Prithvi Mudra | Steps, Precaution & Benefits

Prithvi Mudra

Prithvi Mudra


Prithvi Vardha Mudra is known as “Prithvi Mudra”, it increases the earth element inside our body. And thus with it reduces the fire element, hence it is also called Agni Shamak mudra. Prithvi Mudra is very beneficial for healing within the body and enhancing half-balance. This mudra increases the immunity of our body which helps us in preventing diseases. Let us know in detail about the way of performing Prithvi Mudra and its benefits.

What Is Prithvi Mudra


What Is Prithvi Mudra?

Prithvi Mudra is called the Gesture of the Earth in English. Its other name is Agni Shamak Mudra. Through this, the person awakens the earth element in its physical conscience and helps in reducing the fire element growing in the body. When you practice this mudra, the earth elements increase evenly.

The practice of this mudra creates new components. There are two nadis in the human body, the Surya Nadi and the Chandra Nadi. When you practice this Earth, there is pressure on the ring finger, that is, the Sun finger, which helps the Sun pulse and tone to become active.

The ring finger signifies the earth element. The earth element gives us bulkiness, stability. This increases the earth element. The ring fingers are considered the center of all vitamins and vital force. Ring finger flows brightly all the time as well as the thumb. It is through the ring finger that we apply tilak. Pooja performs Archana and wears a ring at the wedding.

Step by Step Instructions to do Prithvi Mudra


Step by Step Instructions to do Prithvi Mudra:

We are going to explain how to do Prithvi Mudra in detail, read it carefully –

  • First of all, wear comfortable clothes
  • Then sit comfortably in Padmasana (Lotus Pose) some pleasant place
  • Now take your body to rest
  • Then place the ring finger of both your hands on the base of the thumb
  • Now try to concentrate
  • Do this mudra daily for 30 to 45 minutes


When you get all the benefits from doing this mudra, then stop doing this mudra. Because after some time this posture can lead to de-regulation of nerves in the body

Time & Duration of Performing The Prithvi Mudra


Time & Duration of Performing The Prithvi Mudra:

You can practice Prithvi Mudra posture for 30 to 45 minutes daily

Do this mudra 10-15 daily, increase the time period after a few days

You can do this asana at any time and any place, but by doing this asana in the morning; you will feel a new freshness in the body. So, it will be better if you practice it in the morning

Precaution Of Prithvi Mudra


Precaution Of Prithvi Mudra

  • There is no need to take special care to do the Prithvi Mudra
  • If you have pain in your back then you may have trouble keeping the reed bone straight for longer. In such cases, you will have to do it for a short period
  • You should practice this mudra at least one hour after a meal, means try to maintain a gap of at least one hour between your practice and meal
  • Before practicing the mudra, take a few deep breaths, and then keep your breath normal during the practice
  • You need to practice the Prithvi Mudra with both hands
  • There should be mild pressure between the touching fingers
  • Keep the other three remaining fingers appropriately straight.

Benefits of Prithvi Mudra


Benefits of Prithvi Mudra:-

It makes the bones and muscles of the body strong. Therefore, Prithvi Mudra is very beneficial for weak children, women, and individuals. It also helps to increase the weight of weak people.

Removes the deficiency of vitamins in the body, in which our energy increases and the face glows.

It is helpful in increasing height and weight. It is very beneficial for growing weak children.

Increases elation, constipation, and sharpness in the body

This mudra gives the feeling of inner happiness, generosity, thoughtfulness; and thus provides happiness

Induces meaningful flow in internal subtle elements. Narrowness makes us liberal. And thus, it paves the way for spiritual progress.

With the regular practice of this mudra, your digestion power will improve. People whose digestive power is weak, they always feel weak. Many children do a lot of food but still remain thin and thin – if such children apply this post, it will be of great benefit.

With the increase in energy power of the body, the brain also becomes more active – working capacity increases.

Prithvi Mudra also protects the practitioner against cold

Constant use of this mudra will cause significant changes in your narrow thoughts. Along with your ideas, sharpness and element properties will also expand.

Long-term practice of this mudra will have miraculous effects in the body. There will be new vigor, new vigor, and thus the rise of joy and communication of ooze in Rome.

The earth element is related to Muladhara Chakra. Therefore, the Muladhara Chakra is activated by the earth posture and the organs associated with it are strong. Edema of the prostate gland ends. The hernia is cured and this pose is also beneficial for hair, nails.

Other benefits of Prithvi Mudra:

Children who are hyperactive lack of earth element and sky element more. They should perform zero mudras and earth mudra simultaneously.

The supply of vitamins/minerals makes the hair healthy. Hair loss stops and hair does not turn white.

This mudra is very beneficial for increasing hemoglobin. This is one of the benefits of Prithvi mudra.

Prithvi Mudra helps to overcome the lack of confidence in the practitioner

This posture maintains the proportions of the components in the body.

Facial skin becomes clean and shiny with the regular practice of this mudra

This pose relieves tension

It strengthens the body internally and enhances memory

This is a beneficial Yoga Mudra for Weight Loss

It helps in keeping the body healthy

By doing the Prithvi Mudra, the throat becomes melodious

It is helpful in increasing concentration. This is one of the Prithvi mudra benefits.

With the help of regular practice of this mudra, you can easily get rid of mouth and stomach ulcers, etc.

So, as you now know how to practice this mudra, what its benefits are, what the precautions to follow are as well as the proper time to practice it…start doing this mudra right from the next day.

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