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Ashwini Mudra benefits


Ashwini Mudra is considered an important posture in the yoga process. It is an anti-gravity activity that enhances the body’s energy. It is said that this posture increases the strength of men by removing impotence. This posture strengthens the heart. This posture is useful in hernia, urinary tract, rectal disease, hemorrhoids, constipation as well as women’s disorders. By doing this Mudra, the Kundalini Shakti in the Muladhara Chakra starts to awaken and the person’s youth can last a long time. Here let’s know more about Ashwini Mudra…

What Is Ashwini Mudra?

Ashwini mudra means “to do like a horse”. The horse keeps opening its anal gates and thus generates more power than all other beings within it.

Just as the horse repeatedly squeezes and loosens its anus, so does the Ashwani posture from its anus.

The name of this currency is also based on this The secret of force and acceleration in the horse is this posture, as a result of this action, the horse gets so much power that even in today’s mechanical age, the power of the engine, etc., is measured by the horsepower.

Steps To Do Ashwini Mudra:

When a horse discharges its feces, its anus is often pulled down and released. The process of pulling the anus and spreading it apart is similarly called Ashwini Mudra. It Might sound difficult but practicing Ashwini Mudra is easy. See below the steps to do Ashwini Mudra…

Step 1:

While doing this posture, sit in any seat you feel comfortable with.

Step 2:

Close your eyes Place both hands on the knees with the knowledge posture.

Step 3:

Keep breathing speed normal.

Step 4:

Now breathe out and focus your attention on the anus.

Step 5:

Try pulling on the anus.

Step 6:

Then release the loose.

Step 7:

Keep doing this activity for a while.

Step 8:

Then breathe in again and exhale. Then repeat the above. This activity can be performed a hundred times at a time.

Beginner’s Tip:

This process has some minor changes. To do this, you should lay a blanket or mat on the ground and keep the head in the east direction.

Now exhale the breath and exhale the stomach 2-5 times and expand the vaginal contractions 25 times. After this, breathe again, then leave it outside and place the place to go to the toilet. You can do this process according to your power.


  • When doing Ashwani Mudra, if there is the velocity of urine then this velocity should not be stopped but it should be retired.
  • If there is any serious disease in the anus then do this mudra as per the advice of the yoga teacher.

Time And Duration Of Doing Ashwini Mudra:

  • Under normal circumstances, this action can be done several times a day by lying down or sitting.
  • Ashwani Mudra should be done at least 20-30 times at a time.

Science Behind Ashwini Mudra:

Therefore, the strength of the engine is measured by horsepower. This is an anti-gravity practice. This increases the energy running the body. All the organs get strength, the strength of the body increases, the impotence goes away and the manpower starts increasing.

This heart-strengthening action is very useful in hernia, urinary defects, anal diseases, piles, constipation, and female diseases. Due to its practice, the Kundalini Shakti located in the Muladhara Chakra starts awakening and keeps us young for a long time.

Benefits Of Ashwini Mudra:

Regardless of yoga, Ashwani Mudra is very beneficial for our health. In order to keep a man’s body healthy and healthy, our sage Muniyo gave many types of yoga, pranayama, meditation, easy, and postures. They give benefits to our bodies in some way. See the benefits below…

Awakens Kundalini Shakti:

It is also said that Kundalini is awakened by its practice. Ashwani Mudra awakens the Kundalini Shakti. Your core center will be impressive.

Gives Complete Health:

You are perfectly healthy when you are not only physically but mentally and emotionally healthy. Health does not mean the absence of disease.

It is the dynamics of life that tell you how full of happiness, love, and energy you are. The regular practice of Ashwini Mudra will help you to receive innumerable health benefits.

Relief Of Anxiety:

A few minutes of Ashwini mudra relieve the worries throughout the day. Not only physical but also mental concerns. Ashwini Mudra is an effective way to relieve stress.

Bring Inner Peace:

We all like to visit peaceful, beautiful, and natural places. When we feel that this peace is inside us, we can experience this short holiday at some time during the day. Ashwini mudra is a mudra that helps to bring inner peace and make you calm.

Improves Immunity:

We are jointly made up of body, mind, and soul. Any irregularities in the body affect the mind. Discouragement and fatigue in the mind are the cause of disease in the body.

Ashwini mudra keeps the limbs in a normal position and gives strength to the muscles. Ashwini mudra relieves stress and improves immunity.

Increase Energy:

Are you often worn out by the end of the day? Many people find themselves drained from the day’s activities. Incorporating just a few minutes of yoga into your daily routine can help rejuvenate your energy levels.

Similarly, engaging in a brief, 10-minute online guided meditation can help you stay refreshed and energized even on the busiest of days.

Improves Flexibility:

All you need to do is to include Ashwini mudra in your regular routine so that you are full of strength, softness, and flexibility. The regular practice of Ashwini mudra strengthens your body and muscles.

It improves the sitting, standing, etc. of the body. It improves sitting and lifting the wrong way. Relieves physical pain.

Better Intuition:

Ashwini mudra improves the power of your intuition. So that you know what to do, when, and how to do it, which gives you positive results. This is the worker, only you have to experience it.

Good For Sexual Health:

Performing Ashwini mudra brings a lot of energy to the body. This energy can prove to be very beneficial during sex. This posture can be done by those who soon find orgasm in having sex. This asana is good for patients with premature ejaculation.

It is helpful in awakening libido and increasing the duration of sexual activity. The regular practice of Ashwini mudra increases the sexual power of both men and women.

Relieving Indigestion:

Getting rid of gas is also one of the benefits of Ashwini Mudra. Anyone can have a gas problem. This includes children, old men, women, and men. This problem is mainly caused by the digestive system not functioning properly.

Ashwini mudra is the best way to cure it. Yoga improves the digestive system, which can eliminate problems like constipation, gas, and acidity from the root.

So, these are the benefits and step-by-step guidelines of Ashwini Mudra. This pose is very different and it may be that initially you hesitate to do it or you may find it strange, but once you do it successfully, you will It will be used.


Q. What Is Ashwini Mudra?

A. Ashwini mudra means ‘to do like a horse”. When the horse keeps opening and closing its anus. This is why it generates more power than all other beings.

Similarly, the action of shrinking and spreading the anus is called Ashwini mudra. This posture is the secret of so much power and agility in a horse.

Q. Can Ashwini Mudra Cure Piles?

A. Yes, Ashwini Mudra can cure piles and other problems related to this area. This mudra is also very useful in hernia, urinary defects, anal diseases, piles, constipation, and female diseases.

Due to its practice, the Kundalini Shakti located in the Muladhara Chakra starts awakening and keeps us young for a long time.

Q. Does Ashwini Mudra Increase Sperm Count?

A. Yes, Ashwini Mudra helps to increase sperm count. People who face early ejaculation must practice this yoga. This yoga strengthens your body and makes you more energized.

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