How To Do Gomukhasana & What Are The Benefits Of Gomukhasana

What Is Gomukhasana

In Gomukhasana, the person’s shape becomes like cow’s face that is why it is called Gomukhasana. This yoga pose is of spiritual importance and this asana is used in self-meditation and recitation, remembrance etc. The benefits of Gomukhasana are many as the asana provide relief in back pain, stomach disease, shoulder pain, abdominal disorder, indigestion, and intestinal disorders.

Gomukhasana, as the name suggests, looks like a cow in performing this asana. These asanas of yoga are very easy to do. Gomukhasana is very beneficial for women. This asana is very beneficial to reduce weight and to make your body beautiful. Gomukhasana strengthens the muscles of our shoulders and thighs. Let us know in detail the ways and benefits of performing Gomukhasana. So, read below to know more about the benefits of Gomukhasana.

Regular practice of the Gomukhasana removes diseases associated with scrotum. This posture should definitely be done for those women whose breasts remain small and undeveloped due to some reason. This asana enhances the beauty of women and it is also beneficial in the disease.

What Is Gomukhasana

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What Is Gomukhasana?

Gomukhasana (गोमुखासन) is a Sanskrit word which is made up of two words, in which the first word “Gau” means “Cow” and the second word “Mukh” means “Face”. The entire meaning of this asana is like the cow’s face.

It is known in English as Cow Face Pose. Gomukhasana has been given this name because in this asana your hand, your thighs, and chest appear as the cow’s face.

In this article, the methods of doing Gomukhasana and the benefits of the Gomukhasana are being explained. Along with this, information about the precautions related to this asana has also been given.


Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga

Level Of Difficulty: Basic

Stretches: Hip, Shoulders, Thorax, Thighs, Ankles, Axilla, Triceps muscle

Time Duration: 30 to 60 Seconds

Strengthens: Chest, Back

What Are The Asanas To Practice Prior To Gomukhasana?

Practice these below mentioned Asanas before doing the Gomukhasana. If you practice these Asanas prior to Gomukhasana, it will help you to execute the Gomukhasana easily. Let’s check out the Asanas that you need to practice before Gomukhasana:

  • Baddha Konasana (बद्ध कोणासन) or Bound Angle Pose
  • Virasana (वीरासन) or Hero Pose
  • Titli asana (तितली आसन) or Butterfly Pose
  • Supta Padangusthasana (सुप्त पादंगुष्ठासन) or Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose
  • Baddha Padmasana (बाध्य पद्मसना) or Locked lotus pose
  • Sukhasana (सुखासन) or pleasant pose or decent pose or easy pose
  • Padmasana (पद्मासन) or Lotus Position

How To Do Gomukhasana

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How To Do Gomukhasana?

Follow these steps to easily execute the Gomukhasana. Here we go…

  • To do this asana, you should sit in the open airy place on the yoga mat or sit in Sukhasana the cross-legged posture and then move your feet forward
  • Bend the left leg and draw closer to the body
  • Raise your right knee and keep the left foot under the right thigh so that it touches the hip
  • Drag your right leg towards the body and keep it on the left thigh, so that the foot is hinged on the ground
  • Take the left hand to your back and lift the right hand and take it over the shoulder and hang it as shown in the picture
  • The back portion of the left hand should be kept on the spinal cord, while the palm of the right hand should be resting on the spinal cord
  • Now try to catch both hands with each other in the back
  • Bring the right hand behind the head so that the head can touch the inside part of the hand
  • The spinal cord should be straight and the head should not be at all bent forward
  • Close your eyes
  • Stay in this position for 2 minutes
  • Open hands to get easy out, straighten the leg and repeat on the other side


If you are unable to straighten your spinal cord properly, then fold a blanket and keep it under your hips so that you do not have to face any difficulty in the beginning.

If you have less flexibility in your shoulders, then you can face difficulty in holding hands. If this is the case, take a small towel and hold each end with both hands.

Asanas To Practice After Gomukhasana:

After doing Gomukhasana, practice these Asanas to get the most benefits of Gomukhasana.

  • Garudasana (गरुड़ासन) or Eagle Pose
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana (अर्ध मत्स्येन्द्रासन) or Half Lord of the Fishes Pose
  • Paschimottanasana (पश्चिमोत्तानासन) or Seated Forward Bend
  • Padmasana (पद्मासन) or Lotus Pose
  • Marichyasana (मरीच्यासन) or Pose of Marichi

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Gomukhasana Precautions

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Gomukhasana Precautions:

It is very important to know the caution before doing any asana; there are some precautions while doing the Gomukhasana. These cautions are as follows:

  • If you are suffering from back pain, you must consult the doctor before doing this asana
  • If you have a shoulder or neck or knee pain, then do not practice this asana
  • If you are a pregnant woman, do not even try this posture in the first three months
  • If there is a problem holding hands behind the back, do not force them

Tips For Beginners

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Tips For Beginners:

If you are new to yoga or you have just started doing yoga or you are unable to put your hands behind the back, then take a towel in one hand and hold it with your other hand.

What Is The Right Time To Practice Gomukhasana?

There is a certain time to practice each yoga pose, so if you are planning to Gomukhasana, then try it in the morning to get the maximum benefit of Gomukhasana Yoga.

To do this posture, it is necessary to keep your stomach empty for at least 10 to 12 hours; hence this yoga posture is considered very well in the morning.


Dawn is the perfect time to practice the Gomukhasana.

Benefits of Gomukhasana

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Benefits of Gomukhasana:

There are many benefits of Gomukhasana if you practice this asana regularly. Let us know the benefits of Gomukhasana in detail below:

Benefits Of Gomukhasana For Women

This posture of yoga can form an attractive shape, especially for women. Women can increase the size of their breasts with Gomukhasana. And it can make your hips strong and well-shaped.

Benefits Of Gomukhasana For Enhancing Fertility

By regularly practicing Gomukhasana, it stimulates the reproductive organs. And thus the regular practice of Gomukhasana increases the reproductive capacity. Gomukhasana is a very effective remedy for removing gynecological diseases.

Benefits Of Gomukhasana For Diabetes

For the patients of diabetes, Gomukhasana is a good posture, this posture enhances the work of the kidney, which provides relief to the sufferers with diabetes. If you are a diabetic patient then do this asana regularly.

Benefits Of Gomukhasana To Reduce Mental Stress

Gomukhasana is a good posture to eliminate depression, stress or tension etc. It gives peace of mind by helping us to get rid of stress. By which you are able to do any work with full hearts.

Benefits Of Gomukhasana To Fix Joints Pain

Gomukhasana helps in reducing joint pain. This posture reduces the pain of the shoulder pain, back pain, the pain of the tailbone, sciatica, pain of the thighs, and also strengthens the joints after reducing pain.

Benefits Of Gomukhasana For Asthma

This posture is beneficial for the respiratory patient; it spreads to the lungs, which causes oxygen to go higher in the body. This asana makes the chest healthy and cleanses the lungs; regularly practice it to get full benefits of Gomukhasana.


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