Marichyasana Steps, Benefits & Precautions

Sanskrit Name: Marichyasana (मरीच्यासन)
English Name: Pose of Mairchi
Type of Yoga: Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Level of Yoga: Advanced/Intermediate
Duration: As per your capability or 30 to 60 seconds
Target Area: Shoulder, Vertebral column
Strengthens: Arms, Vertebral column, Shoulder, Hip opener

Very few people know about Marichyasana Yoga, but this yoga is very beneficial for our body. Especially when you have pain in your waist and back, then this asana relieves a lot of pain easily. Nowadays working in the office often brings back pain; you can do this asana to get rid of this problem. By doing this asana, your body gets energy. Let us tell you about the method of performing Marichyasana and its benefits.

Marichyasana Steps


What Does It Mean By Marichyasana?

Marichyasana is named after the sage Marichi. There are many types of this asana, here we are telling you about its most common form. Nowadays, due to working in one place, not exercising and irregular lifestyle, the problem of back pain is becoming common. In metro cities, people work at the same place for hours, so the problem has become more serious there. It is not right to resort to drugs to overcome it.

Yoga Asana offers an effective approach to alleviate back pain while simultaneously engaging various other parts of the body. Marichyasana, named after the sage Marichi, stands out as particularly beneficial for addressing this issue.

Today we are telling you about the method of performing this asana, the benefits, and benefits of it.

Preparatory Poses Of Marichyasana:

How to Do Marichyasana?

  • At first, sit in Dandasana or Staff Pose on the ground or on a yoga mat
  • Inhale and try to lengthen the spine
  • Breathe in and bend your right leg from the knee and bring the knee closer to the chest
  • You must keep your right foot on the ground (touching the ground)
  • While exhaling, bend from the hip joints – make sure that you do not bend from the waist
  • Exhale while bending down
  • The right leg should be out of the torso
  • Bring the right hand from the front of the right leg and bring it to the back and hold the hands by bringing the left hand back
  • To understand this pose, see the picture above
  • Overall, breathe in five times and exhale so that you can remain in the posture for 30 to 60 seconds
  • Gradually, as the strength and flexibility in your body increases, you can increase the time
  • But do not exceed 90 seconds.
  • You can come out of this posture after breathing five times
  • To get out of the posture, release the hands and breathe in, lift the torso up
  • Keep in mind that you keep your back straight and come back up from your hip joints
  • After sitting upright, move the right leg forward and end the Dandasana or Staff Pose
  • After doing it on the right, do all these steps on the left side

Beginner’s Tips:

If you are unable to hold your hands, then back your hands as much as you can. Do not forcefully try to take your hand to your back.

Over time, flexibility in your spine and shoulders will increase and you will be able to hold your hands.

Always take experts’ advice while trying out any new yoga pose

Follow-Up Poses of Marichyasana:

Precautions of Marichyasana:

Do not do this asana, if you have back pain or has a headache

You can’t do this asana if you already suffering from hypertension and migraine

People who have high blood pressure problem should not do this asana

Those who have trouble with lower back pain do not practice it

If you have an injury to your shoulders, do not practice this asana

In case you have asthma or diarrhea then you should avoid doing Marichyasana

Do not stress more than your physical ability while performing Marichyasana

Before doing this asana, please consult the teacher of yoga

Benefits of Marichyasana:

  • Regular practice of Marichyasana relieves stress
  • By doing this, women get less pain during their menstruation
  • Doing this regularly keeps the mind calm and does not cause headaches
  • It makes waist muscles strong, relieves back pain
  • This asana helps in strengthening the spine
  • Marichyasana keeps the digestive system healthy and also helps in stomach problems
  • Migraine patients get plenty of benefit from doing this Marichyasana
  • It makes the shoulders, waist, and hamstrings strong
  • This asana stimulates your kidney and liver
  • By practicing this, your inner thighs are strengthened and it is toned
  • It is helpful in balancing the body weight; it does not accumulate excess fat on the body
  • Regular practice of Marichyasana helps reduce mental and physical stress