Ustrasana Benefits Everyone Should Know About

Steps To Do

Ustrasana (उष्ट्रासन) is a great yoga pose for overall health. The word Ustrasana is made of two words. “Ustr” is a Sanskrit word which means “Camel” in English and “Asana” means Yoga Pose. In this posture, the body looks like a camel or Ustr that’s why it is called Ustrasana or Camel pose. This yoga has many health benefits. This yoga pose is very effective to remove anger. This posture makes the body flexible, strong and also helps in digestion. There are many Ustrasana benefits that everyone should know. So let’s know what are those…

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Steps To Do:

These are the steps to get into this pose.

    • Sit on your knees comfortably.
    • Now gently curve your body and bend backward.
    • Bend your neck and head back as much as you can.
    • Touch your feet with your hands.
    • Breathe normally.
    • Hold this position for 10-15 seconds.
    • Do this yoga 5 times.

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Ustrasana Benefits:

Ustrasana or camel pose has many health benefits. So, let’s know which are the Ustrasana benefits below…

1. Reduce Belly Fat:

Ustrasana is good for losing body fat. This is one of the most effective Ustrasana benefits. Practicing Ustrasana regularly reduce belly fat and keep this area flat.

2. Reduce Diabetes:

One of the Ustrasana benefits is this yoga pose can reduce diabetes. This yoga asana is very much beneficial for people who have diabetes.

Cure Lung Problems

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3. Cure Lung Problems:

Ustrasana is very much effective to cure lung problems. Practicing this yoga pose every day helps to cure lung problems.

4. Reduces anger:

Reducing anger is one of the Ustrasana benefits. Practicing this asana calm downs your mind and reduces anger. This is a very useful yoga asana for people who have anger problem.

5. Reduce Vision Disorder:

One of the Ustrasana benefits is it helps to reduce vision disorder. This yoga is very good for your eyesight. People who have week eyesight should practice this yoga asana.

6. Reduce Waist Pain:

Reducing waist pain is one of the Ustrasana benefits. Regular practice of Ustrasana helps to reduce waist pain.

Reduces Neck Pain

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7. Reduces Neck Pain:

Ustasana is also beneficial for neck pain. This yoga asana gives a gentle massage on the neck that helps to remove neck pain.

8. Improves digestion:

Ustrasana improves digestion. This yoga pose gives a gentle pressure on abdomen areas which helps in digestion and other stomach problems. This is one of the Ustrasana benefits.

Clear Skin

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9. Clear Skin:

Ustrasana helps in digestion which helps to get clear and beautiful skin. this is one of the Ustrasana benefits.

10. Beneficial For Slip Discs:

One of the Ustrasana benefits is, it is very much effective for people who have slip discs, this yoga helps to cure this problem.

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11. Reduces Menstrual Problems:

Ustrasana is very useful to reduce menstrual problems as while practicing it gives a gentle massage to abdomen areas and releases tension from ovaries. This is one of the Ustrasana benefits.

12. Strengthen The Back And Shoulders:

Practicing Ustrasana helps to strengthen back and shoulder. It also helps to make them flexible.

13. Regulated Thyroid Gland:

Ustrasana helps to regulate thyroid glad. This is one of the Ustrasana benefits.

14. Reduce Anxiety:

Ustrasana reduces anxiety. Regular practice of Ustrasana keep your mind calm and relaxed and also reduce anxiety. So practice Ustrasana regularly to reduce anxiety.

Improve Blood Circulation

Source :- webmd . com

15. Improve Blood Circulation:

Ustrasana helps to improve blood circulation to your brain and makes your brain more active. This is one of the Ustrasana benefits.

These are the Ustrasana benefits. Ustrasana may look tough to do, but this is an easy yoga pose that has many health benefits. So. practice this yoga asana to be benefitted by this ways. So practice yoga and stay healthy and happy.


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