5 Yin Yoga Poses To Try At Home

Yin Yoga poses

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Yin yoga is a lesser-known yoga pose which makes your joints strong. Other types of yoga work for muscles and make you more flexible but this type of yoga makes your joints strong and flexible. Yin yoga helps in rebuilding your body. Yin yoga works to extend joint tissue in the body parts of the lower spinal cord, ear, and thighs. Yin yoga poses are performed on the floor and this yoga poses should hold for three to five minutes. This posture helps to rebalance by increasing joint flexibility, improving organ function and relieving stress. In this article, I am describing some yin yoga poses you can try at home. So check this out below to know more…

Yin Yoga Poses

Yin Yoga Poses:

Yin yoga is a kind of yoga pose that helps to heal body and mind and also makes you more flexible. Though Yin yoga poses are different from other yoga poses, Still it’s worth a try. Here are some Yin Yoga poses to try at home. Check this out below…

Caterpillar Pose:

Caterpillar pose is a seated forward bend type of yoga. This Yin yoga pose lengthens the ligament that helps to stretch the spine and kidneys and also activates the hamstrings. Caterpillar pose compresses the abdomen and improves digestion. Check out below to get into the pose.


  • Sit on a cushion
  • Straight both of your legs out in front of you.
  • Slowly fold your body forward
  • Rounding up your spine lean your body over the legs.
  • Hold these pose for 3-5 minutes.

This pose is very good for your spine, stomach, kidney, and heart.

Dangling Pose:

The dangling pose is one of the easy and effective Yin yoga poses to do at home. This pose is a standing forward bend pose that helps to stretch the pose and loosens the hamstrings. Let’s know how to do this below.


  • Stand straight.
  • Keep your feet hip-width apart.
  • Evenly distribute weight through the soles of your feet.
  • Clasp your elbows or let your hands rest.
  • Hold it for 3-5 minutes.

Avoid this yoga pose on pregnancy, high and low blood pressure.

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Seal Pose:

The Seal pose is considered one of the most effective yin yoga poses for relieving lower back discomfort. It not only aids in alleviating existing low back pain but also benefits individuals without any prior issues. Let’s explore how to properly execute this yoga pose.


  • Lie down on your stomach.
  • Place your palms on the floor.
  • Inhale and push yourself up, onto your hands.
  • Hold this pose for 4-5 minutes.

This pose is effective in pregnancy.

Square Pose

Square Pose:

Square Pose is one of the yin yoga poses that is the best hip opener yoga. This yoga pose helps to strengthen the hip and spine joint. So check out below to get into this pose.


  • Sit on the ground extending your legs.
  • Now bend your left leg and cross the ankle over.
  • Bend your right leg and cross over on the left knee.
  • Keep your knee and ankle parallel.
  • Hold this position for 3-5 minutes.

Keep in mind that it is not half lotus position. This is different than half lotus position.

Snail Pose

Snail Pose:

The Snail Pose requires high concentration, relaxation in Yin yoga poses. This pose is difficult than other yin yoga poses. This yoga pose releases the whole spine. It also relaxes the heart and brings more blood flow to the head.


  • Lie down on the floor.
  • Supporting with your hands lift your hips.
  • Round up your back.
  • Place your feet on the floor over your head.
  • Hold this pose for 3-5 minutes.

The Snail Pose can be dangerous if you have a head, neck, or upper back issues.