Yoga For Belly Fat Loss: Get A Toned Belly With Yoga

yoga for belly fat loss

Pawanmuktasana (Wind-Relieving Pose)

This seat helps reduce many stomach problems such as indigestion and constipation. In this condition, if your knee is pressurized on your stomach, then keep this condition more than one minute so that the fat of that area can be burnt. It strengthens the waist and stomach muscles. It cures digestion and pulls out the gas and this asana also helps to tone legs and shoulder muscles too.

Step By Step Instructions to Do Pawanmuktasana

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Step By Step Instructions to Do Pawanmuktasana:

  • First, lie on the floor on your back
  • Keep your legs together
  • Now take a deep breath and bring both legs towards the chest
  • Hold the feet with your hands and try to make pressure on the stomach
  • Keep breathing and leave and keep your chin on your knees
  • Keep this condition for 60 to 90 seconds
  • Slowly straighten your legs
  • And leave the body absolutely loose and relax for a few seconds
  • Make this posture 7 to 10 times


  • Gap 15 seconds to redo the process
  • Those who are new to this yoga for belly fat loss, first use one leg in this asana
  • Pregnant women should not try this asana
  • People who are suffering from spinal problems stay away from this asana
  • Who has trouble with blood pressure do not do this yoga for belly fat loss

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Tadasana is a method of warm, so start your yoga pose with Tadasana. It improves the circulation of blood, which makes the body prepare for other poses. This yoga for belly fat loss also stimulates hips and stomach as well as strengthens the thighs, knees, and ankles.

Step By Step Instructions To Do Tadasana

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Step By Step Instructions To Do Tadasana:

  • First of all, join your feet and stand straight
  • Make your hands straight, and put the palms of your hands in front of the body
  • Now bring both of your hands straight toward the front and then take them over your head
  • Push hands as much as you can
  • Look upwards to the sky
  • Breathe in a normal way and keep this posture from 20 to 30 seconds
  • Take a deep breath and leave
  • Repeat this stage 10 times


  • You can do this asana by bringing different changes even in the shoulder state
  • People who are troubled with blood pressure, insomnia and headache are advised to stay away from this yoga for belly fat loss

Your increased belly affects your physical beauty as well as your health. If you are having obesity for a long time, you may have a chronic illness like cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems. So if you are just a little aware of your health then start taking measures for your growing belly right away and practice this above-mentioned yoga for belly fat loss regularly on time.


Q. Does Yoga Helps In Belly Fat Loss?

A. Yes, yoga helps in belly fat loss. Yoga is the safest way to lose belly fat. There are many yoga poses that help to lose belly fats. To know which are those yoga poses read here more…

Q. Which Yoga Helps The Most For Belly Fat Loss?

A. There are many yoga poses that help to lose belly fat without any side effects. To know which are those yoga poses read here more.

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