Balayam Yoga : Reduce Hair Problems


Each of us desires long, shiny and healthy hair. Hair health actually leads to the lifestyle we lead and the governance we follow. But with increasing urbanization, we deal with stress losses, live in junk food, sleep and eat at inappropriate times. All these factors take a toll on our hair resulting in various hair diseases like hair loss, low growth, etc. But to deal with the problem related to hair one can practice Balayam Yoga.

To deal with hair loss issues we apply various cosmetic chemicals on our hair to regain shine and increase hair growth. But we often forget that cosmetics can provide us with immediate results but temporarily. It is necessary to cure the problem from inside to get healthy hair. And to get that we need to take help of yoga Asanas, which has no side effects.

The effect of high pollution has started on the hair too. Hair loss, grey hair, and dryness are common. To avoid this, use new shampoo, oil, etc. every day, but nothing is of use. If you are also troubled by your hair loss then Balayam Yoga can help you. It is neither expensive nor harmful. This yoga is based on yoga and acupressure means hair yoga. Balayam means hair exercise. This combination of yoga and acupressure is an easy and effective option to prevent premature white hair loss.

Yoga is definitely a very safe and powerful remedy. It not only helps in dealing with hair loss problems but also helps in the growth of lost hair. Including some yoga asanas in our daily life can prove to be very effective in the long run. All you have to do is do yoga for at least half an hour a day and take yourself to a better and healthier future.

Now you might be thinking what this Balayam Yoga is. Well, you will know about Balayam Yoga in this article below. So, keep on reading to know more about this yoga.

Mean By Balayam Yoga


What Does It Mean By Balayam Yoga?

Balayam is not less than a boon for our hair. Due to hair fall, man loses his confidence completely, but there is no such thing in the world, which does not have any Solution. If there is a problem, there is a solution. And in the case of hair fall and problems related to hair, the solution is Balayam Yoga.

The term Balayam Yoga is made of 2 Sanskrit Language words. Where Bal means Hair and Vyam exercise or yoga. This yoga is basically a nail rubbing exercise. With the help of this rubbing fingernails exercise, we can overcome the whole problem of hair fall, Alopecia Areata pattern baldness, greying hair, premature greying, and many other Hair problems.

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To revert back, in Balayam, we interlace our fingernails and rub them against each other, a practice that proves highly effective. Balayam has a long-standing reputation for enhancing hair growth, diminishing facial hair, and offering various other benefits. Engaging in this yoga routine for just a few minutes each day can aid in managing high blood pressure (BP) and promoting better blood circulation, thereby addressing hair-related issues.

The Right Way To Practice Balayam Yoga:

  • Practicing Balayam Yoga is quite stress-free
  • To practice the Balayam Yoga properly, simply bring the hands close to your chest
  • Fold your finger inward and rub your nails on each other
  • For best results, do not rub the thumbnail
  • Practice it for at least 10 – 15 minutes every day to get results as soon as possible.
  • You can increase the time for practice gradually

Benefits of Balayam Yoga


Benefits of Balayam Yoga

The practice of Balayam yoga benefits our hair in every way possible. So, let’s now check what the benefits are:

The practice of Balayam yoga is fully capable of growing our hair back

The thinness of hair causes hair to fall and force on the bald head. So you can practice the Balayam yoga to make your hair grow back

One advantage of Balayam is that it does not cost you any money and does not come with any side effects

You can do this every morning, afternoon and evening for 10 to 15 minutes.

Its benefits are seen in a long time, so do not expect immediate benefits, it may take about 6 to 8 months to get results. So start Balayam with a belief in your mind.

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FAQ regarding Balayam Yoga:

Q. What Is Perfect Time To Practice Balayam Yoga?

A. There is no such particular time to practice the Balayam. However, you can practice it in the morning or afternoon or in the evening. Whenever you get time, practice it.

Q. When Does The Result of Balayam Yoga Appear?

A. You need to patience this for a long time to see positive results. Hair fall will reduce after at least 3-6 months and hair growth will begin after at least 6-9 months.

Q. Who Should Avoid Doing Balayam Yoga?

A. Balayam Yoga can be harmful to those who have high blood pressure. In addition, pregnant women should avoid doing these rubbing fingernails as it can cause high blood pressure or uterine contractions.

Q. How does Balayam Yoga work?

A. Balayam Yoga is beneficial for reducing baldness and also helps in hair growth. In addition, it prevents hair loss and premature hair becoming white. When you rub the nails it stimulates your brain to send a signal to revive the dead hair follicles.

Q. How to Practice Balayam Yoga?

A. The practice of Balayam yoga is as easy as squeezing a lemon. You can do it anytime, anywhere. Balayam yoga is simply rubbing the fingernails with each other.

Q. Does Balayam yoga really work?

A. Well, that’s a tricky question. So far it worked for many people. So, from my personal experience, I can say that yes it works. It will work only if you practice it regularly and accurately.

Q. Can Rubbing Nails Increase Hair Growth?

A. Rubbing nails is called Balayam Yoga. And it is proved now that Balayam yoga is an effective way to increase hair growth. So, in that sense yes rubbing nails increase hair growth. But for this, you will have to practice it on a daily basis and with patience because it takes time to notice a positive result.