Know About The Steps, Precaution, And Benefit Of Salabhasana


In Salabhasana you are in the position of “salabh” i.e. locust (which is called grasshopper in English). Thus it has been named Salabhasana. The benefit of Salabhasana is many and is very good for your spinal cord. In this article, the ways and means of doing the posture of Salabhasana are explained along with it the precautions to take and the benefit of Salabhasana given in this article.


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Here we have given some benefit of Salabhasana. Check out the benefit of Salabhasana below:

Fix Menstrual Problems

To correct the problem of menstruation in women, Salabhasana is a good yoga posture; it leads to menstrual cycle towards the normal cycle. It strengthens the reproductive system and the capacity of the uterus of women. The benefit of Salabhasana provides regularity in menstruation.

Provides Healthy Body

Our whole body remains healthy by the practice of Salabhasana; this pose activates the whole body, stimulates the internal organs and enhances blood circulation in our body. Benefits of Salabhasana Yoga is such that it keeps the diseases away from you.

Reduce Weight

Salabhasana is considered to be a good yoga posture to reduce weight. It helps to eliminate fat in our body, along with it also fixes the action of metabolism. So, in the case of weight loss, the benefit of Salabhasana is undeniable.

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Cure Diseases

Salabhasana can cure various types of diseases, it fixes the digestive system of our stomach, which does not have stomach diseases, with it cures constipation, make the balance of acid and base in the body. It also helps in improving urological disorders and cures the spinal problem, such is the benefit of Salabhasana.

Strengthen Muscles

To strengthen our body muscles, the benefit of Salabhasana is indisputable; it strengthens the hands, thighs, legs, and nerves of our body, with it reduces the stomach fat and makes it beautiful. Salabhasana is an excellent yoga to strengthen the spinal cord.

Other benefits of Salabhasana

It strengthens the lower back and pelvic organs and strengthens the subtle nerves, which provides relief to people suffering from back pain, mild cystic and slip-disks. But if the problem is severe then first consult the doctor. It balances the functioning of the liver and other stomach organs and reduces stomach and bowel diseases. Salabhasana regulates hunger.


Improves blood supply in the lower back and neck muscles, and relieves hardness in these parts of the body.

Step By Step Instructions To Perform Salabhasana

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Step By Step Instructions To Perform Salabhasana

  • At first, lie down on your stomach on the floor or on a yoga mat
  • Keep your both feet together
  • You can either keep your palms on the floor near your abdominal area or you can also put your hand back putting the palms together
  • Lift your upper body and both legs at once (see the picture)
  • Hold on to this position for 60 to 90 seconds
  • Slowly come back to your previous position
  • If you are having difficulty in doing Salabhasana, then you can do Semi-Salabhasana. There is only one leg to be raised at one time, and the other one lives on the ground.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Performing Salabhasana

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Performing Salabhasana

  • This pose should be done only after defecation in the morning
  • To do this posture we should wear loose clothes
  • It should be done slowly, do not practice it with one breath
  • We should do yoga at such a place where there is good and fresh air
  • To do Salabhasana requires a lot of physical effort, so people suffering from heart disease or high BP should not perform this asana


People suffering from peptic ulcer, hernia, intestines, and other such conditions should not practice this posture too


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