Acro Yoga: 4 Acro yoga steps and some benefits of it

Any person can practice the Acro yoga as there is no weight, age, or size limit. In any case, you experience the ill effects of vertigo, hypertension, herniated circles, destabilized sacrum, or there is an ongoing medical procedure, then you should yourself away from the Acro yoga. The technique is way more important in Acro yoga than your strength. Today, let’s talk about the Acro yoga in details and few steps by step instructions to practice Acro yoga in this article.

What Is Acro Yoga

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What Is Acro Yoga?

Acro yoga is a kind of yoga pose that you need to perform with partner. This type of yoga combines yoga and acrobatics. The word “Acro” is originated from Greek which stands for “elevated”. Yoga is basically a Sanskrit word which stands for the word “union.” Therefore, the Acro yoga is actually a partner yoga that involves inverted and elevated poses where the partners generally work in harmony.

The Acro Yoga contains 3 critical parts or terms called the flyer, the spotter, and the base where ‘the base’ is the person who remain on the floor with his or her back totally touching the floor and ‘the flyer’ is a person who flies with the help of base’s support. And finally ‘the spotter’ who watches both the flyer and base accurately to ensure that the flyer lands securely from the raised position.

Acro Yoga Poses:

Here I have provided 4 Acro yoga poses especially for the beginners. Let’s check out the poses below.


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This pose is a heart opener in a fun way with all the advantages of being inverted. This Dancer’s pose gives great steadiness to explore an unfathomable shoulder opener, chest opener, and backbend.

Step By Step Instruction:

  • In this pose the flyer initiates at his or her back of the yoga mat facing another direction from the base
  • Then the base has to place his or her feet on the flyer’s lower back and the flyer has to grip the base’s ankles (for added stability)
  • The flyer starts to move their weight onto the base’s feet, and the base brings the flyer’s hips stacked over theirs, while holding the flyer’s shoulders for help
  • When the flyer and base feel stable, the flyer can expand one leg toward the sky
  • At that point, the flyer can reach back for the other foot to finish the posture
  • Much the same as standing Dancer’s Pose, the flyer can tenderly kick their foot into their hand and locate a more profound chest and shoulder opener
  • When you are prepared to discharge the represent, the flyer gradually discharges the foot and cuts the best leg down. The flyer can by and by snatch the base’s lower legs for help as the base twists their knees and conveys the flyer’s feet to the ground


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The Folded Leaf Pose is a wonderfully healing posture. In the event that you can hold your uncovering superior, you can appreciate an astonishing arrival of strain in your spine.

Step By Step Instruction:

  • The flyer and base setup for Front Bird Pose, with the exception of the base’s feet, turn out somewhat to make a “V” shape on the flyer’s hips
  • This little change with the base’s feet will give the flyer the space expected to crease their middle over the base’s legs
  • When the feet are set up, the flyer can discharge their hands and “hang” their middle over the base’s legs
  • When you are prepared to discharge the posture, associate hands and welcome the flyer to gradually come into Front Bird Pose
  • At that point, the Base can gradually twist his or her knees to give the flyer a chance to come to standing
  • Make sure the flyer sets aside their opportunity to remain back up subsequent to being reversed for a more drawn out timeframe

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The Front Bird pose is an incredible Acro yoga for fledglings on the grounds that are increasingly steady with the hands fastened and the hips and shoulders stacked to make a progressively strong establishment. The progress into this posture is an incredible pose for especially the flyer to make the body completely connected with the base and to figure out how to adjust the flyer.

Step By Step Instruction:

The flyer initiates by fronting the base on the yoga mat

Then the base sets his or her feet on flyer’s hips. In the event that the base has tight cramps, then they can put a cover or support under the base’s hips to provide more scope of movement amid your training

The flyer associates his or her hands with base and inclines marginally forward to exchange his or her bodyweight just onto base’s feet

Make sure that flyer keeps his or her whole body completely locked in

To leave the Pose, base need to slowly bend his or her knees to enable the flyer’s feet to associate with the tangle


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In this pose, to keep everybody sheltered and stable, make certain to keep flyer’s hips stacked over the base’s knees and hips and flyer has to stack over the base’s shoulders.

Step By Step Instruction:

  • The flyer starts confronting far from base with his or her feet surrounding the base’s neck
  • Then base delicately holds the flyer’s lower legs for adjustment
  • The base at that point lifts his or her legs to bring his or her feet toward flyer
  • The flyer gradually twists the knees so that he or she can sit on base’s feet
  • While remaining in steady correspondence, the base at that point lifts the flyer’s feet each one, in turn, to put the flyer’s feet on base’s palms
  • When the load has been exchanged, the base has to gradually press flyer into this full Throne Pose
  • Then flyer can convey their hands to their heart to focus or to play with various arm varieties
  • At the point when prepared to leave the represent, base can gradually broaden the flyer’s legs to move his or her hands to flyer’s lower legs; at that point gradually twist his or her knees to enable the flyer’s feet has to meet the yoga mat

Benefits Of The Acro Yoga

This yoga helps to build muscles in the arms, legs, and in the chest

It helps to build the core strength

This yoga helps to make people aware of their body

This yoga helps to relax and stretch the body

It helps to build the stamina and also to improve the memory power

It helps people to make fast decisions and also to overcome the fear of their falling

It also improves the relationships as the Acro yoga build trust in couples.

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