Dhanurasana Steps To Master This Yoga Posture


dhanurasana steps

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In this busy world all of us had to work even for twenty four hours a day that leads us to many health problems. Yoga can destress us and makes us healthy and gives us power to battle this situation. Dhanurasana is one of the yoga which can help us to combat this battle. Dhanurasana is a yoga pose which is quite tough to do. To master this yoga we should know about Dhanurasana steps. Check out below to know more about Dhanurasana and how much it can be beneficial for our health.

What is Dhanurasana Or Bow Pose

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What is Dhanurasana Or Bow Pose?

Dhanurasana, widely known as Bow Pose, is a backward bending yoga posture. Its Sanskrit name, Dhanurasana, is derived from two words. The first, ‘Dhanu,’ translates to ‘Bow’ in English, while the second, ‘Asana,’ means ‘Yoga Posture.’ The final position of this asana resembles the shape of a bow, hence the name. Dhanurasana is beneficial for the proper functioning of all body organs. Below are the steps to perform Dhanurasana, providing a step-by-step guide to mastering this yoga pose.

Step By Step Guide

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Step By Step Guide:

Dhanurasana or bow pose is a difficult yoga pose to do, here I am giving the Dhanurasana steps in step by step guide in detail to master this yoga pose. See below to know the Dhanurasana steps in detail.

Step 1:

Lie on your stomach.

Step 2:

Keep your feet and legs together.

Step 3:

Keep your arms resting by the side of the body.

Step 4:

Rest the chin on the floor.

Step 5:

Now Exhale and bend your knees and bring your heels as close to your buttocks as possible.

Step 6:

Slowly fold your knees.

Step 7:

Hold Your ankles with your hand.

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Step 8:

Now Raise your chin and bend your head and neck backward. The chest should be touching the ground.

Step 9:

Breathe in and pull up your legs.

Step 10:

Keep raising your head, neck, chin, chest, thighs and knees to backward, such as only the navel region is touching the ground.

Step 11:

Now balance your body in the navel region.

Step 12:

Hold your breath and remain in this position for 20-30 seconds.

Step 13:

Slowly release the position.

Benefits Of Dhanurasana Or Bow Pose

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Benefits Of Dhanurasana Or Bow Pose:

There are many benefits of Dhanurasana. Check those benefits out below…

  • Dhanurasana helps to strengthen abdominal and back muscles.
  • Dhanurasana stimulates reproductive organs and optimum their function.
  • Dhanurasana makes arm and leg muscles are toned.
  • Dhanurasana increases back flexibility.
  • Dhanurasana is recommended to women suffering from menstrual problems.
  • Dhanurasana alleviates constipation issues.
  • Dhanurasana is a great anxiety reliever.
  • People suffering from renal issues are also advised to practice Dhanurasana.


Dhanurasana is a very good pose that is very much beneficial for our health. But there are some precaution to do this yoga. Know these precautions below…

  • Pregnant woman should not practice this yoga as it can lead to miscarriage.
  • Patient of high blood pressure should not do this yoga as it can lead to severe damage.
  • People suffering from back pain and hernia should avoid doing Dhanurasana.