Know All About The Shavasana Benefits, Steps & Precautions

Shavasana (शवासन) is not just exercise or yoga or meditation but it is a magical process in itself, by which a person can get everything by awakening his inner inactive powers. This is a wonderful relaxation process by which a person can remove all types of physical and mental diseases. Today in this article below let’s know in details about the Shavasana benefits, steps, and precautions.

It is normal to have physical and mental exhaustion while living a busy life. To deal with such physical and mental fatigue, Shavasana is a good practice. This posture can be done easily by the people of all ages and the Shavasana benefits work for everybody.

What Is Shavasana

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What Is Shavasana (शवासन)?

Shavasana is composed of two words, Shava (शवा) means “dead body” and Asana (आसन) means “yoga pose”. It is also called sleeping pose because it is done by wearing the asana lid and closed eyes. In English, it is known as Corpse Pose.

Shavasana is a posture that requires more attention or self-autonomy. This posture has to be focused on every single part of the body. This asana keeps body and brain free of stress and free from meditation and provides relief.

How To Do Shavasana

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How To Do Shavasana?

It is always very important to know the exact method of doing that posture to take the full advantage of any asana and also to avoid injury. Here we are explaining the process of doing the Shavasana or the Corpse Pose correctly.

It is the easiest asana to do. Anybody can do this posture. Here the simple method of this posture:

Step By Step Instructions:

  • At first, lie down on the back
  • Keep your hands and foot away from the body
  • Keep a distance of 1 to 2 feet between the legs
  • Keep both hands 10 inches away from the body on the ground
  • Place the fingers and palm in the upper direction
  • Do not twist or tilt neck or head
  • Do not perform any kind of physical activity and lie down peacefully
  • Relieve both brain and body
  • Close the eyes slowly
  • Breathe slowly and feel the breath and bring thoughts in your brain that relieve your body from stress, depression
  • Practice this pose for 3 to 5 minutes and feel relieved by closing your eyes


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When practicing any asana, it’s essential to be mindful of certain precautions to prevent harm to the body. Let’s explore the precautions necessary for practicing Shavasana.

  • If you are pregnant, put a pillow under the head so that you do not have to face any problem doing this posture
  • If there is an injury in the back or back, then shake your knees and keep the feet on the ground
  • Wear loose clothes and do this posture at a quiet place
  • When meditating and leaving the body in comfort, it would be better than you remain empty stomach
  • If heaviness is felt during Shavasana, do not panic and lie down and calm down
  • Do not sleep during practicing the Shavasana

Shavasana Benefits

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Shavasana Benefits

Check out the Shavasana benefits in this article below.

Shavasana Benefits For Diabetes:

This posture is very beneficial for patients of Blood Sugar. Diabetes or blood sugar is called metabolic disease, where the amount of sugar (blood sugar) in the person’s blood becomes more than necessary. This asana helps to get rid of blood sugar.

Shavasana Benefits To Get Rid Of Stress

It is very important to practice this asana to reduce stress and to get rid of mental stress. The medical science considers depression due to neutropenia circulation in the brain. This posture helps to get rid of stress and depression.

Shavasana brings the body into deep meditation posture which repairs tissues and cells and pulls out the stress from the brain.

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Shavasana Benefits For Controlling Blood Pressure

Shavasana controls high blood pressure and keeps the heart free of pressure. As well as keeping the body calm, it also removes the worry.

Shavasana Benefits Increases Intellectual Capacity

Those children who do not develop in the intellectual capacity should do this posture regularly. This asana helps in increasing the intellectual capacity. Genes influence the human level of intellectual capacity.

Shavasana Benefits To Increase Positive Thinking

By regular practice of this asana, we can increase our memory and positive thinking. When our thinking becomes positive than its results also come positive. And along with it, peace and tranquility give mind peace.

Shavasana Benefits Increases Concentration

The concentration of the mind and the brain increases due to regular practice of Shavasana. However, increasing concentration is a difficult task, but it is not impossible. Strength is very important to increase concentration. This seat is also beneficial in boosting blood flow.

Other Shavasana Benefits

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Other Shavasana Benefits

  • It removes irregularity of menstrual period
  • Promotes better sleep
  • The mind becomes calm
  • This posture enhances self-confidence
  • By doing Shavasana yoga, memory become sharp
  • The feeling of anger will be over
  • Heals physical and mental fatigue