Kati Chakrasana/Spinal Twist Yoga Pose Steps

Kati Chakrasana

Kati Chakrasana


Sanskrit Name: Kati Chakrasana (कटि चक्रासन)

English Name: Spinal Twist Yoga Pose

Type of Yoga: Hatha Yoga

Level of Yoga: Basic

Duration: As per your capability or 10-15 sets on each side

Target Area: Arms, Shoulder, Waist, Spine

Strengthens: Spine, Waist

Yoga is not only helpful in developing mind and intellect but also good for health. Kati Chakrasana (Spinal Twist Yoga Pose) is very beneficial for reducing fat from the waistline area. With regular practice of this asana, you will not only able to reduce waist fat but it is also helpful for curing backache.

What Does It Mean By Kati Chakrasana


What Does It Mean By Kati Chakrasana?

To know what Kati Chakrasana is, you have to break this word. Kati Chakrasana is made up of three Sanskrit language words together,

Where the first word is “Kati (कटि)”, which means “Waist”

The second word is “Chakra (चक्र)”, which means “Circular Rotation or Wheel”

And the third word is “Asana (आसन)”, which means “Yoga Pose”

This asana is called Spinal Twist Yoga Pose in English. In this yoga asana, you have to twist the waist on both sides. This twist provides a great stretch to your waist and thus its advantages in making your waist more flexible. So, let’s now know in details about the Kati Chakrasana (Spinal Twist Yoga Pose) below.

Preparatory Pose of Kati Chakrasana:

Method of Practicing Kati Chakrasana

Method of Practicing Kati Chakrasana:

  • At first, stand straight on Tadasana or Mountain Pose keeping both legs together
  • While breathing in, keep the arms in your front, parallel the arms
  • Keep the same distance between your shoulders and arms
  • While leaving the breath, turn the waist on the right and look at the left shoulder at your back
  • Try to keep the feet in one place; this will give full warmth to the waist
  • Keep the distance of the palms equally and feel the stretch in your lower back
  • While breathing, move back to the front
  • Repeat while leaving the breath and moving this seat on the left
  • Breathing and moving towards the front
  • Take this posture on both sides for at least 10-15 times and then bring your hands down while leaving the breath

Beginner’s Tips:

If you practice it every day, you will get good results

It is more fruitful to practice this asana in an empty stomach during the morning and/or evening

Keep in mind that the knees do not turn around and the legs do not move from their place while rotating the waist.

Practice this posture regularly at least 5-10 times.

Follow-up Poses of Kati Chakrasana:

  • Tadasana (ताड़ासन) or Mountain Pose
  • Vrksasana (वृक्षासन) or Tree Pose

Precautions to Follow in Kati Chakrasana

Precautions to Follow in Kati Chakrasana:

If you suffer from severe back pain then you must avoid doing this posture

In case there is a pain in your neck, then you should not do Kati Chakrasana

Do not practice Kati Chakrasana while you are pregnant

People with vertigo and high blood Pressure must do this asana at a slower pace as well as with caution

Do not raise the sole from the ground

People with slip disk, hernia, cervical spondylitis spinal injuries, as well as those people who have recently gone through any abdominal surgery should avoid doing this asana

Benefits of Kati Chakrasana


Benefits of Kati Chakrasana:

If you do Kati Chakrasana in a scientific way and implement the method described above, then its practice can make you a great deal. Here are some important benefits to be told about.

This asana helps to reduce weight loss. You can reduce your weight by practicing this posture. The condition is that you fast it or keep the asana for a long time. If you keep the steps in mind, obesity can also be reduced.

You can make your waist thin, especially with the practice of this easy exercise. This makes your waist slim and beautiful. It does not make your waist just beautiful, but it also strengthens it.

By practicing it you can widen your chest and reduce respiratory diseases. This is a very beneficial yoga for your lungs

To reduce the problem of constipation, you can reduce your constipation and avoid digestive problems.

The ribs become elastic and reduce many respiratory diseases, even the prevention of lung cancer (TB) disease.

It works for the strengthening of the skeleton shoulder. It has strong shoulders, neck, arms, stomach, back, and thighs.


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