Ujjayi Pranayama Benefits To Our Health And Mind

ujjayi pranayama benefits

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We all know how much pranayama helpful for our health and body. Ujjayi pranayama is one of those pranayamas which helps us to cure many health problems and brings positivity to our life. Ujjayi Pranayama is very helpful in maintaining physical and mental health. So let’s know more about Ujjayi Pranayama benefits here. Check those benefits out below…

What is Ujjayi Pranayama?

Ujjayi is a Sanskrit word which means winning from bond or bondage. Ujjayi Pranayama also called Victorious Breathing in English. The word Ujjayi is made of two Sanskrit word. “Ud” in Sanskrit means “Bond” in English and “Jayi” means “winning”. So, the meaning of Ujjayi is winning from bond or Bondage.

Steps To Do Ujjayi Pranayama

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Steps To Do Ujjayi Pranayama:

  • Now sit in a Padmasana and straighten your spinal cord and neck.
  • Keep this in mind that you have to take a breath from inside and have to keep your mouth shut. You take long breaths and leave slowly.
  • Now breathe, with a stretch of your nostrils, shrinking your throat and breathing with both of your nostrils.
  • Keep in mind that while breathing, we should have a sea-like voice.
  • Make this process at least 5 to 10 times.
  • Apply 8 to 10 seconds to breathe in the throat.


  • Pregnant women should do this pranayama very slowly.
  • Heart patients should not do this pranayama forcefully.
  • Practice this pranayama at least 6 months after the operation of the tonsil.
  • This pranayama should always empty stomach.
  • Practice this pranayama in a clean, clean airway.

Preparatory Asana:

Before doing this pranayama, practice Brahmari, Kapalbhati, and Anuloom-Vilom and then practice it.

Ujjayi Pranayama Benefits :

Ujjayi Pranayama has many benefits for our health. It cures many diseases and makes you healthy by curing disease. So, let’s see what are the Ujjayi Pranayama benefits. See those below…

Heart Diseases

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Heart Diseases:

Heart diseases continue to claim lives nationwide. A report highlights that urban dwellers, amidst their modern lifestyles and hectic routines, experience three times the rate of heart attacks compared to their rural counterparts. Engaging in Ujjayi Pranayama offers a potential solution, as it holds the promise of mitigating many heart-related ailments, representing just one of its numerous benefits.

Cure Sinus

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Cure Sinus:

Sinus is a small hollow area in the inner part of the nose, forehead and the eye. When the path of sinus stops when there is trouble in getting rid of the sputum, it is called ‘Sinusitis’. Usually, the main cause of sinus problem is dust and pollution. But the changing season also increases the problem of the sinus. You can avoid this problem by following the necessary precautions. Ujjayi Pranayam helps to cure sinus. This is one of the Ujjayi Pranayama benefits.


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Hypothyroidism is the condition or disease that happens due to inadequate production of thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism can also be caused by the lack of iodine or postpartum thyroiditis. It is a condition that affects almost women within one year after giving birth to the baby. Ujjayi Pranayama is very beneficial for people suffering from Hypothyroidism. This is one of the Ujjayi Pranayama benefits.

Reduce Snoring

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Reduce Snoring:

Snoring is itself a disease called sleep apnea. It also invites other life-threatening diseases. This disease is more common for men than women. Men are almost twice as likely to have this disease. Usually, this disease occurs during the age of 40 to 60 years, but youth and adolescents may also have snoring problems. The regular practice of Ujjayi Pranayama is beneficial in the problem of snoring. This is one of the Ujjayi Pranayama benefits.

Beneficial in Asthma and TB

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Beneficial in Asthma and TB:

Asthma is a lung disease which causes difficulty in breathing. On asthma, swelling in the airways gets swollen due to which the respiratory tract shrinks. Due to shrinkage in the respiratory hose, the patient has problems in breathing, breathing while breathing, chest tightness, cough etc. Ujjayi Pranayam is helpful for people suffering from asthma and TB. This is one of the Ujjayi Pranayama benefits.

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Detox Body

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Detox Body:

Detoxing our body is one of the Ujjayi Pranayama benefits. Because of pollution, dust and consuming unhealthy foods our body gets contaminated that causes many health problems. Ujjayi Pranayama helps to detox our body by reducing all kind of contaminated substance.

Reduce Belly Fat

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Reduce Belly Fat:

Fat on the stomach and waist these days is a matter of concern. It not only looks bad in appearance but also causes many diseases like thyroid, BP and sugar. Ujjayi Pranayam helps us to reduce stomach fat. This is one of the Ujjayi Pranayama benefits.

Reduce Backache

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Reduce Backache:

The number of patients suffering from back pain is increasing due to sitting in the same place for hours working on the computer. The youth are grappling with this and the problem is being seen in them. Generally, the back pain problem is divided into three parts – Trauma, Tumor and Infection. Working on computer and laptops for a long time in the wrong posture can cause back and back pain. Ujjayi Pranayama is very helpful for people with back pain. This is one of the Ujjayi Pranayama benefits.

Calm Mind

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Calm Mind:

Regular practice of Ujjayi Pranayama removes mental stress and relaxes the mind that helps to calm down your mind and makes it peaceful. This is one of the Ujjayi Pranayama benefits.

Makes Lungs Strong

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Makes Lungs Strong:

Making lungs strong is another Ujjayi Pranayama benefits. It is very necessary to keep our lungs healthy and strong as it helps to ease your breathing process. With the help of lungs, oxygen reaches your blood. Ujjayi Pranayama helps to make your lungs healthy and strong and keep your breathing process normal.

Improves Blood Circulation

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Improves Blood Circulation:

From the heart, the blood goes to different parts of the body by the arteries and from there it comes back to the heart through the veins. Thus blood, heart, arteries, and veins keep on spinning all over the body throughout life, This is called blood circulation. Ujjayi Pranayam makes blood circulation properly. This is one of the Ujjayi Pranayama benefits.

Reduce Indigestion

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Reduce Indigestion:

Indigestion is such as feeling full of the stomach or bloating burning sensation, feeling of irritation (due to acid stomach going into food tube), nausea, dork (burking) Pain or restlessness in the upper abdomen, flatulence these symptoms often arise from eating. This is one of the causes of a poor digestive system. Ujjayi pranayama helps to reduce indigestion by improving your digestion system. This is one of the Ujjayi Pranayama benefits.