Side Plank Benefits to Improve Mood

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Side plank exercise or any physical activity releases hormones called endorphins in the brain. The endorphin hormone keeps the mood clean and fresh and reduces stress. This exercise relieves anxiety. There is also pain and stress in the body due to muscle tension.

If you keep sitting for long periods of time, muscles get stiff because of this, in such case, the side plank exercise helps to reduce the stiffness in your muscles. Such activities keep your mood relaxed, physically and mentally. Planking causes your mind to cool down and the risk of anxiety and depression is also reduced.


Q. What are the preparatory pose of side plank?

A. These following are the preparatory poses of side plank

  • Supta Virasana
  • Supta Padangusthasana
  • Phalakasana
  • Ardha Chandrasana

Q. What are the follow-up poses of Side Plank?

A. These following are the follow-up poses of Side Plank

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana
  • Adho Mukha Vrksasana
  • Pincha Mayurasana
  • Chaturanga Dandasana
  • Virabhadrasana II
  • Salamba Sirsasana

Q. What is the Sanskrit name of the side plank pose?

A. The Sanskrit name of the side plank pose is Vasisthasana (वशिष्ठासन)

Q. How to do side plank pose?

A. At first, you may find it difficult to do Side Plank or Vasisthasana yoga posture, but after continuous practice, you can easily do this yoga. Do the following steps to do Vashisthasana Yoga.

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