Steps, Precaution & Benefits Of Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand)

benefits of sarvangasana

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Sarvangasana or the Shoulder stand pose is a yoga pose, in which the whole body is balanced or stands on the shoulders. Here “Sarva” means, ‘organ’, “Ang” means, ‘the body part’, and “asana” means the ‘posture’. As the name of Sarvangasana indicates, this pose affects the working system of all parts of your body. This pose gives strength to every organ of our body; therefore this asana is called the universalization (whole-body-posture). This yoga pose is called the Shoulder Stand Pose in English. The process and benefits of Sarvangasana are given below

This Asana is also a part of Padma Sadhana Yoga. Today let’s know in details about the steps, precautions, and benefits of Sarvangasana in this article.


Sarvangasana is exceptionally beneficial in maintaining physical and mental health and it is also called the ‘Queen of Asana’.

Step By Step Instruction To Practice Sarvangasana

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Step By Step Instruction To Practice Sarvangasana

We are giving a detailed explanation of the method of Sarvangasana, read it carefully.

  • At first, lie down on the floor or on a yoga mat on your back
  • Keep the hands straight on the ground next to the waist
  • Inhaling, lift both your legs and bring it into the “Semi-Halasana” pose
  • Taking support from your elbow, lift your hip with both hands from the ground hold yourself in a straight line
  • While breathing in this position, make sure your balance is correct
  • Keep looking at your nose or on your navel
  • According to your ability, stay in this posture for 60 to 300 seconds and then come down slowly
  • Lower the beginning (30 seconds is also enough) and gradually increase the time

Precautions To Take In Sarvangasana

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Precautions To Take In Sarvangasana

Here are some precautions mentioned below to follow if you intend to perform Sarvangasana:

  1. Do not put too much emphasis on your physical potential
  2. Since it is a difficult posture, do it in the beginning with the guidance of an expert.
  3. If there is an injury or diarrhea, headache, high BP, menstruation or neck pain, then do not perform this asana.

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Benefits Of Sarvangasana

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Benefits Of Sarvangasana

Here are some benefits of Sarvangasana given below. Check the benefits of Sarvangasana out here:

Benefits Of Sarvangasana For Thyroid

Thyroid is found only in our throats. By doing this asana, the blood is deposited in the neck and the blood flows properly in the thyroid gland and gives it strength. Having healthy thyroid gland, the person does not have problems related to it for a long time.

Benefits of Sarvangasana For Hair Loss

Sarvangasana is very useful for hair. So, by regular practice of Sarvangasana, your body can get a proper stream of blood in your body and especially in your brain area, which is very crucial for the nutrient movement.

Benefits of Sarvangasana for Prevent stomach ulcers

It activates the stomach-related organs and helps in the release of proper enzymes, which can lead to people getting rid of colitis, ulcers, and so many more diseases.

Benefits of Sarvangasana For skin

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Benefits of Sarvangasana For skin

In case you are anxious about the beauty-related problems of your skin, then you must practice Sarvangasana on a regular basis. The regular practice of Sarvangasana does not only improve the beauty of your skin but it also prevents pimples, aging process, and wrinkles.

Benefits of Sarvangasana for Ophthalmology treatment

In case you practice this asana under the administration of any yoga professional, then the eyes or eyesight increases, but also it allows you to avoid many kinds of eye-related problems easily.

Benefits of Sarvangasana For varicose vein

The practice of Sarvangasana reduces the blood pressure (BP) in our legs blood vessels, as a result, who was suffering from the varicose veins, they can get rid of it only by practicing the Sarvangasana regularly.

Benefits Of Sarvangasana For constipation

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Benefits Of Sarvangasana For constipation:

This asana controls the free movement of the buttock and eliminates constipation.