5 Quick And Easy Couple Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

couple yoga poses

couple yoga poses

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Some people prefer working out alone because they are better able to focus and concentrate. But there are also quite a number of people who much prefer working out with a friend to help stay motivated and feel less intimated when learning new fitness methods like yoga. There are even certain types of yoga classes that are tailored specifically for doing couple yoga poses. In this article, I am giving 5 couple yoga poses to lose weight. See this below…

Among the benefits of couple yoga poses is that the presence of another yogi can increase the stretch and intensity of a pose, and can help beginner yoga students learn to balance better when holding certain poses. Below are a couple examples of couple yoga poses that students of all levels can try.

Couple Yoga Poses:

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Couple Yoga Poses:

Here I am giving 5 easy couple yoga poses that are very much useful for a couple to lose weight together and by this, the problems between them also can be reduced. So the couple

Vriksasana or Tree Pose

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Vriksasana or Tree Pose :

The paired up version of this pose essentially involves doing the same thing as its original version. This is one of the best couple yoga poses which is standing and balancing on one leg, with the other raised and folded to the side, the foot resting against the opposite thigh. The only difference is, instead of balancing on your own with your palms touching in front of you, you wrap one arm around your partner’s waist for balance and you both bring one hand in front of you with the palms touching.

Visvamitrasana Or Flying Warrior

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Visvamitrasana Or Flying Warrior:

Flying Warrior calls for the strongest sense of trust and communication between partners. To begin, the base partner lies on his back, knees bent, legs lifted toward the sky. His partner, the “flyer,” stands in front of him, clasping hands and leaning into his feet. The base partner adjusts his feet in her hip crease, toes slightly turned out for comfort. The base partner keeps his arms strong as the flyer leans her weight into his feet. With trust and a mutually communicated sense of security, the base slowly extends his legs, and she takes flight. Flying warrior cultivates a sense of stability, freedom, and playfulness. If you feel comfortable and safe, release the handclasp and enjoy another level of excitement! We suggest always having a spotter nearby for support, and/or a soft surface to land on. This is one of the best couple yoga poses.

Uttanasana Or Partner Forward Bend

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Uttanasana Or Partner Forward Bend:

Stand with your backs against each other with your legs shoulder-width apart. As you bend your body forward, keep your legs straight, and reach for your partner’s arms through your legs. A useful tip for beginners is to bend the body forward and simply reach and clasp your hands around your partner’s wrists. To deepen the stretch, you can move your hands further up your partner’s forearms or elbows.

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Bound Angle Pose Or Badha Konasana

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Bound Angle Pose Or Badha Konasana:

This partner pose works wonders in loosening the muscles around the hips and stretching the inner thigh. To do this, you sit on the floor with the knees bent (pointing sideward), and hands clasped around your feet touching sole-to-sole. Have your partner lean against you from the back, with their back touching yours and let them push your legs lower on the floor and your knees closer to the surface. Let your partner know if you want to increase or decrease their pushing force on your knees.

Upavistha Konasana or Partner Seated Forward Bend

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Upavistha Konasana or Partner Seated Forward Bend:

For this pose, have your partner sit in front of you with their legs outstretched, flat and straight on the floor. Place your feet beside each other’s ankles, or under the knees, and clasp your hands around your partner’s forearms or elbows. Take turns bending forward with your partner pulling your arms towards them to deepen the stretch.


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