Know All About Supta Virasana Benefits, Steps & Precautions

How to Do Supta Virasana

Supta Virasana (सुप्तवीरासन) or Reclined Hero Pose is a widely held yoga posture which actually is a Sanskrit word, here ‘Supta’ means ‘ reclining or lying down, ‘Vira’ means ‘chief or hero’, and ‘asana’ means ‘mudra or status’. In this Supta Virasana yoga posture, our upper body comes on the back so that it lies back on the ground. The arms are as well placed on the ground and your palms have to face the ceiling. Supta Virasana benefits are many; today let’s talk about the benefits, steps, and precautions of the Supta Virasana.

Supta Virasana is also known as Reclined Hero Pose. By doing Supta Veerasan you can get rid of many types of diseases, its regular practice will give you relief in all kinds of problems related to digestion. Supta Veerasan also eliminates the gas produced in your stomach. If you are new to yoga practice, then you may have some difficulty in doing Veerasana. But practicing it regularly you can do it easily. Read below to know more about Supta Virasana benefits.

How to Do Supta Virasana

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How to Do Supta Virasana?

  • Sit on your torso on the floor or on a yoga mat
  • Now bend your knee and make sure the knees are directly placed under the hips
  • Take your palms on your knees
  • Bringing the knees as close to each other as possible widen your feet. Make sure your feet are placed in such a way that it is wider than your hips’ width
  • Now slowly lean the hips and roll your calves ensuring that the hips are placed between the heels
  • Keep the hands by your sides
  • Bending your tailbone backward lie down on the ground
  • Shifting the body weight on the elbow release your buttocks and lower back
  • If you are comfortable in this posture then take the arms over the head
  • At this point in time, your palms should be facing the ceiling
  • Hold on to this pose for 30 to 60 minutes and then slowly come back to your previous position.

Supta Virasana Precautions

Supta Virasana Precautions:

  • Do not an emphasis on the body too much while performing this posture
  • Do not try this posture if you feel sharp twisty sensations in the knees
  • Do not practice this yoga Asana if you have back pain, knee pain or shoulder pain
  • Drawn the inner ankles inside to protect the knees
  • If you are a beginner then you can use a folded blanket under your back for support
  • Do not try it for the period of the last months of the pregnancy

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Supta Virasana Benefits

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Supta Virasana Benefits

The Supta Virasana benefits are many, as it is an effective yoga practice to relax the mind and body. It provides relief to muscle pain and is good for the nervous system. This asana is a popular one and it has been practiced since ages. Let’s now check out the Supta Virasana benefits below:

Supta Virasana Benefits To Open The Heart

Under this position, you open your front body and also your heart. Consequently, regular practice of this asana helps you to promote good heart health. So, to get most Supta Virasana benefits, regularly practice this asana.

Supta Virasana Benefits For Health Effects

It is believed that this Yoga pose can activate the body to give treatment to numerous energy centers. If you are suffering from sciatica or arthritis, then you can practice this Supta Virasana, because the posture provides many health benefits if you practice this asana regularly.

Supta Virasana Benefits For Asthma

By fetching more circulation in your lungs and also other respiratory organs, the posture has the benefit of asthma or other issues related to the respiratory.

Supta Virasana Benefits to Stimulate Digestion

Practice this Supta Virasana yoga asana to stimulate digestion, reduce the pain of stomach, like diarrhea, and it also treat menstrual cramps. It is also a great way to improve digestive processes and thus now you have got more reason to use it.

Supta Virasana Benefits For Flexibility

Often, it is felt that the body may be reclined from the upper hemisphere where your body has already been used for waist turning and hand exercises. Regular practice of this asana brings flexibility to the body, especially at the lower part of the body.

Supta Virasana Benefits For Internal Peace

Supta Virasana posture is well-known as Hero Pose; this pose not only helps in physical health but it is also a big hand in the cases of some mental issues. Therefore, as per many experts of yoga, this yoga is one of the most effective yoga Asanas which makes the inner self peaceful. As soon as you close the eyes and breathe high, you will feel that you have a calm and soothing sensation by making inner peace.

Supta Virasana Benefits For Better Blood Circulation

This Yoga mostly focuses on pressure points in lower parts of the body and spreads in the upper parts of the body. It is a decent condition to make supplementary blood flow in the body regulating blood circulation. This is certainly one of the most significant principles for a healthy body.

Supta Virasana Benefits For Pregnancy

If you practice this Supta Virasana yoga during pregnancy, then abnormal swelling of the legs must be reduced to a substantial amount. Nevertheless, make sure that you take your doctor’s advice. Do not try it in the course of the last months of the pregnancy.


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