How To Avoid Third Eye Meditation Danger Get Full Benefits

third eye meditation danger

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If you had to answer the question, “how many eyes do you have?” And you answered, “Two, of course!” It would be wrong. We actually have three eyes and in the third eye we probably have the most powerful source of knowledge. Do you know how we can open our third eye? What are the benefits and what are the third eye meditation dangers are? If NO… then do not worry as we have today come with the brief details about the third eye meditation.

What is the third eye?

Third eye is one of the most prevailing centers of vitality in human beings. The third eye is situated at the middle of the forehead etween two eyes. Once gets awakened, it turns out to be the gate or a place that lets us see beyond space and time.

However, scientifically, the third eye is situated at our pineal gland; this gland is situated in our brain, which is believed to be very significant in flashing mental abilities. Although many people also consider this third eye to be the most prevailing place of our ethereal energy.


The third eye is a mystery that you should know: It is a powerful source of intuitive knowledge.

How The Third Eye Meditation Works?

The way we look through open eyes is same in the case of the third eye. The energy that is needed to see the third eye gets from eyes closed. That is, when our eyes are closed, then we can start the process of seeing through the third eye.


Start by awakening the third eye with meditation to make it easy and simple.

Some basic things related to the third eye that will make you more clear about it and will also help you to escape the third eye meditation dangers.

Position: Between the both of the eyebrow in front of the forehead.

Color: A mixture of Indigo red and blue.

Sound: The chant “OM” in which ‘O’ represents the sun element and ‘M’ represents lunar element.

Elements: The nature of the pathways i.e. telepathic energy.

Feeling: Feel with sense.

How Do You Open Your Third Eye

How Do You Open Your Third Eye?

Here is a brief guide to understanding how to take advantage of your open and active third eye, and how to do this is the best way possible to avoid the third eye meditation dangers.

We can read different information related to it at different places. Sixth sense is a bit difficult to understand because it develops according to the capacity of every human being, which can later be extended by practice. To see the velocity of events let’s see how to do third eye meditation and how to avoid the third eye meditation dangers

In the practice of meditation, regulating breathing serves as the fundamental technique for activating the third eye, achieved through a series of steps. Each step within this meditation process is comprehensive and offers varied experiences. Let’s carefully examine these steps to mitigate any potential risks associated with third eye meditation.

Step 1:

  • First of all, come to the state of meditation, in which you feel most comfortable
  • After this, start the process of relaxing your body, mind and spirit
  • After bringing the body and mind into a comfortable condition, take complete care of your breath
  • If your mind wanders, do not panic and concentrate on your breathing again
  • Try to hear the sound that is produced when the breath comes

Step 2

In the second step, close your eyes and focus your attention between the middle of the eyebrow means between your eyes i.e. the upper extremity of the nose, where there is a depth between the eyes and just concentrate

After some time you will see a shining point

This is exactly like you are entering a depth

But you have to keep your focus on a bright spot rather than that tunnel

Maybe your attention starts to wander, and you start seeing things apart from the point (In such a way, you can ignore them by not paying attention to them)

You can place your fingers on the sides of the forehead

At the beginning, pressures on this area can help you stay concentrated
Like in Trataka we do with open eyes

This will help to increase your thoughts that come to your mind and you will be able to get as much focus as needed.

Step 3

When you cross both the above steps then you get a state of zero.

You do not even know your body in this state

When you reach the state of zero then you become free from physical bondage and start catching the waves that is surround you

With this, you will be able to see the glimpses of time

In the three stages of the third eye awakening, we should note that our mental state is in a state of balance

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Take Precautions To Avoid Third Eye Meditation Dangers

Take Precautions To Avoid Third Eye Meditation Dangers:

You should be careful about what you can expect and what you can feel about the third eye activation. Many times we start to feel some glimpses that can scare us.

In Hinduism, the third eye is connected to our spiritual level. According to this notion, the third eye means that the Chakra helps us in the journey of difference.

At the time of awakening of the third eye is not necessary that we have the same experience as we want. But when you reach that state, then your third eye can catch the unwanted waves that move around in the universe.

In the wake of the third eye, instead of looking at events related to themselves, instead of seeing the events of others concentrate on the middle of the eyes.

The Third Eye Meditation Benefits

When you practice the third eye meditation wisely, it offers numerous benefits. You will experience enlarged intuition, which can provide you a healthier way to your life, & realize the purpose of the soul and life.

You will have more intellectual awareness & can have some other benefits by practicing third eye meditation. You will learn if you are a teacher, healer, dancer, singer in short you will be able to discover your hidden talent.

The Third Eye Meditation Dangers

The Third Eye Meditation Dangers

Just like any movement you undertake, the opening third eye meditation comes with definite dangers.

The major danger is generally to fall into the delusion

Once the third eye is completely opened, it is a usual sense that our mind uses


If you utilize the power of third eye for some good wisdom and intentions, then it is a boon. However, if you utilize this power to control individuals or to tell people about things they should not hear then it’s a bane.