Easy & Effective Yoga Mudra For Weight Loss

yoga mudra for weight loss


Yoga mudra plays an important role in the treatment of obesity. Yoga mudra affects the endocrine glands, internal organs, brain and other factors related to the brain. So, you can try yoga mudra for weight loss. However, for the positive result, you need to practice yoga mudra for weight loss on a daily basis.

Why We Need Yoga Mudra For Weight Loss?

Today, a large number of individuals of all age bunches far and wide face the danger of stoutness. Weight makes life lethargic and stationary. The body winds up feeble and it diminishes the odds of longer life expectancy.

Regular ailment, bones of the backside, knees and spinal bones become empty which unfavorably influences wellbeing, causing numerous medical issues, for example, lethargy and numerous kinds of disease and osteoarthritis. That is the reason we should rehearse yoga mudra for weight loss.

Individuals with Body Mass Index (BMI) in the range somewhere in the range of 25 and 30 are viewed as overweight, while those with Body Mass Index (BMI) over 30 are viewed as large. Corpulence is mostly because of the utilization of profoundly palatable vitality and the style of comfort.

It can likewise be inherited. In any case, sometimes it is brought about by qualities, endocrine issue, certain drugs or mental ailment. Strain additionally assumes a significant job in the reasons for heftiness.

Mental unsettling influences additionally persuade an individual to enjoy sustenance. Kids experiencing such aggravations become corpulent. That is the reason one should rehearse yoga mudra for weight loss

One of the most testing parts of managing stoutness is the incorporation of physical activity in the way of life of people who, because of their expanding weight, battle with constrained portability. In these conditions yoga, mudra for weight loss can assume a significant job in decreasing exorbitant fat.

How yoga mudra works for weight loss


How yoga mudra works for weight loss:

It has been deductively demonstrated that there are more medical advantages than shedding pounds in the money of hands. They state that instance formation when the hands and fingers are held together in a foreordained way, crucial force or vitality is created which aids in weight loss just as in restoring different illnesses.

The method of reasoning behind the stances is that the five components are associated with our five fingers, so rehearsing yoga stances or hand motions consistently can yield numerous medical advantages. When we do finger signal in a foreordained way, it enacts that particular organ which disposes of different medical issues, for example, weight-related issues, sugar, dysfunctional behaviors, hypertension, heart issues, and so forth.

Yoga Mudra For Weight Loss


Yoga Mudra For Weight Loss:

Below is some yoga mudra for weight loss that you can easily practice to reduce your weight. Let us know about those yoga postures. However, before knowing the Yoga mudra for weight loss you should know which finger corresponds to which element. Thumb corresponds to Fire. Index finger corresponds to Air. Middle Finger corresponds to Sky. Ring finger corresponds to Earth. Little finger corresponds to water.

There is 5 yoga mudra for weight loss. Let’s know in details about that five yoga mudra for weight loss below:

Gyan Mudra For Weight Loss


Gyan Mudra For Weight Loss

The Gyan Mudra is the most common and easiest pose to lose weight, this mudra is used to calm the mind and concentrate, and it is beneficial to do this posture before doing any asana in yoga. It is considered best to focus on meditation, in the name of this mudra, it is clear that by developing our mind it increases our knowledge and memory i.e. memory power.

  • To do Gyan mudra, sit on the Padmasana or Lotus Pose on the mat or on the floor
  • Keep both of your hands on both knees
  • Then, point the index finger to the finger of the thumb i.e. with the tip of your thumb
  • Keep the other fingers close and absolutely straight
  • Close eyes and focus
  • The best time to meditate in Gyan Mudra is at sunrise in the morning
  • The duration of meditation in this posture is 50 minutes
  • If you cannot stay in this posture for a long time, then you should practice it at least 15 minutes at a time

Surya Mudra For Weight Loss


Surya Mudra For Weight Loss:

The Surya Mudra is renowned for its weight loss benefits in yoga practice. Just like the widely recognized health advantages of the Surya Namaskar, the Surya Mudra also offers numerous benefits. Let’s explore how to incorporate the Surya Mudra into your routine.

  • To do Surya Mudra, first of all, you sit the Padmasana or Lotus Pose on the floor
  • Keep your breath normal
  • Then place both of your hands on both your knees with your palm facing up
  • Now bend your ring finger to the thumb and join your thumb with this finger
  • Make sure your ring finger is associated with slightly below the thumb, and all the other fingers should be perfectly straight
  • Do this posture regularly for 10 minutes in the morning time
  • This mudra is very beneficial in the cold time, by this yoga; heat gets generated in our body

Vayu Mudra for lose weight


Vayu Mudra for lose weight

This mudra helps in controlling the elements of air inside your body. It is very helpful in relieving pain and painful joints. It is very helpful for people with arthritis and cervical spondylitis. It can also help relieve pain for patients with polio and Parkinson’s. This mudra is beneficial in reducing all types of body pain.

  • To do Vayu Mudra, you should sit in a clean place in Sukhasana or Easy Pose
  • Place both of your hands on the knees, then place the finger near the thumb i.e. the index finger in the area below the thumb
  • Then pressure the index finger with the thumb
  • Keep the other three fingers straight
  • To get the most out of this pose, do it for at least 50 minutes

Prithvi Mudra for Weight Loss


Prithvi Mudra for Weight Loss:

To reduce the weight, the Prithvi Mudra works wonderfully. It reduces fatigue by strengthening your body. Keeps the balance of the body, this mudra is a good yoga mudra for weight loss.

  • To do this posture, first, sit in a clean place at Sukhasana or Easy Pose
  • You can also sit in the Padmasana or Lotus Pose for this seat
  • Put both hands on its knees just like you did in the Sun mudra
  • Then you will notice the tip of your ring finger join the tip of your thumb and keep all the fingers of your hand straight
  • You can do this mudra any time of the day, but it is more beneficial to do Prithvi mudra in the morning
  • You should do it for at least 30 minutes daily

Prana Mudra For Lose Weight


Prana Mudra For Lose Weight

The Prana Mudra is a very important posture. Prana Mudra is very beneficial for reducing weight; “Prana” means life or energy. This Prana Mudra fastens the root chakra of our body, which increases the level of fire and energy in our body. It improves the health of the eyes; along with it helps reduce fatigue and insomnia. This mudra helps a lot to increase self-confidence.

  • To do this posture, first, sit in Sukhasana or Easy Pose
  • Keep your reed bone straight and keep your hands on the knees
  • Then join your little finger and ring finger with the tip of your thumb
  • Keep the other two fingers straight, keep your breathing normal and focused
  • Practice this mudra at least for 25-30 minutes

Yoga is the best practice for weight loss. Every person in the world wants to look slim and fit. For this reason, people make a lot of effort but can’t achieve their desired body. So, if you are one of them then practice this yoga mudra for weight loss and see the differences.

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