5 Elements Of Life And Their Importance In Our Life

5 elements of life

5 elements of life

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From ancient times scholars have been advocating that the structure of this universe has been composed of five elements. There is a balance of these five elements in creation, these elements are called the 5 elements of life. If this balance worsens then it can be catastrophic. Just as if the quantity of water content is increased in natural then only water can be burnt around the earth or flood can be excessive. Sky, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth are called Pancha Tattva or 5 elements of life.

It is believed that the human body is also made up of these five elements. In reality, this Pancha Tattva is related to the human five senses. Tongue, nose, ears, skin, and eyes work for our five senses. These five elements have also been called Panchamahata. The master planets, causality, jurisdiction etc. of these five elements have also been determined. Let’s try to know about the 5 elements of life.

Akash Or Space

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Akash Or Space:

Akash or Sky is one of the 5 elements of life. Akash or Sky is an area which has no boundaries. The entire Universe along with the Earth is the word of the essence of this element. There are hope and enthusiasm in its jurisdiction.

In the Vastu Shastra, the meaning of the word sky is believed to be an empty space. The special feature of the sky is “word” and this word is related to our ears. We hear from the ears and the lord of the sky is the planet master. Therefore, in astrology also the factor of hearing power is considered as a guru. When the words reach our ears only then they have some meaning.

In the Vedas and Puranas, words, letters, and sounds are considered to be Brahmins. In fact, activity in the sky changes gravity, light, heat, magnetic field and impact waves. The impact of this change also affects human life. Therefore say sky or say holidays or spaces, we must never forget its significance. God Shiva is believed to be the god of the heavens.

Vaayu Or Air

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Vaayu Or Air:

Vaayu Or Air is one of the 5 elements of life. The factor of this element is touching. In its jurisdiction, the respiratory action occurs. This earth is surrounded by wind from around. It is possible that the cover of air or air is called the atmosphere later. The air contains oxygen gas that keeps humans alive. Oxygen is important for living and burning. Human life without it can not be imagined. If our brain does not reach oxygen completely then many of our cells can be destroyed. A person can be rooted by disability or intelligence.

Since ancient times, scholars have considered two qualities of air. That is words and touch Touch has been associated with skin. The sensitive nervous system and the consciousness of man are associated with the respiration process and its base is air. The god of air is considered Lord Vishnu.

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Agni Or Fire

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Agni Or Fire:

Agni or Fire is one of the 5 elements of life. The effect of fire is in the form. Its jurisdiction is life force. They also know that life on the earth is possible only by the fire of the sun. If there is no sun, then there will be nothing but darkness, and human life can not be imagined. The fire burning on the sun gives energy and light to all the planets.

With the help of this fire, conditions favorable to the life of the living beings on earth. Forms with words and touch are also considered to be the properties of fire. The form has been treated with eyes. The main source of energy is the fire element. All kinds of energy whether it is solar energy or molecular energy or heat energy, the basis of all is fire. The sun or fire of the Goddess of fire is considered.

Jaal Or Water

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Jaal Or Water:

Jaal Or Water is one of the 5 elements of life. Therefore, the owners of the water element are both the planet Chandra and Venus. The essence of this element is considered as fluid. The rights of both of these are considered on blood or blood because the water is liquid and the blood is also liquid.

Scholars have recognized the four qualities of water as words, touch, form, and juice. Here the meaning of ras is from the taste. Taste or juice is related to our tongue. All types of water sources present on the earth come under the water element. Without water, there is no sense of life. Water and water waves are used in the production of electrical energy. We also know well that all civilizations of the world have developed on the bank’s side. Varuna and Indra are believed to be the gods of water. Brahma Ji has also been considered as the god of water.

Prithvi Or Earth

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Prithvi Or Earth:

Prithvi Or Earth is one of the 5 elements of life. The factor of this element is the odor. Bone and meat come in the jurisdiction of this element. According to scholars, the earth is a huge magnet. The southern tip of this magnet is located in the geographic north pole. That is why the North Pole of the directional magnet always indicates the north direction.

The use of this magnetic property of the earth is more in Vastu Shastra. This magnet is used for pressure on land in Vastu. Vastu Shastra is given more emphasis on increasing the load in the south direction. This may be due to heading towards the south direction, gold is considered good for health. If this thing is linked to religion then it is said that do not sleep on the south side and sleep because Yamraj lives in the south.

From the above analysis, it includes that Pancha Tattwa is highly influenced by human life or 5 elements of life. Can not imagine the life of any living creature living on the earth without him? The effects of these five elements also affect the actions, fate, fate, and behavior of the human. If the water provides happiness, then the heat energy of the relationship works to increase the joys and the air vibrates in the air into the body. When the sky awakens ambition, then the earth teaches patience and truth. If the fire element increases in the body, it can be balanced by increasing the volume. If there is air fault then increasing the sky element will keep it balanced.


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