Plank Position: Step By Step Instruction To Practice Plank

Source Name of the Yoga Pose: Plank Position or Chaturanga Dandasana (चतुरंग दंडासन) or Four-Limbed Staff Pose Type of Yoga: Ashtanga or Vinyasa Level of Yoga: Basic Duration: As per your capability or...
What Is Brahmacharyasana

Brahmacharyasana Steps And Benefits: Know In Details

Source :- sivasakti . com This Asana is very important for the spiritual practice of Brahmacharya, hence this posture has been given the name of Brahmacharyasana....
What Is Janushirasana

All Details Of Janushirasana Benefits, Steps, And Precaution

Source Sanskrit Name: Janushirasana (जानुशिरासन) English Name: Head To Knee Pose Type of Yoga: Ashtanga Yoga Level of Yoga: Advanced / Intermediate Duration: As per your capability or 30...
Vajrasana precautions

Vajrasana Precautions, Steps: Everything About Vajrasana

Source :- anmolmehta . com Sanskrit Name: Vajrasana (वज्रासन) English Name: Thunderbolt Pose, Adamantine pose, Diamond pose, Pelvic pose, Kneeling Pose Type of Yoga: Vinyasa Yoga Level of Yoga:...

Know About The Steps, Precaution, And Benefit Of Salabhasana

Source In Salabhasana you are in the position of "salabh" i.e. locust (which is called grasshopper in English). Thus it has been named Salabhasana. The...

Virasana | Hero Pose | Steps, Benefits & Precautions

Source Sanskrit Name: Virasana (वीरासन) English Name: Hero Pose Type of Yoga: Hatha Yoga Level of Yoga: Basic Duration: As per your capability or 1 to 2 minutes Target Area:...
What Is Child Pose Or Balasana

Details Of Child Pose Benefits,Steps And Precaution

Source Child Pose Or Balasana is named after the word 'Bal', which means child and "Asana" means pose. Balasana is a relaxation yoga pose that...
advanced poses of yoga

Top 10 Advanced Poses Of Yoga

Source Yoga is not only an exercise to lose weight and keep yourself fit, but it is also an ancient art. It combines the knowledge...
Utthita Padmasana

Utthita Padmasana | Tulasana| Steps & Benefits

Source Sanskrit Name: Utthita Padmasana or Tulasana/Tolasana (उत्थित पद्मासन/तुलासन) English Name: Raised Lotus Pose or Balance Pose or Swing Pose or Scale Pose Type of Yoga: Hatha...
How to Do Supta Virasana

Know All About Supta Virasana Benefits, Steps & Precautions

  Source Supta Virasana is also known as Reclined Hero Pose. By doing Supta Virasan you can get rid of many types of diseases, its...

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