Vatayanasana | Horse Pose | Steps & Benefits



From the ages, yoga has cured many diseases and served humans by its benefits. One of those yoga poses is Vatayanasana. This is one of those yoga poses which has a positive effect on our life. So, read the article to know more about Vatayanasana.

 You will be aware that many yogis teach yoga in our country of India. In the same way, there was a great yogi called Vatayana in India. The yoga named Vatayanasana was named after him. Vatayana used to do their Tapasya in this asana. This yoga is very beneficial in diabetes. This yoga helps in many diseases such as hernia, cystitis, and cystic. Doing this asana for back pain or knee pain is beneficial.

What Is Vatayanasana?

Vatayanasana is also called Horse Pose in English. In Sanskrit “Vataya” means “Horse” in English and “Asana” means “Yoga Pose”“.

By doing this yoga pose ones body posture looks like a Horse thus it called Horse Pose.

This is an intermediate yoga pose that has many health benefits.

Preparatory Poses Of Horse Pose:

This yoga is an advanced stage yoga so, you should prepare yourself before doing this yoga pose. So, the preparatory poses are…

Balasana Or Child’s Pose

Padmasana Or Lotus Pose

Paschimottanasana Or Seated Forward Bend Pose

Steps To Do Horse Pose


Steps To Do Horse Pose:

Here are the steps to do Horse Pose. Read the steps carefully to master this yoga pose perfectly.

  • Firstly, spread a yoga mat on the ground.
  • Now stand straight in the mat.
  • Join the knees of both legs.
  • Keep your toes, back of the head and the hips straight.
  • Now fold your right leg from the knee and keep the foot leg on the left leg of the thigh.
  • Now make the posture of greetings with both hands.
  • After this, turn your knee slowly towards the front and hold the right knee slowly to the ground near the left foot heel.
  • Keep breathing at the normal speed.
  • Stay in this pose 10-20 seconds.
  • As long as possible you can stay in this seat, as much as it is for you
    would be better.
  • After this, you should come back comfortably to your first state.
  • Do this seat from the other leg too.

Follow Up Poses Of Horse Pose:

There are some follow up poses that one should do after doing Horse Pose to relax their body. The follow up poses are…

Garudasana Or Eagle Pose

Vajrasana Or Thunderbolt Pose

Shavasana Or Corpse Pose

Precautions Of Doing Horse Pose


Precautions Of Doing Horse Pose:

Horse Pose is an intermediate yoga pose that’s why you should know some precautions before doing this yoga pose. These precautions are…

  1. People who have a problem with knees or slip disk should not do this exercise.
  2. Pregnant women should not practice this yoga.
  3. Beginners should this yoga with the supervision of yoga instructor.

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Benefits Of Horse Pose:

Horse Pose has many benefits to our health. So, see the benefits of Vatayanasana below…

Makes Your Bone Strong


Makes Your Bone Strong:

This yoga pose helps to make your bone strong. This is one of the Horse Pose. Practicing this yoga pose regularly makes your bone stronger.

Makes Your Flexible


Makes Your Flexible:

This is an advanced style of yoga which takes a lot of effort to get into the right pose. Practicing this yoga pose regularly makes you more flexible. This is another benefit of this yoga pose.

Makes Your Muscles Strong


Makes Your Muscles Strong:

To excel in this yoga, you must exert additional effort. Consistent practice of this yoga enhances muscle strength, presenting one of its exceptional benefits. Therefore, incorporate this yoga pose into your routine to fortify your muscles effectively.

Improves Blood Circulation


Improves Blood Circulation:

Practicing this yoga pose helps to improve blood circulation. It takes lots of effort to do this yoga pose that improves blood circulation. So, practice this yoga pose to improve your blood circulation.

Cure Arthritis

Cure Arthritis:

People who are suffering from Arthritis and tried many things to cure, this is the yoga pose for you. This yoga is very much beneficial to cure Arthritis. This is one of the benefits of this yoga.

Helpful For Hernia


Helpful For Hernia:

This yoga is very helpful for Hernia. This is one of the benefits of Horse pose.

Helps To Lose Weight


Helps To Lose Weight:

Another benefit of Vatayanasana is it helps to lose weight fast and makes you fit. If you want to lose weight fast practice this yoga pose.

So, these are the benefits of Horse pose. Practice this yoga asana and get the benefits of it.