Know About The Process & Transcendental Meditation Mantras

Transcendental Meditation Mantras

Transcendental Meditation Mantras

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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was the master of Transcendental meditation. This is a simple and natural meditation method. In this meditation we do not have to make any effort, it starts automatically. This meditation technique is similar to the mantra meditation because it uses some special Transcendental Meditation mantras.

The Transcendental Meditation makes the mind very tranquil as well as it lightens the body. The admiration of this transcendental meditation (TM) method is growing gradually. This meditation method can also be certified by scientists. Even in foreign countries, big institutions are open to teach this meditation method. The learned teachers teach this meditation method.

What is Transcendental Meditation

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What is Transcendental Meditation?

Transcendental meditation is a very simple technique. The technique is very simple to learn and very enjoyable to practice. The Transcendental Meditation is practiced 20 minutes two times a day, sitting restfully in a chair, with your eyes closed.

  • Firstly, It is simply not for it is basic or it is the beginner’s meditation, but for the reason that there is elegant simplicity to the practice, a very deep, elegant simplicity to its practice.
  • Secondly, it is natural. There is no manipulation, there is no recommendation. Every individual can do Transcendental meditation.
  • Thirdly, it is effortless in the disparity to other meditation techniques, which involve control of our mind, or concentration, trying to clear the mind of thoughts.


You can do it on the train, in a car (only if someone else is driving), in an airplane.

What Is Not Transcendental Meditation

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What Is Not Transcendental Meditation?

It is certainly not a philosophy. The trainer does not have any philosophy for you when you learn Transcendental Meditation.

No one’s going to give you a Transcendental Meditation philosophy of life.

It does not involve any change in lifestyle; you do not change your diet or anything.

There is nothing to believe in while practicing transcendental meditation.


You can be 100% skeptical and the technique works just as well, the benefits are just as profound.

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Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

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Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

  • By meditating, we get complete benefits on the body.
  • This meditation can avoid depression
  • Transcendental meditation provides complete protection to the heart by balancing our blood pressure
  • This meditation produces continuous energy in our body
  • The workforce and the creative power of the brain are taken to the extreme extent by practicing the Transcendental Meditation
  • Relieves the condition of insomnia
  • By meditating in our home, our body, mind, and mind become completely healthy


This meditation is a scientific certification for depression and peace of mind.

How to Do Transcendental Meditation

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How to Do Transcendental Meditation?

Check out the methods of Transcendental meditations to do it correctly. It is a natural technique for “boosting your body and mind” as well as creating a cheerful, more optimistic state of the mind. A lot of researchers have found that the Transcendental Meditation (TM) is highly in effect on anxiety and stress, cardiovascular health, and brain function.

  • You can do the Transcendental Meditation anywhere and anytime
  • Sit in a comfortable chair
  • Keep your neck & back straight
  • close the eyes
  • Initiate with 30 seconds of silence (Ease into mantras, which is meaningless words, a phrase that your TM teacher gave you
  • Repeat the TM mantras silently in your mind (no rhythm is needed)
  • Do not pay attention to your breathing process
  • Let the TM mantras draw your attention, however, allow your thoughts to float by
  • You will experience Transcendence, which is basically a pleasant feeling of relaxed alertness
  • This way meditate for about 20 minutes and then stop chanting mantra at least 3 minutes before opening your eyes.
  • Practice the TM at least twice a day (preferably before your breakfast and before dinner)

To learn this meditation, click on the given official link and get the benefit.


In this meditation method, we do not need any kind of effort

We do not need any kind of concentration in this meditation

We do not even have to control our mind

Characteristics Of Transcendental Meditation

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Characteristics Of Transcendental Meditation:

There are four vital characteristics of teaching TM that confirms that the meditation will work for you properly:

Receiving the correct Transcendental Meditation Mantras

Discovering how you can use it appropriately

Being capable of properly interpreting the involvements that originate as a consequence

Having the guidance and support of a completely trained TM teacher you can set yourself free

Transcendental Meditation Mantras

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Transcendental Meditation Mantras

The Transcendental Meditation Mantras do not act as the focus as it is used in other meditation forms; however, it acts as a means of transportation upon which our attention innocently and gently rests during meditation.

The Transcendental Meditation Mantras allow our mind to relax into progressively delicate levels of intelligent, and as a final point the mantra transcended and thus we relax into peace.

The Transcendental Meditation Mantras have to be a pointless sound. Because using a mantra with sense would keep our mind busy thinking regarding the Transcendental Meditation mantras, and won’t allow our mind to go beyond (transcend).

How To Choose Transcendental Meditation Mantras

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How To Choose Transcendental Meditation Mantras?

The foremost difference between the Transcendental Meditation (TM) and other types of meditation method is the Transcendental meditation mantras. In Transcendental Meditation, the mantras are usually used as the means of transportation to help our mind to settle down. This mantra is an empty sound versus that use phrases, visualizations, or words during the practice of Transcendental meditation.

There are a lot of Transcendental Meditation mantras available, from where only a few numbers of Transcendental Meditation mantras with some known things are used to do the meditation properly.

The certified Transcendental Meditation teacher chooses one of the most effective Transcendental Meditation mantras for you that will be suitable for you. The Maharishi chooses the correct form of Transcendental Meditation mantras.

Transcendental Meditation Mantras Table

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Transcendental Meditation Mantras Table:

Year 1961




Year 1969






0-15 yearsING0-15 yearsIM
15-30 yearsAING15-30 yearsAIM
30-45 yearsSHRING30-45 yearsSHRIM

Year 1972




10-11 yearsING
12-13 yearsIM
14-15 yearsINGA
16-17 yearsIMA
18-19 yearsAYING
20-21 yearsAYIM
22-23 yearsAYINGA
24-25 yearsAYIMA
>25 yearsSHIRING

Year 1976



03-10 YearsENG
10-12 YearsEM
12-14 YearsENGA
14-16 YearsEMA
16-18 YearsAENG
18-20 YearsAEM
20-22 YearsAENGA
22-24 YearsAEMA
24-30 YearsSHIRING
30-35 YearsSHIRIM
35-40 YearsHIRING
40-45 YearsHIRIM
45-50 YearsKIRING
50-55 YearsKIRIM
55-60 YearsSHIAM

Year 1977



03-10 YearsING
10-12 YearsIN
12-14 YearsINGA
14-16 YearsINA
16-18 YearsAING
18-20 YearsAIM
20-22 YearsAINGA
22-24 YearsAIMA
24-30 YearsSHIRING
30-35 YearsSHIRIM
35-40 YearsHIRING
40-45 YearsHIRIM
45-50 YearsKIRING
50-55 YearsKIRIM
55-60 YearsSHIAM

Year 1978



10-12 YearsENG
12-14 YearsEM
14-16 YearsENGA
16-18 YearsEMA
18-20 YearsAENG
20-22 YearsAEM
22-24 YearsAENGA
24-26 YearsAEMA
24-30 YearsSHIRING
30-35 YearsSHIRIM
35-40 YearsHIRING
40-45 YearsHIRIM
45-50 YearsKIRING
50-55 YearsKIRIM
55-60 YearsSHIAM

Year 1978



0-11 YearsENG
12-13 YearsEM
14-15 YearsENGA
16-17 YearsEMA
18-19 YearsAING
20-21 YearsAIM
22-23 YearsAINGA
24-25 YearsAIMA
26-29 YearsSHIRING
30-34 YearsSHIRIM
35-39 YearsHIRING
40-44 YearsHIRIM
45-49 YearsKIRING
50-54 YearsKIRIM
55-59 YearsSHAM

Advanced TM Technique



6th StageSHRI SHRI AING AING NAMAH NAMAH (thought of your heart area)
7th StageAge of Enlightenment: A system to put attention on the parts of the body, world, environment & outer space


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