Sukhasana (Easy Pose) Steps And Health Benefits

Sukhasana (easy pose)


Sukhasana (Easy Pose) is a very beneficial yoga for people of all ages. This is the simplest yoga pose among all the poses of yoga. This yoga pose gives you comfort and happiness. This yoga also keeps your mind calm and healthy. So, Let’s know in detail the ways of doing Easy Pose and the benefits it brings.

What is Sukhasana (Easy Pose)?

Sukhasana is a Sanskrit word that is made of two Sanskrit words. “Sukh” in Sanskrit means “happiness” or “joy” and “Asana” means “Yoga Pose”“. It is also known in English as “Easy Pose”.

When a person starts doing yoga, he should first start with this yoga pose. Because as a newbie you are not able to try advanced posture.

Steps To Do Sukhasana (Easy Pose)


Steps To Do Sukhasana (Easy Pose):

It is easiest to do Sukhasana, those who have difficulty sitting in Padmasana can do Sukhasana. See here the step by step method of Sukhasana.

  • To do Sukhasana, firstly, sit on the floor and spread the yoga mat and sit on it.
  • Take a couple of long breaths, and keep your spinal cord straight.
  • Then, fold the left foot and place it on the right thigh or under the right foot knee, which will be easy for you.
  • Now fold the right foot and place it under the left leg of the thigh or under your left leg knee.
  • Place both of your hands on the knees in the pose of meditation.
  • Keep your body in a comfortable condition.
  • Now close your eyes and keep the whole body loose.
  • You can do this asana by 10-12 minutes or according to your capacity.

Benefits Of The Sukhasana (Easy Pose):

Easy Pose has many health benefits for our health. These benefits are described below…

Relaxes Body


Relaxes Body:

Almost all types of yoga are beneficial for your physical health. But the benefits of Easy Pose help you get physical and mental comfort. Whenever you do this pose, you definitely get a peaceful experience. You can do Easy Pose Yoga to reduce your stress.

While sitting in the state of Sukhasana (Easy Pose), you control your breaths and pronounce any mantra as you wish. This is the simplest way to focus your attention. In this way, you can get benefits of Easy Pose Yoga for mental health.

Open The Hips


Open The Hips:

For those who want to open their hips, Easy Pose can be very beneficial yoga. You can do the Easy Pose yoga regularly on a daily basis to open your hips. During this, you should sit for 5 to 10 minutes in this posture every day.

Engage in this yoga practice to stretch your legs and hips. If you find it challenging to maintain the mudra pose, place a pillow or another object under your knees to allow gravity to aid in opening your hips. This method will enable you to enhance hip flexibility while sitting in the Easy Pose.

Strengthen Knees


Strengthen Knees:

If you want to strengthen your knees, then you can help Sukhasana. Because there is excessive pressure in the knees of your feet during doing this yoga. As a result, the strength and capacity of the knees of the feet increases.

This yoga is especially beneficial to those who drive for long periods or work in the chair all day. In this way, people with busy lifestyles should take at least 10 minutes of time in a day for Sukasan. Because it helps keep their feet healthy and strong.

Treat Ankle Pain


Treat Ankle Pain:

Regular practicing of Easy Pose Pose can get you rid of ankles pain. Often you can feel the discomfort in your toes. But you can do Easy Pose to remove this type of pain.

If due to the pain you are having trouble sitting in Sukhasana, then you can use a pillow or cushion, etc. During this pose, you will feel that the pain of your ankle is decreasing. In this way, the benefits of drying up to help ease the pain of heels and Ankles.

Reduce Stress


Reduce Stress:

If you are suffering from mental exhaustion and stress, then Sukhasana (Easy Pose) is a good yoga pose. Because it not only relaxes your mind but also helps to remove the stress. While working throughout the day, the body is very tired but in the meantime, if you sit in Easy Pose for some time before sleeping, then this can stimulate some hormones. These hormones help in relaxing the body and managing the stress properly. In this way, it can be beneficial for all people to use Easy Pose regularly before sleeping in the night.

Precautions To Do Easy Pose:

In any case, there is no need to take any particular kind of caution in order to do Sukhasana (Easy Pose) but there are some points given below, in which, what precautions should be taken to keep you in Sukhasana, it is being explained in detail.

  • If your hips and knees are hurt or swollen, then you do not do this pose.
  • People with a slipped disk, should not practice this yoga.
  • If you have pain in the lower part of your back, then you do not do this posture.


Q. What are the benefits of Sukhasana?

A. Almost all types of yoga are beneficial for your physical health. But the benefits of Sukhasana Yoga help you to relax physically and mentally. Whenever you use this mudra you definitely get a peaceful experience.

Q. How can I practice Sukhasana?

A. Sukhasana yoga is the easiest to do, people who have difficulty sitting in Padmasana can do Sukhasana. To know how to practice Sukhasana read here more…

Q. What does Sukhasana mean?

A. Sukhasana is a Sanskrit word that is derived from “Sukham”. Which means “Happiness”. It is also known in English as “Easy Pose, Decent Pose, or Pleasant Pose”. When a person starts doing yoga, first of all, he should start with simple yoga.

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