Chakrasana Steps, Benefits And Precautions Know In Details

Chakrasana steps

Chakrasana steps

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As the asana makes the body appears like a half circle (Chakra), it is called Chakrasana. The most important thing in this posture is to emphasize the action of our breathing. One reason for this is that due to manipulation of breath during Chakrasana steps it can have a profound effect on our health. It usually does not require the supervision of the specialist. Regardless, it is not right to be negligent in it. Let’s check out the Chakrasana steps below.

Instructions to Chakrasana steps

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Instructions to Chakrasana steps

Here are the instructions to the Chakrasana steps as follows:

  • Lie flat on your back on the floor
  • Keep your arms straight with body length
  • Bend your legs from the knee, and bring the feet closer to your hips while bringing the legs
  • Keep the hands near the head
  • The distance between hands should be as much as between the feet
  • Put the weight on the legs and lift the hips up
  • Now put weight on your hands and lift the shoulders and then lift the torso up and straighten the muscles
  • Come on until you’re completely straightened out while breathing
  • Keep feet firmly positioned
  • Turn as much as the bench, turn it to cooperate with the back
  • Focus vision between hands
  • Stay in the asana for 5-10 seconds
  • Then head back to the ground
  • Keep breathing while you are coming down
  • Repeat 2-3 times If not so much; do as much as you can
  • If you find it difficult to lift upward balance, you can make a bridge in exchange for it
  • To make this posture easy, you can put Yoga blocks under your hands
  • Keep the blocks in a wall so that you do not slip

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Precaution To Take In Chakrasana Steps

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Precaution To Take In Chakrasana Steps

  • The morning time is the most beneficial for you to do the Chakrasana steps
  • Make this asana with the help of an expert; otherwise there may be many problems in your body
  • Those people who have undergone any kind of operation should not try the Chakrasana steps
  • People with Hernia should keep themselves away from the Chakrasana steps
  • Pregnant women should stay away from trying out this pose
  • People with heart disease, neck and waist pain should not perform this pose
  • People with high blood pressure do not do this posture; otherwise you may have to face many problems
  • Do not drink water or eat food before doing this asana

Benefits Of Chakrasana Steps

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Benefits Of Chakrasana Steps

Like every posture, Chakrasana Steps also has many benefits. Some of them are:

  • Asthma is therapeutic for asthma, back pain, infertility and osteoporosis
  • Brushing in chest and lungs
  • Thyroid and pituitary stimulates the glands
  • Chakrasana Steps increases physical and mental energy and reduces depression
  • Chakrasana Steps makes strong legs, buttocks, spinal cord, muscles, and wrists

However, there are innumerable advantages of Chakrasana steps. It positively affects from a headache to the muscles. With this, we have flexibility in our body as well as we learn to stand upright. The chest is on the outside and the shoulders become tight.

In fact, in everyday races, we notice that we often work towards the front and sit, sit down. As a result, our waist tilts forward. Whereby problems like a headache are born. The diagnosis of such problems is contained in the semiconductor alone.

Waist pains slip disks and citric patients should avoid all the Asanas. But it is such an asana which can benefit them even by doing it. Not only has this, regularizing the back, neck and waist muscles strengthened. As a result, despite excessive physical activity, we feel less tired.


While doing this posture, keep in mind that you should never try to turn your waist extra. It can cause leakage in the waist. Do not take your neck back in shock. This increases the possibility of neck stroke. This posture teaches the body to maintain balance. Therefore always focus your body balance.


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