Brahmacharyasana Steps And Benefits: Know In Details

What Is Brahmacharyasana

What Is Brahmacharyasana

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This Asana is very important for the spiritual practice of Brahmacharya, hence this posture has been given the name of Brahmacharyasana. Peace can be restored by creating mental balance through this posture. Brahmachari people adopt this posture to comply with Brahmachari practices.

Generally, yoga is not done after meals but there are some asanas that are done after meals. One of those rugs is Brahmacharyasana. Performing this asana before going to bed after dinner has special benefits. With this posture, peace of mind can be provided by creating mental balance. Brahmachari people perform this asana to comply with the Brahmachari Sadhana. With the practice of this asana, the flow of semen vascular soon becomes upward and the heat of the suture is reduced, making this asana proved to be the ultimate beneficial in curing nightmare diseases.

What Is Brahmacharyasana?

Generally, yoga is not done after meals but there are some such Asanas which are performed even after meals. One of those Asanas is Brahmacharyasana. This seat is especially beneficial for sleeping, thus can practice before bedtime.

Through its regular practice, there is a lot of support in brahmacharya – i.e. its practice is the accomplishment for brahmacharya. Therefore, Yogis have named it “Brahmacharyasana”.

Step By Step Instructions To Practice Brahmacharyasana

There is a total of 2 versions of the Brahmacharyasana or Celibate’s Pose. Today, I am going to provide the steps of both the versions of the Bramhacharyasana or Celibate’s Pose below:

First Version Of The Brahmacharyasana


First Version Of The Brahmacharyasana or Celibate’s Pose:

  • At first, sit down on the ground with your legs stretched out completely
  • Place the hands next to the hips, with the palms touching the ground and the fingers pointing to your front side
  • Keep your elbows and hands straight
  • Now engage your chest muscles, legs, and abdomen
  • Raise yourself with the support of the hands
  • Bear your weight with your shoulders and  hands
  • Remain in this yoga pose for as long as you can
  • Retain the breath in this position
  • Finally, slowly lower yourself down while exhaling

Step By Step Instructions To Practice Brahmacharyasana

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Second Version Of the Brahmacharyasana or Celibate’s Pose:

  • Sit flat on flat ground or a blanket
  • Now spread the two legs
  • After this, move the left leg to turn it towards the body and keep it near the buttocks.
  • Now by pressing the left foot, press the thigh and press the thumb and fingers with the right knee.
  • Now fold the right foot in the same way and keep it between the left leg and knee so that the ankle should pressurize the left leg of the thigh and between thumb and fingers
  • Keep the torso in a straight and relaxed state
  • Spread both hands straight on the knees and the palms should be open and straight
  • The index finger and thumb should be touching each other
  • Hold on to this position minimum for 5 minutes

Benefits Of Brahmacharyasana

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Benefits Of Brahmacharyasana:

  • This posture helps in the blood circulation smoothly to improve it.
  • This posture helps to get you relief from pain and makes you very comfortable. This is one of the brahmacharya benefits.
  • If any unpleasant event is not being tried even after so many attempts, then a person can forget the incident by practicing this asana for a few days.
  • With this posture, the expressions of sexuality are lost in Brahmacharya seekers, and Brahmacharya can also be controlled.
  • This posture brings great benefits in youth; it can help to get rid of problems like nightmares, bad thoughts and stress in the brain.
  • People over fifty years old can achieve superhuman strength with this posture.
  • This posture benefits both men and women both physically and mentally.
  • This seat inserts the mind and allows you to improve your mental health
  • This posture helps to get rid of the knees pain effectively in few days after practicing this asana on a daily basis
  • After eating dinner at night, practicing this asana 5 minutes before sleep is not a dream flaw.
  • With the practice of this asana, the flow of semen vascular flows sooner upwards and the heat of the pulse decreases, from which this asana has proved to be the ultimate benefit for removing bad dreams.
  • Individuals who have frequent Nightmare should practice this asana for 5 to 10 minutes before sleeping. With this, there is considerable strength in the upstream sense and concentration also increases.
  • Due to the regular practice of this asana belly fat melts quickly.
  • This asana promotes way better digestion when practiced on a daily basis. That is why people practice this asana even after a meal since this asana helps to improve the digestion system.

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