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The use of new-new Asanas is increasing day by day, but do not practice it as long as the study of that Asana is not done well. The reason, sometimes loss and misery have been seen in the greed of profit. You will have read and discussed many different types of books which used to describe and describe different types of yoga. But it could not be decided that the posture is useful or not. Based on my experience, I can say that the practice of the shirshasana can be of great benefit. The things that are necessary to know about this asana are given below-

The name of Shirshasan is placed on the top word, which means the head. Shirshasan is considered the king of all the Asanas. It is hard to start, but its benefits are many.

In this article, the benefits of Shirshasana and ways to do it are explained. Also, in this article, information about precautions to be taken during the shirshasana is given.

Do These Postures Before Shirshasana

  • Uttana Padasana or Raised Feet Pose
  • Karnapidasana or Ear Pressure or Knee to Ear Pose
  • Pindasana or Embryo Pose
  • Matsyasana or Fish Pose
  • Urdhva Padmasana or Inverted Lotus Pose

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Step By Step Instruction To Perform Shirshasana

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Step By Step Instruction To Perform Shirshasana

  • Sit in Vajrasana.
  • Stay on hand thighs.
  • Taking the normal breath, place the head on the floor in front of the knees.
  • Hold fingers at the back of the head and support the back of the head with stiff hands.
  • The front faces of the arms are kept on the floor and the elbows make an equilateral triangle with the head.
  • Turn the claws down.
  • Raise the hips and straighten the legs.
  • Pay attention to body balance.
  • Play feet to bring the feet closer to the body so that the buttocks get elevated above the head.
  • Bring the body weight to the front of the arms and raise the feet above the floor.
  • Keep the pedestrians back to the buttocks while keeping the back straight.
  • In the end, fully stretch the legs and make the legs straight and let the feet rest.
  • Balance the load of the body with the front faces, head and neck relaxed.
  • Keep this posture as long as possible but not more than 5 minutes.
  • Slowly move the knees and bring the feet down to the buttocks and then put the toes on the floor.
  • Relax by leaning forward in yoga posture for some time and then return to vajrasana.

Benefit of Shirshasana

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Benefit of Shirshasana

  • This posture increases the blood supply of the head, so the brain functions and is beneficial for all the sensory organs (eye, ear etc.) in the head.
  • It improves the ability of memory and concentration.
  • This posture enhances and regulates all body systems.
  • Improves problems related to menopause.
  • Builds physical and mental satisfaction and helps in spiritual progress.
  • Throat, chest, arms, legs are strong, the lungs are strong and functioning properly.
  • Constipation always goes away.
  • Hunger continues to increase, blood attack equals fine.
  • The blood starts becoming pure.
  • The heart is happy.
  • Mental power increases.
  • The heart will not be afraid to work harder.
  • The light of the eyes increases.
  • Needless to wear glasses as it improves eye power.

Precaution to take in Shirshasana

  • Do not do this posture during the period
  • When there is high blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Cerebral anterior dislocation
  • Cervical spine problems

The posture is included in these following categories

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The posture is included in these following categories:

Head and exercise to increase blood circulation in the head

Do these poses after Shirshasana

  • Tulasana or Scale Pose
  • Do Balasana or Child Pose
  • Yog Mudra
  • Baddha Padmasana or Bounded Lotus Pose
  • Padmasana or Lotus Pose


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