15 Astonishing Shirshasana Benefits And Steps To Perform It

shirshasana benefits

shirshasana benefits

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There is a lot of yoga poses but none of them has benefits like Shirshasana. Shirshasana is also a posture which is done by the head. Shirshasana is considered to be the best in yoga. Shirshasana is also known as Lakshmanasan and Kapalasan. Shirshasana benefits are uncountable, which is why it is considered very useful.

But it is also important to know what the shirshasana, what shirshasana benefits are. How the shirshasana is done. What people should not do shirshasana. To know all these things, you have to know what the shirshasana is. Let’s find out what is the shirshasana.

What is Shirshasana

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What is Shirshasana?

Shirshasana is headstand pose, as it is known only by name, is the seat of the head. However, it requires a lot of practice to do the heading, because it is not just about everyone’s job to do this posture. If someone learns to do the headstand pose then that person can fight comfortably with many serious diseases.

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Shirshasana benefits

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Shirshasana benefits:

Shirshasan benefits are uncountable just like every other posture. Some of Shirshasan benefits are as follows:

  1. Regular practice of the head stand pose can help you to get rid of digestive diseases easily
  2. With head stand pose or shirshasana, the blood circulation process in the body starts functioning smoothly
  3. Shirshasana or head stand pose strengthens the body and the body becomes healthier
  4. Through head stand pose, blood circulation increases in the brain, which helps in enhancing memory
  5. To get rid of diseases such as constipation, hernia, and headache one should perform this shirshasana pose
  6. Shirshasana should be done to get rid of problems related to hair problems, hair fall or to get rid of the problem of hair white before time
  7. Headings or the shirshasana poses are very useful postures to make the body active and maximize efficiency
  8. This Asana improves eyesight
  9. Makes the brain calm and helps relieve stress and mild depression
  10. Shirshasana stimulates pituitary and pineal glands
  11. Strengthens hands, legs, and spinal cord
  12. Builds physical and mental satisfaction and helps in spiritual progress
  13. Shirshasana enhances lung functioning
  14. Head stand pose has a positive effect on the digestive organs, which provides relief in constipation
  15. These shirshasana benefits are also noticeable in the case of asthma, infertility, insomnia, and sinus

Detailed Explanation To Practice The Shirshasana

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Detailed Explanation To Practice The Shirshasana

  • For this, you should select a flat space.
  • For Shirshasan, you should first sit in Vajrasana. You sit in such a way that you have a lot of room to bend forward.
  • Sit in Vajrasana and keep both of your elbows on the ground and keep both hands together.
  • Combining fingers of both hands, your arms should be upwards so that you can support your arms with your palms.
  • Slowly keep your head on the palms bending forward and keep breathing normally.
  • Then gradually let the body weight on your head.
  • In this situation, you have to take your feet toward the sky. Just like you stand on the feet of straight legs, you are standing on the opposite side of the head.
  • Stay in this posture for a while and then come back in normal position.


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