Know The Kriya Yoga Steps To Do And Benefits

kriya yoga steps

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The Word Kriya means mobility. In this way, Kriya Yoga is understood as the yoga that awakens our minds from one place to another and awakens mental powers and ultimately develops spiritually. Here I am giving a piece of brief information on Kriya Yoga and Kriya Yoga steps. See below…

Kriya Yoga is a very powerful way of walking on the spiritual path, but it is also a very challenging way. This method places great expectations for a person. For today’s modern educated person, Kriya Yoga will be inhuman because it requires a special discipline and everything requires a certain level of accuracy. So, let’s see what is kriya yoga and kriya yoga steps.

What Is Kriya Yoga

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What Is Kriya Yoga?

There are four dimensions of our life – sense, intelligence, body, and energy. In Yoga, there is a path connected to every dimension of life – Bhakti Yoga related to the expressions, Yoga related with intellect, Karma Yoga related to the body, and Kriya Yoga related to life energy.

If we just want to teach you the action as a physical exercise, then I can write a book on it and you can learn by reading it. But if you want to make Kriya a vibrant process, if we want that action is inserted in your system in a way, then it requires discipline and dedication.

Most people do not have the stability of the body, mind, or emotions nowadays to walk on the path of Kriya Yoga. That’s because people have been very comfortable since childhood. Rest does not mean physical convenience.

Sitting in a comfortable chair is not an obstacle. But your complete existence always wants comfort – it is a big obstacle. If you are sitting on something that is comfortable then enjoy it – there is no problem in it. But if you are constantly seeking rest, then that kind of mind and spirit are not right for the path of Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga cannot be done with such people who are careless.

If you take someone on the path of action, then if I tell you to step down and head down to sleep, then you should sleep without asking any questions. Because he can never be fully explained. You can understand it over time, but it can never be explained. And if he has to explain, then the essence of the verb will be lost. If people start asking silly logical questions for everything, then the verb cannot be given.

Kriya Yoga Steps:

The authentic Kriya technique is taught through in-person initiation, and only after establishing a consistent daily practice of the first three techniques: Energization Exercises, Hong-Sau, and Aum. This process typically takes about a year or longer, depending on the student. Now, let’s delve into the steps of Kriya Yoga below…

Kriya Yoga Steps 1 Nabhi Kriya

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Kriya Yoga Steps 1 Nabhi Kriya:

Sit in the Padmasana or Sukhasana (typical crouching) present. Concentrate your complete consideration on the locale just beneath your navel. Rationally serenade ‘om’ multiple times. At that point center around the back of the maritime area and rationally serenade ‘om’ multiple times. At that point center around the back of the neck and serenade ‘om’ multiple times.

Kriya Yoga Steps 2 Spinal Breathing

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Kriya Yoga Steps 2 Spinal Breathing:

Concentrate on the spinal column. Mentally venture through the six chakras joined by the psychological reciting of ‘om‘ and breathing in amid this procedure. At that point breathe out and rationally venture down the spinal section to the most minimal chakra rationally reciting ‘om’. Rehash this for 15 cycles.

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Kriya Yoga Steps 3 Maha Mudra

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Kriya Yoga Steps 3 Maha Mudra:

Sit erect and breathe in. At that point rationally make a trip from the medulla to the crown and spotlight on the spot in the middle of your eyebrows. Extend one of your legs and catch the toes with every one of your fingers. Curve your spine and contact the knee of the outstretched leg with your temple. Promptly come back to the first position and rationally travel again from the eyebrow focus back to the medulla through the crown. Rehash this with the other leg extended. Thusly complete four Maha Mudras.

Kriya Yoga Steps 4 Yoni Mudra

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Kriya Yoga Steps 4 Yoni Mudra:

Concentrate on the locale just underneath your maritime. Feel the sensation in that locale rationally reciting ‘om’. Proceed with this for eleven cycles of ‘om’.

Kriya Yoga Steps 5 Third Eye Meditation

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Kriya Yoga Steps 5 Third Eye Meditation:

This is the last advance of the Kriya Yoga. Envision around a light in the focal point of the temple. Rationally serenade ‘om’ going around the boundary of that light. While doing this, vibe the sensation on the brow and after that vibe the sensations all in all body. Rehash this for multiple times.

Kriya Yoga Benefits

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Kriya Yoga Benefits:

Kriya yoga has many benefits. Below the kriya yoga benefits are given. See this below…

  1. It diminishes circulatory strain. Not at all like in different meds, pulse esteems inside the ordinary range are not influenced. Just what goes over the typical range is brought inside the ordinary range.
  2. It fixes dejection of various sorts and expands self-assurance. The breathing activity framing some portion of Kriya yoga has a quieting just as an animating impact on the psyche. Notwithstanding amid the primary session, individuals revealed profoundly promising outcomes.
  3. It upgrades the torment resilience level and furthermore takes up the pressure edge making it workable for the experts to withstand more prominent pressure.
  4. It upgrades fixation and memory control and improves learning limit. It is alright for all to rehearse.