Know In Details About The Steps And Benefits Of Halasana

Benefits of Halasana

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Halasana is named after the word hala. Hala means the device used for farming. As the plow prepares the fields to sow seeds, that same posture appears in the Halasana. This article describes the benefits of Halasana and ways to do it. Also, in this article, information about the precautions to be taken during Halasana has also been given.


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Here are some benefits of Halasana given below. Let’s check out the benefits of Halasana:

Benefits of Halasana to Control Blood Sugar

By practicing the Halasana or the plow pose, the blood glucose level remains normal in the person’s body and it also stimulates the internal organs to function smoothly. Apart from this, this posture is also good for stimulating reproductive organs.

Benefits of Halasana to Stimulate the Glands

Performing the Halasana or the plow pose stimulates the posture of the inner organ and thyroid glands from the person’s stomach so that it works correctly. Apart from this, it also keeps the immune system healthy.

Benefits of Halasana for Digestion

If a person performs Halalana regularly in a proper way, this posture increases digestion capacity and gets rid of the problem of hunger.

Benefits of Halasana for Better Nervous System

Regular practice of the Halasana, also known as the Plough Pose, helps alleviate issues associated with the nervous system, thereby reducing stress and fatigue. Additionally, this posture offers relief from menopausal symptoms in women.

Benefits of Halasana for Muscles

If you do all the steps of Halasana regularly, it will strengthen your neck, shoulders and back muscles. Apart from this, this posture is also good for your abs.

Benefits of Halasana for Diabetes

If a person is suffering from diabetes, then he should do a regular and proper manner. Because this posture reduces the symptoms of diabetic patients.

Benefits of Halasana for Weight Loss

The Halasana or the Plough Pose has many benefits. Regular Halasana does not let the weight of the person increase and does not catch diseases too.

Benefits of Halasana for Brain

Regular practice of Halasana or the plow pose can be very beneficial to our mental health too.

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Step By Step Instruction To Practice Halasana

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Step By Step Instruction To Practice Halasana:

We are giving a detailed explanation of Halasana here, please read it carefully:

  • Lie down on your back on the floor or on a yoga mat
  • Keep the arms on the ground next to the back straight
  • Inhaling, lift both the legs and bring it to “Semi-Halasana”
  • Support the back with the two hands on the ground
  • Take 1-2 breaths inside and out in this position and make sure your balance is correct
  • Now move the legs right behind
  • Keep a sight on the nose
  • If you are having trouble keeping balance then you can also keep the eye on the navel
  • If there is enough flexibility in your shoulders, then fold your hands behind
  • If this is not possible then keep them in the backing of the back
  • According to your ability, stay in this posture for 60 to 90 seconds and then gently take back the feet
  • Lower the beginning (30 seconds is also enough) and gradually increase the time
  • If you have less flexibility in your neck then apply a towel under the shoulders, doing this will give the neck comfort
  • If you have difficulty in turning back completely, then you can rest legs on a Yoga block. If you want to make it easier, you can rest legs on a chair.

Precautions to Take In the Halasana

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Precautions to Take In the Halasana

  • Heart patient do not practice Halasana
  • Halasana should be practiced according to one’s capability
  • Do not let the elderly; the weak and the sick people do it
  • People who are troubled by hypertension, cervical and spinal problems, they should not practice Halasana
  • Those who have problems with slip disks and tuberculosis (lung infection) should not do this asana
  • Halasana should not be practiced even when there is a back pain
  • Do not do it even after a headache and dizziness
  • Pregnancy and menstrual cycles should not be harmed, it can have adverse effects