10 Amazing Chakrasana Benefits To Be Motivated

chakrasana benefits

Chakrasana or Wheel Pose is a back bend yoga pose. This yoga asana is also known as Urdva Dhanurasana or Upward Bow Pose. This pose is resembles like wheel or a upward bow, that’s why this pose is called wheel pose or upward bow pose. Chakrasana has many benefits to our health. In this article, I am going to describe you 10 Chakrasana benefits to motivate you to do this yoga.

The name Chakrasana is derived from two Sanskrit word. “Chakra” In Sanskrit means “Wheel” In English and “Asana” means “Yoga Pose”. Thus this pose called Wheel pose. This Pose is quiet difficult to do. But when you learn the way to master this pose you will get benefited by this in various ways, So, know the Chakrasana benefits below…

Chakrasana Benefits:

There are many Chakrasana benefits. Below the benefits of Chakrasana benefits are described. The benefits are…

Open up the Heart Chakra:

Unleash the power of love, kindness, and happiness through the practice of chakrasana. The chakrasana opens up the heart chakra, Anahata and makes the practitioners experience the spiritual power and positive transformations. Heal your heart, balance your heart energies and savor an increased sense of connectedness with the life. This is one of the Chakrasana benefits.

Stimulates The Thyroid Glands:

The performance of chakrasana highly benefits the pituitary and thyroid glands. The wheel pose helps produce the TSH releasing hormone (TRH) which signals the pituitary gland to stimulate the thyroid gland and assist in keeping these glands in the best of the health.

Energizes The Body:

Chakrasana is a great and natural body-mind energizer. Whenever you feel low on energy levels, perform a wheel pose and vitalize all your stamina, energy, and strength. The pose also unlocks the various energy centers and channels within the body and helps prana travel through the entire body revitalizing the spirit of the practitioner.

Promotes Weight Loss

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Promotes Weight Loss:

As you stretch your body in a wheel pose you naturally lose fat-build up from your oblique areas. When practiced regularly, you shall notice a toned and slim body. It also strengthens the abdominal muscles granting you a robust physique.

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Stretches The Back:

Reverse the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle by performing a chakrasana. The chakrasana effectively stretches the upper and lower back thus providing relief from a backache and associated health problems.

Balances The Nervous System

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Balances The Nervous System:

Consistently perform wheel pose and trigger your parasympathetic nervous system. The wheel pose is well-known to reduce the signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. It slows, cools down the mind, balances the nervous system, and helps you rest in a peaceful state.

Improves Lungs Health:

Chakrasana is an instrumental yoga posture that opens and strengthens the lungs. It intensifies the amount of oxygen to the rib cage and improves respiration. The prolonged holding of this posture with deep inhalations and exhalations therapeutically affects the asthmatic patients.

Strengths The Vertebrae:

A wheel posture powerfully strengthens and lengthens the vertebrae that enhance the elasticity and flexibility of the spine. It is an effectual yoga asana that creates space in the spine and keeps it healthy. This is one of the Chakrasana benefits.

Reduces Osteoporosis:

As we age our bones become weak and brittle and the risk of developing osteoporosis increases. Wheel pose effectively reduces the onset of osteoporosis by strengthening the bones of the body.

Loosens Hips

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Loosens Hips:

Athletes acknowledge the importance of having flexible hips. Wheel pose potently opens up the hips and increases mobility in the posterior that enables them to perform their movements efficiently. The pose also helps in keeping the hips and lower back strong thus benefiting the overall wellness. This is one of the Chakrasana benefits.


Q. Who Should Not Do Chakrasana?

A. A person who is experiencing heart ailment should avoid performing this asana. The person who is experiencing hypertension issues also should avoid this position. One should not attempt it on the off chance that one is excessively drained, heart afflictions, have frail arms or wrists, hypertension and during pregnancy.

Q. Does Chakrasana Increase Height?

A. Chakrasana, otherwise called Urdhva Dhanurasana, is incredibly useful in increasing stature, regardless of what your age is. This asana likewise balances the run of the mill sitting stance by opening the chest, shoulders, and hips.

Q. Is Chakrasana Good For Hair?

A. Not many individuals realize that the yoga present is good to prevent hair fall. While rehearsing the yoga present, the course of newly oxygenated blood gets smooth in the cerebrum area, which brings about giving reasonable supplements to the hair follicles, thus good for the wellbeing of hair.

Q. What Are The Steps Of Chakrasana?

A. Steps to practice Chakrasana (Wheel Pose) Keep the feet and knees at any rate 30 cm separated. Spot both of your hands close to your head and keep them underneath your shoulders such that the fingers turns towards the legs. Take a long and full breath and gradually begin raising your body.