Virabhadrasana I: Steps, Benefits, Precautions Of The Pose

The Virabhadrasana I Pose is also well-known as Warrior I Pose. There are total 3 variations of this Virabhadrasana Pose. This Virabhadrasana I may appear a little odd to name this yoga pose after the warrior. Because the yogis are well-known for their mild nature.

The posture of Virabhadrasana is also known as warrior pose. There are three variants of this Veerabhadrasana Yoga. This yoga posture named after a warrior may sound a bit strange to you as a yogi is known for his non-violence qualities. But remember that of all the Yoga texts, Bhagavad-Gita is the most revered. In which there are dialogues between two famous warriors, in which war zones are established between two great armies. This yoga asana strengthens all the muscles of your feet and hands. Let us know in detail the method of performing Warrior Pose.

This Virabhadrasana I asana was actually named after the Lord Shiva’s Avatar, who is famous as a warrior. The story of the warrior or the Virbhadra, just like other stories of the “Upanishad” that provides motivation in life. This Virabhadrasana I Pose strengthens the waist muscles, thighs, shoulders, and hands.

Step by Step instructions of the Virabhadrasana I pose

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Step by Step instructions of the Virabhadrasana I pose

  • Virabhadrasana I pose is one of the most beneficial and the strongest yoga postures; it provides strength to the body and makes you perfect to perform yoga poses
  • Here are the step by step instructions to practice this Virabhadrasana I pose
  • Stand straight on your feet by spreading your legs (maintain 3 to 4 feet distance between the legs)
  • Move forward your right foot at 90 degree angle and move your left foot backward at 15 degree angle
  • Place your right heel in the direction of your left leg
  • Now raise your both hands up, you can either put your palms together or can also keep your palms open towards the sky (choice is entirely yours)
  • Bend your right knee while you are exhaling
  • Your right ankle and right knee should be placed in a straight line
  • Your knee should not go ahead of your ankle
  • Look straight at the sky
  • Gradually lower your Pelvis just like a warrior,
  • Remain in this posture for 30 to 60 seconds
  • Keep breathing until you get down
  • Now repeat this posture with your left side. (In this case, move your left foot forward at 90 degree angle and your right foot at 15 degree angle).

Precautions Of The Virabhadrasana I Pose

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Precautions Of The Virabhadrasana I Pose:

Before engaging in the practice of Virabhadrasana I Pose, it is essential to be mindful of the associated precautions. These include:

  • If you have soreness in your knees or if you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis then avoid this or you can take a support near your knees to practice it.
  • If you are suffering from any chronic disorder or from any spinal cord ailments, then you can’t practice this Virabhadrasana I Pose.
  • Virabhadrasana ii and iii Pose is very beneficial for pregnant women but not the Virabhadrasana I pose.
  • High BP patients should avoid this posture
  • If there is a problem in your neck, keep the head straight – do not raise the head to look at the fingers.
  • Do not put too much emphasis on your physical potential.

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Benefits Of The Virabhadrasana I Pose

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Benefits Of The Virabhadrasana I Pose:

The Virabhadrasana I Pose is very beneficial. It provides us a sound health. Different types of Virabhadrasana pose have different benefits. So now let’s know in details about the warrior I pose here:

  • It can increase the body’s balance and your tolerance power if you practice this warrior I pose on a daily basis
  • The regular practice the warrior I pose provides strong waist, arms, and legs
  • This warrior I pose is very effective for the rigidity of your shoulder
  • The warrior I pose is exceptionally beneficial especially for those who have to work all day sitting
  • The warrior I pose improve bravery, gentleness, and peace of mind
  • Regular practice of this warrior I pose can give you relief from the shoulder pain.
  • The posture makes a pressure on your chest and lungs, shoulders and neck, stomach to improve your health.
  • Regular practice of this pose strengthens the shoulders, muscles and back muscles.
  • It also strengthens thighs, ankles and brings them the needed stamina.