Know All About Kurmasana Benefits And The Steps

Kurmasana is an advanced level of Ashtanga Yoga which is known as tortoise pose in English. The word Kurmasana is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Kuram’, which means the tortoise. Therefore this posture is called tortoise yoga. By doing this asana, man is able to distance himself from mental problems exactly as a turtle hides in his armor upon the crisis. By practicing this posture every day, you become mentally healthy. So let’s get a detailed knowledge about Kurmasana benefits, steps, and precautions.

Kurmasana is also called turtle pose because when you do it, your hands and feet appear like a turtle. Performing Kurmasana yoga asana is a good exercise for the body. Along with keeping the body fit and healthy, it also protects you from many diseases. It provides a good stretch on the back and waist, along with it also increases blood circulation to the spine. It provides relief from gas and constipation in the stomach. Learn about the way of performing kurmasana and the kurmasana benefits.

What Is Kurmasana

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What Is Kurmasana?

Kurmasana is known as tortoise pose as during this posture, the body of a person becomes like a turtle or kurma, hence this yoga is known as Kurmasana. Kurmasana benefits our health in many ways. By doing this posture, problems of the stomach, problems of respiration, many problems are overcome.

Yoga Style: Ashtanga Yoga Style

Level Of Difficulty: Advanced

Streches: Legs and Spine

Time Duration: 30-60 seconds

Things To Know Before Doing Kurmasana

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Things To Know Before Doing Kurmasana:

Kurmasana Should be practiced at early morning. Practicing Kurmasana in Brahma Muhurtha gives the most benefits to our health. Although a lot of people are not able to get up early in the morning. Such people can do this yoga session in the evenings. Just be aware that this yoga posture should be done after 4-6 hours after eating it.

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Steps To Do:

  • Sit on the ground by spreading the legs in front.
  • Spread the claws as far as possible.
  • Turn the knees slightly, keeping the ankles in contact with the ground.
  • Bend the hips from the front and place the hands under the knees.
  • Keep palms upwards or even downwards.
  • Bend some further and gradually move the sides back from the feet downwards.
  • You can turn knees further by capacity.
  • Move the hands further. Unless the elbows come near the back of the knees.
  • Do not let the tension in the back muscles. Slowly move the ankles forward and make the legs straight and straight. Due to pressure on hands and feet, the body will bend towards itself.
  • Tilt the body forward-comfortably. Tilt when your chin does not touch the ground. Do not use any kind of force while doing the body further.
  • Wrap the hands around the back and fingers of both hands in the back of the hips.
  • Rest the whole body, close your eyes and breathe slowly.
  • Hold this pose for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Then come back to the old state.
  • This way you do 3 to 5 cycles

Kurmasana Precautions

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Kurmasana Precautions:

  • Kurmasan represents an advanced and potent form of yoga, ideally suited for individuals with a high level of flexibility in their postures. It is recommended for those who can easily achieve and maintain bending positions with ease.
  • This should not be done to those who are complaining of back pain.
  • Those who have pain in the spinal cord should not have to do this posture.
  • If you have problems of shoulders, elbows or hips, do not practice this asana.
  • Women who are pregnant women and menstruating women should not do this posture.
  • Patients with chronic arthritis should not exercise these.

Kurmasana Benefits

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Kurmasana Benefits:

Often our stomach is bad because of eating outdoors, so we need to do asana. To remove the diseases related to the stomach, we must do Kurmasana. Along with the stomach, there are many Kurmasana benefits which are as follows…

1. One of the kurmasana benefits is it gives strength to our mind. By practicing, our mind and senses get concentrated.
2. By doing this our spinal cord strengthens and also reduces the pain of our knees.
3. When we do kurmasana, our pressure on the stomach is done on the stomach, which is why we get relief from stomach disorders. This is one of the Kurmasana benefits.
4. By doing Kurmasana our digestion power increases and together we get relief from constipation.
5. Kurmasana is very beneficial for reducing diabetes.
6. By doing Kurmasana, it helps us to overcome our lungs, heart and kidney disorders, and together it helps us to strengthen them.
7. By doing Kurmasana, the entire system of our body works properly.
8. Those people who have weak feet and do not work properly, they should do this posture. Because doing them, they get stronger. This is one of the Kurmasana benefits.
9. Kurmasana is such a posture that if we do every day, hernia disease will be cured all by itself.
10. Kurmasana helps to reduce obesity and makes you fit.
11. By practicing kurmasana, the spine becomes strong and our body becomes nimble.
12. By doing this, our mind remains calm.

Preparatory Poses:

  • Uttanasana
  • Paschimottanasana
  • Dhanurasan

Follow-Up Poses:

  • Bhujangasana
  • Matsyasana
  • Chakrasana