3 Poses Of Yoga To Lose Weight In 10 Days


Yoga To Lose Weight In 10 Days

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We all want to stay fit by losing our weight. Staying fit is also essential for our life as obesity may cause many fatal diseases. Yoga is the safest thing to do for weight loss. Yoga has no side effect and yoga can cure some disease. Yoga makes us more flexible and helps us to keep balance. Yoga strengthens our bones, arms, legs, and spine. Yoga is the spiritual practice to keep our mind and body clean. Yoga also destresses us and gives us peace of mind. Some yoga poses helps us to cure many health problems by losing weight. So here I am giving you some poses of Yoga to lose weight in 10 days

Yoga To Lose Weight In 10 Days:

Here are the poses of Yoga to lose weight In 10 Days. These yoga poses are effective so much. This yoga poses not only lose your weight also make you healthy.

Warrior Pose I

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Warrior Pose I ( Virabhadrasana I ):

This Yoga asana revives your stamina and makes your heart beat faster so that your heart can pump more blood and deliver oxygen all over your body. This yoga posture works excellent yo your legs, hips, shoulders, arms, butt, chest, abs, and back. This pose of yoga to lose weight In 10 Days is very effective. This is one of the quick weight loss mudras. Let’s check out the steps…


  • keep your legs 4 feet to 5 feet apart from each other.
  • Raise your arms upwards.
  • Join both of your hands together over your head.
  • Turn your left foot 60 degrees to the right.
  • Turn your right foot 90 degrees to the right.
  • Hold this pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Warrior II

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Warrior II ( Virabhadrasana II ):

Warrior pose II is also a yoga asana for losing weight. This asana makes your bone and muscles strong. This yoga helps to tone thigh and legs muscles. This is one of the yoga for losing weight. In the beginning, this asana may hurt your muscles but later it will make your muscles strong. This yoga asana can lose weight very fast. Steps of this yoga asana are…


  • Stand straight and keep your legs in hip-distance apart and arms on your sides.
  • Bring your arms parallel to the floor.
  • Spread your legs wide 4 feet to 5 feet apart from each other.
  • Turn your right feet face to the right.
  • Turn your left foot inward to make a 45-degree angle.
  • Go forward on your right knee and make a 90-degree angle.
  • Turn your neck right side.
  • Hold this for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat on the other side.

 Chair Pose

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Chair Pose ( Utkatasana ):

This is a very excellent pose to lose weight. This posture will help you to keep in shape. This yoga pose makes your heart strong. This is one of the yoga asana for weight loss. This yoga posture boosts your immunity. This yoga pose strengthens thighs, knees, ankle, leg, and arms. The steps of this yoga pose are…


  • Stand straight and erect your spine and keep your arms at your side.
  • Keep some distance between your feet.
  • Raise your arms parallel to the floor.
  • Bend your knees and bring down your pelvis like you are sitting on a chair.
  • Hold this position for 1 minute.
  • Repeat this for 4 to 5 times.

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