Rooster Posture | Kukkutasana For Stronger Arms

Rooster Posture


English Name: Rooster Posture or Cockerel Pose

Sanskrit Name: Kukkutasana (कुक्कुटासन)

Type of Yoga: Ashtanga Yoga

Level of Yoga: Advanced / Intermediate

Duration: As per your capability or 30 to 60 seconds

Target Area: Spine, Arms

Strengthens: Wrists, Shoulders, Joints, Elbows

To remain energized throughout the day, you should start your day with yoga. Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture) is very beneficial for the whole body exercise. Everyday practice of this posture strengthens the arms and chests. Stomach problems are lessened due to pressure on the stomach and obesity is less.

Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture) is an advanced balance pose which requires good flexibility of the feet and it benefits the hands and shoulders. It is a difficult posture that requires the power of hands to accomplish well. Let’s know the method and advantages of doing Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture) in details.

What Does It Mean By Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture)


What Does It Mean By Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture)?

The term Kukkutasana has come from two Sanskrit language words

Where the first word is “Kukkut (कुक्कुट)”, which means “Rooster”

And the second word is “Asana (आसन)”, which means “Yoga Pose”

In the Rooster Posture, one’s body takes on a shape reminiscent of a rooster, hence its name in English. This yoga pose, also known as Cockerel Pose, is documented in ancient yoga texts like the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Executing this posture effectively demands considerable hand strength. Let’s delve into the detailed method of performing Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture).

Preparatory Poses of Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture):

Method of Practicing Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture)


Method of Practicing Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture):

  • You need to sit in the position of Padmasana or Lotus Pose by putting a yoga mat on the floor
  • Now you put both of your hands between your thighs and shin.
  • You have to put your right hand between the right thigh and shin and place the palms on the floor
  • Now you have to put the left hand in the middle of the left thigh and left shin like the right hand
  • You have to pull your both hands down from the thighs and calves down to the elbow
  • Now place the palms of both hands on the floor at a distance of 3-4 inches from each other
  • Then raise your hips and feet above the floor while balancing on both hands
  • You can stay for 1 to 5 minutes in the condition of this Kukkutasana, or you can do it according to your convenience.
  • During this yoga, you keep your breath normal.

Beginner’s Tips


Beginner’s Tips:

If you are a beginner and you are just beginning yoga practice then you may have difficulty in doing Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture). Before doing this yoga, practice Padmasana and Bakasana Yoga well.

Keep a balance when the beginner makes balance on both your hands because you may also get hurt when the balance worsens.

If you are having difficulty putting hands in both hands between the thighs and the fingers, then you can put oil between your legs, so that the hands will slip easily.

Follow-up Poses of Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture):

Precautions to Follow In Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture)


Precautions to Follow In Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture):

Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture) is a better way to improve our physical health. But during this asana you need to take special care:

People who have heart-related diseases should avoid Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture)

If there is a pain in your hands and especially the arms, then you must avoid doing such yoga asana

Do not do this yoga in the condition of pain in the shoulders. Otherwise, it can increase your pain further

Those who have trouble in the elbow, those people should stay away from doing this yoga

While doing this yoga, keep in mind that your stomach must be empty

If your wrist veins have blood flow or other types of problems then this yoga is not advised

Even if there is a sprain in your hands and shoulders, you should refrain from doing this yoga until the sprain is correct

Benefits of Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture)


Benefits of Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture):

  • By doing Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture), arms, elbows, shoulders, and hands get strengthened
  • This makes chests stronger and the swelling of the chest and the swelling of the arms are removed
  • The practice of this posture removes idleness and is beneficial in removing fatigue
  • Practicing it every day, the vibrations of the hands and feet are removed
  • By doing Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture), the digestive system is good, which leads to a hunger
  • Kukkutasana is beneficial for both men and women
  • This seat decreases the pain of back, shoulders, waist, and hands
  • Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture) reduces the fat of the stomach and hip, by which man can control obesity
  • Rooster Posture helps a lot throughout the day
  • Kukkutasana (Rooster Posture) strengthens the joints of the body (wrists, shoulders, and nudges)
  • Cockerel Pose is made in body shape
  • This creates biceps, triceps, etc.