Supta Vajrasana Step By Step Instructions To Do This Asana

Supta vajrasana step by step

Supta vajrasana step by step

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Yoga Asanas such as Supta Vajrasana helps us to get the strength to fight diseases and get relief from several diseases. Supta Vajrasana is a Sanskrit term, where “Supta” means ‘sleeping’ or ‘Reclined’ and “Vajra’ means ‘The Thunder’ so together it means ‘Reclined Thunderbolt Pose’. Today, I am going to provide you Supta Vajrasana step by step instructions as well as its benefits and precautions to follow.

Yoga has gained immense popularity in recent times. People who do a regular yoga can get rid of many types of health problems. Supta Vajrasana is such a common asana for most breathing exercises. Performing Vajrasana seems easy enough for every person, but it is very painful in the beginning, it requires regular practice. Read more below to know more about Supta Vajrasana step by step.

Whenever we do this asana, we lie down on the back side, so this seat is known as dormant vigilance or Reclined Thunderbolt Pose, but we do sit down with whatever vengeance happens. This posture should be done after all the asanas.


Supta Vajrasana is a detailed form of the Vajrasana. In this posture, you have to concentrate on the combination of the Chakra, Spinal cord and Waist.

How to do Supta Vajrasana?

Supta Vajrasana removes digestive diseases by massaging the body parts of the stomach. By doing this, we also get relief from asthma, bronchitis and lung diseases. This seat is considered as the best posture among all the other Asanas. Now I am providing you the Supta Vajrasana step by step instructions below:

 Supta Vajrasana Step By Step Instructions

Source :- finessyoga . com

Supta Vajrasana Step By Step Instructions:

  • At first, sit in a clear or mat
  • Turn your right leg backward and turn towards the right butt and turn left foot and turn towards the left buttocks
  • Bending your knees, sit on the floor like an asana and keep both of your knees together
  • Slowly lean backward while resorting to your palms
  • Try to move your head inwards as much as possible, and try to turn towards the back
  • By doing this, your body will become like a funnel
  • Place your arms over your head and keep them touching the floor
  • Keep your breathing condition normal. Your breath should be long and deep.
  • The practice of this is sufficient for 1 minute, but you can do this for five minutes
  • Then you can get up straight and relax and come back to this posture again.
  • Repeat this asana 2-3 times

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Supta Vajrasana is certainly very beneficial but one wrongdoing can rather harm you. So, follow the Supta Vajrasana step by step instructions carefully.

Benefits of Supta Vajrasana

Benefits of Supta Vajrasana:

Here are some of the Supta vajrasana’s benefits listed below. Check out the benefits of the Supta Vajrasana below:

  • By doing this asana, our respiratory diseases are removed, and the blood of our body is cleaned
  • By doing this posture, it helps in removing a person’s digestive tract constipation, by massaging his body’s organs. It provides immense peace to the muscles of the spinal cord and the back is flexible.
  • Regular practice of this asana improves the vision and eyesight. People with the eye-related problem can practice this asana to get of the problem quickly
  • Continuing this posture reduces our stomach fat, which reduces our obesity. So if you want a flat stomach then you do not have to go to the gym anymore. Just practice this asana regularly and see the changes in a few months.
  • Waist pain can be cured by daily practicing the Supta Vajrasana.
  • By doing this the waist becomes thin, beautiful and attractive. This asana helps us to get a well-shaped body and thus keep us motivated to continue the yoga asana.


Supta Vajrasana benefits are countless but to get the most benefits from the asana you need to practice it regularly.

Supta Vajrasana Precautions

Supta Vajrasana Precautions:

Here are some of the precautions given below. Check out these precautions of the Supta vajrasana before you start doing this asana. It is always better to know in details about the asana before doing the Asanas.

  • This posture should be done gradually when there is pain in the waist
  • Asana should not be taken immediately after eating
  • While performing the asana, support both of your hands and gradually lie behind
  • When lying on the ground, knee should not rise up
  • High blood pressure patients do not do this posture
  • If your disc has slipped, then you do not do this posture
  • Avoid doing this posture by the person suffering from knee pain
  • If you have pain in your neck then you do not do this practice
  • If you have a problem of back pain, then do not try to do this posture

Do not practice this posture in case of osteoporosis and vertigo


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