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Maha Mudra


Maha Mudra is a group of teachings found in many Tibetan Buddhist sects in which we ourselves are taught how to understand the true nature of our mind, resulting in enlightenment. Different methods may have adopted different methods to achieve this objective, but the practice of understanding the true nature of our mind by adopting any method can make our life very meaningful.

What Does It Mean By Maha Mudra?

What Does It Mean By Maha Mudra


The word Maha Mudra has come from the Sanskrit language, which means “Great Gesture”. It refers to an advanced and complex cultivation method of meditating on the nature of the mind and the realization arising from it. Just as wax currency or seal is inscribed to authenticate the signature on legal documents, the seal of Maha Mudra is inscribed on authentic practices that provide enlightenment for the betterment of all beings.

The unique aspect of Maha Mudra meditation lies in its emphasis on the intimate link between the mind, traditional beliefs, and the concept of emptiness. Misconceptions and ignorance regarding this connection often fuel our negative emotions and reckless actions, leading to ongoing unhappiness and challenges.

Meditation of Maha Mudra is a very effective way to get rid of these sorrows, but it is possible only when this meditation is based on very firm grounds. This means that progress in this direction requires extensive cultivation of the entire gradual path of Lam-Rim.

Step By Step Instructions to Do Maha Mudra:

Step By Step Instructions to Do Maha Mudra


  • First of all, sit down with a pedestal
  • Many parts of the body are affected in this asana.
  • After this, spread both your legs, making sure that there is a distance between the two legs.
  • Keep the spine straight and then keep the hands on the knee.
  • After this, bend the right foot from the knee and close the heel with your thigh.
  • Keep in mind that the sole of the right leg should be attached to the thigh.
  • After this, raise your hands and breathe.
  • Then attach the head to the left-side knee and hold the leg with hands.
  • This is the complete state of Maha Mudra.
  • Now, while exhaling, rise straight and straighten the right leg.
  • Come back to normal.
  • Practice this asana again by changing legs.

Benefits of Maha Mudra:

Benefits of Maha Mudra

Maha Mudra is considered to be better than many other postures and pranayama. This happens because the Maha Mudra makes you physically flexible, while postures also develop physical as well as mental powers.

Today we are telling you about Maha Mudra which offers many types of benefits. By performing Maha Mudra, the Spinal nerve starts functioning properly. Maha Mudra Health Benefits can neutralize the effects of toxins in the body.

Also, it is helpful in providing peace of mind. Maha Mudra Asana removes excess fat in the body. So, let’s now know other benefits of Maha Mudra…

  • Regularly doing Maha Mudra posture reduces obesity and makes the stomach thinner.
  • Piles, asthma, caries, leprosy, etc. are cured by doing this asana.
  • Regular practice of Maha Mudra posture makes the thigh, spine, shoulders, waist, and lungs strong.
  • By taking Maha Mudra daily, the pains of the waist and feet disappear.
  • If you do this posture daily, then soon the problem of dreaming is removed.
  • By doing this, your body also gets energized.
  • This asana is very useful for people who have diabetes and appendicitis.
  • Laziness is also overcome by its regular practice.
  • By doing this asana, the problem related to the menstruation of women is overcome.
  • This asana is very beneficial to cure all stomach related diseases.

Precautions for Maha Mudra:

Precautions for Maha Mudra


  • Practice Maha Mudra on an empty stomach
  • Also, eat something after 30 minutes of doing this mudra.
  • People who have problems with slip discs should not perform Maha Mudra.
  • The heart patient should also not do Maha Mudra.

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