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Sanskrit Name: Pawanmuktasana (पवनमुक्तासन)

English Name: Gas Release Pose

Style of Yoga: Vinyasa

Level of Yoga: Basic

Duration: As per your capability or 10 to 30 seconds

Target Area: Abdomen, Arms, Lower Back

Strengthens: Digestive System, Back, Reproductive System

Pawanmuktasana helps to tone the belly and waist muscles. Patients suffering from problems of indigestion are usually advised to do Gas Release Pose. Although initially there is some difficulty in doing this posture, however, with regular practice, you can practice this asana very easily.

Gas Release Pose


What Does It Mean By Pawanmuktasana (Gas Release Pose)?

Pawanmuktasana is composed of 3 words of Sanskrit, where

The first word is “Pawan (पवन)”, which means “GAS”

The second word is “Mukta (मुक्त)”, which means “Release”

And the third word is “Asana (आसन)”, which means “Yoga Pose”.

As the name Pawanmuktasana implies, this seat helps in extracting unnecessary gas from the digestive tract. Therefore it is called Gas Release Pose in English. Gas Release Pose is an excellent posture which is considered very important for good digestion.

In this article, we have explained the methods of doing the posture of Pawanmuktasana (Gas Release Pose). As well as, we have mentioned its preparatory poses, follow-up poses, beginner’s tips, precautions, and benefits. Let’s check out below.

Preparatory Poses Of Pawanmuktasana (Gas Release Pose):

Method Of Doing Pawanmuktasana


Method Of Doing Pawanmuktasana (Gas Release Pose):

At first, lie down on the floor in the Shavasana posture

Fold your knees and bring it as close as possible to the stomach.

Now exhaling try to touch the chest with your knees with the help of your hand, means hold your knees with your hand and pull them nearer to your chest

After this, lift your head above the ground and try to touch the nose with the knee.

After lifting the head & shoulders upward and touching the nose with the knees or place your nose in the middle of the knees

Stay in this posture for 10 to 30 seconds and slowly stop breathing

Repeat this posture 3 to 5 times

pawanmuktasana beginner's Tips


Beginner’s Tips:

Usually, both knees are folded together and interlocking the fingers of the hands and putting them on the knees of both legs. But, if you face difficulty in bringing both knees at once, you can also practice this asana by bringing one knee at once.

Do all the steps of Pawanmuktasana very carefully and do not make any changes in this posture from your side. To take out the gas from the digestive system, it is important to practice all the steps of Pawanmuktasana in order.

Follow-up Pose Of Pawanmuktasana (Gas Release Pose):

Precautions To Take While Practicing Pawanmuktasana


Precautions To Take While Practicing Pawanmuktasana:

If you are suffering from stomach ulcer then you should not do Pawanmuktasana (Gas Release Pose).

People who suffer from back pain and pain in the waist should avoid practicing the Pawanmuktasana (Gas Release Pose)

If you have high blood pressure, menstrual problems and neck pain then you must be careful about doing Pawanmuktasana (Gas Release Pose).

Pregnant women should avoid this asana

If you have chest pain or there is an old injury in the neck, avoid this posture.

Benefits of Pawanmuktasan


Benefits of Pawanmuktasana (Gas Release Pose):

  1. This asana makes the body light
  2. Gas Release Pose is also very beneficial in removing gastric disorders
  3. It is also beneficial in heart disease, cystic, arthritis, etc.
  4. Doing this posture removes the strain on the spinal cord and the lower part of the waist
  5. By massaging reproductive organs and pelvic muscles, it’s also useful in the treatment of sterility, menstrual problems, and impotence.
  6. This posture also works to strengthen the muscles
  7. It strengthens the muscles of hands and feet and provides strength to the muscles of the stomach and back.
  8. Regular practice of this posture is also good in transmitting blood in the body
  9. Along with this the lungs are healthy and work smoothly too with the regular practice of Gas Release Pose
  10. It massages the stomach and digestive organs and is therefore very effective in removing gas and constipation in the stomach.

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