How To Choose The Best Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

eco friendly yoga mat


There are many doubts about the use of the right mat for doing yoga in the modern yoga community. There are many types of yoga mats in the market too, which complicates them even more. in such a situation everyone is confused about what kind of mats they should use. So, in today’s article, we know some important information related to the eco friendly yoga mat.

What Is Eco Friendly Yoga Mat?

Whenever you have seen the method of doing any yoga posture, the first line must have been read that after choosing a flat place, place a pedestal on it. The pedestal on which we practice yoga is called Yoga Mat.

Yoga is an easy medium that helps in keeping our body healthy and fit. By practicing regular yoga we get relief from stress and the mind is concentrated. We can do yoga at home or in a park or public place but we need yoga mats for this. One of the yoga mats gives us a fixed place to do yoga and the second is that the yoga mats are made of a special material that protects us from the slippery sweat during yoga.

Yoga Mat


How To Choose Eco Friendly Yoga Mat?

There are many types of yoga mats in the market. Many times we buy wrong yoga mats due to lack of correct information. Let us know what we should take care of before buying Eco friendly yoga mats.

The Thickness Of Yoga Mats:

Many times when buying yoga mats we do not pay attention to its thickness. The use of thin yoga mats on hard floors can cause bone problems. However, the thickness of this mat should not be more than 1.5 inches.

Test And Buy:

If there’s an opportunity to test a product before purchasing, it’s wise not to commit without evaluation. Seek advice from friends prior to investing in a yoga mat. Consider trying out some yoga poses on their mats for a firsthand experience. If you feel comfortable practicing yoga on a particular mat, then consider purchasing it.

Eco Friendly Yoga Mats:

We should take care of the environment while buying every little thing. Cotton mats are more prone to slippery, while rubber mats smell of rubber for a few days.

Easy To Carry:

While buying yoga mats, we should take special care that it is easy to carry. You must carry a carry bag with it so that it is easy to carry when traveling.

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Why Should We Use A Yoga Mat?

If seen, using mats is not a compulsion, but when doing many rugs, you need to read it, so using mats according to the need is also right.

  • The Darhassal mat acts as a cushion which not only provides support for the use of rugs but also prevents injuries.
  • Some people have pain and discomfort while doing yoga on the ground, pressing their palms, knees, elbows, etc. Mate is very helpful for such people.
  • Some rugs are not allowed directly on the floor. Because it puts more emphasis on the wrists.

Benefits Of Using Yoga Mats:

There is a question in the mind of many people who start yoga, is it necessary to use yoga mats while doing yoga. If you ask a yoga expert about this, their answer will be that if you are doing advanced yoga then you can fall and you may get hurt.

Most importantly, the mats act as cushioning, support and prevent other obstructive factors. Many people have pain and discomfort during yoga on the ground by pressing their palms, knees, elbows, and vertebrae. Mat is helpful for these people.

If you have kept a thick and non-slipping yoga mat, it helps to protect you from any kind of injury. But if you do static yoga postures such as Uttasana, Balasana, Butterfly posture, etc. then these can be done directly on the floor.

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