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Sanskrit Name: Hamsasana/Hansasana (हंसासन)

English Name: Swan Pose

Type of Yoga: Ashtanga Yoga

Level of Yoga: Advanced / Intermediate

Duration: As per your capability or 30 to 60 seconds

Target Area: Shoulders, Thorax, Neck

Strengthens: Arms, Back, Shoulders

Problems like waist and back pain have become quite common nowadays. In such a way, today we are going to tell you about such an asana that can help you to get rid of daily problems of back pain and back pain. This is Hamsasana (Swan Pose), it helps to get rid of our backbones as well as physical pain. Let’s tell you how you should do this yoga and what benefits it brings to our body.

Due to the lifestyle of today, the problem of back pain and abdominal pain has become common. In such a situation, the practice of Hansasana is very beneficial for your body and to give you immediate relief from pain. By practicing it daily, you will find this asana very easy. But to get started, definitely take the help of a yoga trainer. If you regularly do Hansasana yoga, then the problems associated with your spine bones go away from you. You do not have to face any kind of physical pain by doing this.

What Does It Mean By Hamsasana (Swan Pose)


What Does It Mean By Hamsasana (Swan Pose)?

The word Hamsasana came from the Sanskrit Language. Hamsasana is composed of 2 Sanskrit words.

The first word is “Hamsa/Hansa (हंस)”, which means “Swan

And The Second word is “Asana (आसन), which means “Yoga poses”.

Altogether Hamsasana or Hansasana (Swan Pose) means Swan Pose. While practicing Hamsasana (Swan Pose), the shape of the body becomes like a swan, hence this seat is called Hamsasana. By doing this asana regularly you can get rid of many minor diseases. Hamsasana also increases the beauty of the face and skin.

Step By Step Instructions To Practice Hamsasana (Swan Pose)


Step By Step Instructions To Practice Hamsasana (Swan Pose):

We are giving a detailed explanation of how to practice Hamsasana, take a look at the step by step instructions below:

  • First, sit down on the floor on your knees
  • Keep your feet together and keep knees separate
  • Place the palms on the ground before your knees (place your fingers towards your feet and wrist outward)
  • Keep a distance of at least 10 inches between the two hands
  • Take the knees backward and fold the elbows and turn them backward
  • Now bow at your front so that your stomach will remain above your elbows and on your chest remain on your upper arms
  • Keep balance and straighten the legs slowly
  • Put the feet together and put the toes on the floor
  • Lift the head up and keep looking in front of you
  • In the end, the weight of your body should be on the fingers of hands and feet
  • Keep this condition according to your ability. Keep in mind; do not put too much emphasis on fingers of hands or feet.
  • Then bring the knees to the ground
  • Repeat this posture for at least ten minutes

Precautions To Hamsasana (Swan Pose)


Precautions To Hamsasana (Swan Pose)

Here are the precautions to practice Hamsasana/Hansasana (Swan Pose)

Pregnant women should never do this posture

Peptic ulcer, excess acidity, hernia or high blood pressure patients should not do this posture

If you feel pain or pain in your hands while doing this posture, then only stop this posture.

Sit down comfortably for a while and try to do this posture again

If this problem is felt then please tell your yoga trainer.

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 Benefits Of Swan Pose


Benefits Of Swan Pose:

  1. Hamsasana strengthens the muscles of the hands and feet and decreases the neck obesity
  2. By doing this seat, there is a lot of shine on the face and skin
  3. Hamsasana always helps to keep energy and freshness in the body
  4. With the practice of Hamsasana yoga, arms, shoulder, etc. become strong
  5. Hamsasana starts functioning nervous system (neurotransmitters) properly, thereby accelerating the circulation of blood
  6. This seat reduces the fat of the stomach, which helps in reducing obesity
  7. Hamsasana (Swan Pose) keeps the lungs clean and more active
  8. It removes the stool-urinary obstruction and eliminates the pain of stomachache, back pain, back pain, ribs
  9. Hamsasana Yoga helps in keeping pancreas active
  10. With this the body becomes strong; the chest become strong and wide
  11. By doing this yoga pose, blood circulation (blood flow) becomes faster
  12. The practice of Hamsasana Yoga strengthens the digestive system and it is also beneficial in constipation
  13. Those who do this yoga pose, have brightness, sharpness, and freshness in the body
  14. Hamsasana is helpful in eliminating back pain, abdominal pain, back pain, rib pains, etc.
  15. By doing this asana, a lot of energy is produced in the body, consequently, you feel active all day


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