Concentrative Meditation Process And Benefits

concentrative meditation

concentrative meditation

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Concentrative Meditation relaxes your mind and body. It helps to create a positive outlook and confidence. knowing yourself properly, trying to understand your inner strength is called concentrative meditation. It is the purpose of meditation to see the great power of the world within itself. The main purpose of meditation is to keep the mind in a calm by controlling the mind and brain’s random thoughts, scattering thinking and stabilizing the mind. Our dream is a luxurious, sensual, mysterious self, but we have failed to completely control it.

Tips For Concentrative Meditation:

  • To meditate, first, you need comfortable clothing and a mat. If the material of the dress is cotton then it would be good. It is also important to be the dress clean as well.
  • Do not meditate on the filled stomach. If you want to meditate in the morning, please meditate before eating breakfast. If you start meditation after heavy food, then it can result in sleep.
  • Look at body posture. Do not sit like that on back and neck pain.
  • First, start meditation for 10 minutes. Gradually increase the circumference. Meditate for a specific time.
  • Relax the body before the headache.
  • Meditate in a calm and quiet environment. It may be the Balcony, bedroom, sitting room or in any quiet place. Some people say that it is good to meditate near the burning candle. Apart from this, many people also said that if the meditation under purple light is effective, it is 10 times more effective.
  • You will have to choose which seat is suitable for meditation and you will feel comfortable in any seat. Those who have the practice of yoga can meditate on any of the seats like Padmasana, Siddhasana, Sukhasana etc.

Best Time For Concentrative Meditation

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Best Time For Concentrative Meditation:

Time ranging from 3 a.m. to 6-7 p.m. and time after 10 p.m. is considered suitable for Concentrative Meditation. At this time there is peace in the environment, interference is less. According to meditative actions, this time has been considered the best for the development of mental powers.

Steps To Do Concentrative Meditation

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Steps To Do Concentrative Meditation:

Concentrative Meditation is done in a few steps. These steps are…

Step 1

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Step 1:

Sit straight in meditation: Eyes are closed or overflowing. The back should be straight, the backbone is in a straight line. Sit down comfortably, do not sit or sit in such a posture, which may cause pain or discomfort and distraction.

The hands are in the lap or knees. If it is not possible to sit on the ground, then sit directly on a chair (chair), but the feet should not be in contact with the ground, keep a blanket under the feet, etc.

Step 2

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Step 2:

Do deep breathing or Pranayama: To do pranayama at the beginning of Concentrative meditation or to take a long respite slowly for a while and to leave slowly increases the amount of oxygen in the brain and body. This makes the brain active, but the motion control of the thoughts is also possible.

In anger, the breath starts in the impulse which impairs and increases mental instability. In sadness, the breath becomes slow in fear and tension produces mourning. Deep and prolonged breath brings peace and sense to the mind.

Step 3

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Step 3:

Becoming one with God: This is an expression of the different forms of world energy. The existence of ultimate energy or power is that which is performing our daily routine of all creatures and animals and this universe.

By accepting ourselves as a part of that ultimate source, we experience our limitless potential and possibilities. In meditation methods, it is prayed that same meditation / supreme power is that our meditation is successful, we experience our divine real nature.

Step 4

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Step 4:

Focus your mind: Concentrative Meditation methods are said to stop the thoughts of thoughts, try to be free from thoughts. If you get thoughts in mind, then let them come, they are not lost or confused. Look at the flow of thoughts like an audience.

Do not increase that by entering that idea series. Slowly the speed of thought will slow down and the mind will start to feel free. How long will this take? It depends on your will and the severity of the effort. Be patient, keep on trying with positive thinking.

 Step 5

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Step 5:

Focus on one thing: The mind has to be removed from the thoughts and fixed on a point or an idea. Almost all the methods have said that by blinding the eye, try to look at the middle point of the eyebrows and focus the mind.

Some methods have been told to imagine a color or imagine blindness in the light behind closed eyes. In some methods, the mind is asked to concentrate on the motion of the breath.

Step 6

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Step 6:

Chant Mantra or affirmations: In Concentrative meditation method,s it is said that in order to stabilize the mind at the constant point of view, think about the image, form, emotion, qualities of your devoted Dev or Guru in the mind.

Pray to them in mind. Chant any mantra or repeat any positive thoughts like I am fearless, I am healthy, I am a part of the ultimate power, etc. Coordinating these actions helps in concentrating the mind.

Step 7

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Step 7:

Meditate daily: Like we eat daily, eat, sleep, follow the routine. Concentrative Meditation should also be regular, then only we realize the benefits that come from meditation.

Regular meditation brings a balance in thought-sense-feeling which brings success and happiness in life. Meditating daily makes it possible to get into the depths of meditation.

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Benefits Of Concentrative Meditation:

It is said that concentrative meditation is one of the best ways to know about yourself and the outside. Meditation does not just mean sitting in a specific way. It is essential to meditate for spiritual connections. So, let’s see some benefits of Concentrative Meditation.

Relaxes Mind

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Relaxes Mind:

Increasing attention means that you have personal surveillance of how conscious your thoughts and actions are.

Now if you meditate, the benefit you will have is that you can see the reflections of your thoughts through it. By doing this you can evaluate your own work, which will be a great help in your progress.

Reduces Stress

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Reduces Stress:

Most people try to meditate to reduce stress. One study showed that more than 3,500 adults were also involved in Concentrative Meditation that reduced their stress. It has also been discovered from research that meditation involves improvements in stress-related conditions, such as irritation due to irregular emasculation, stress due to any injury or accident and fibromyalgia.

Reduce Anxiety

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Reduce Anxiety:

The less the tension, the less the anxiety will be. Concentrative Meditation helps to cure diseases caused by anxiety, such as phobia (fear of anything) social anxiety (what the society will say), disorganized thoughts, obsessive behavior, and mind-boggling Things like According to many studies, adopting different types of meditation techniques has the advantage in reducing anxiety. Meditation also helps to control the anxiety caused by excessive work pressure in the office.

Improves Emotional Health

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Improves Emotional Health:

Concentrative Meditation your attitude towards your personality changes and attitude towards life is also positive. According to two studies of Concentrative Meditation, this has reduced tension in 4,600 adults.

According to another study, people who do meditation, who do meditation, compared to those who do not, their brain activity is in their control, that means they have control over their mind. The people who used to see changes in their thinking are now beginning to think more positive than before.

Increases Self-Awareness

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Increases Self-Awareness:

Some types of Concentrative Meditation help you to understand yourself. By which you can control yourself in your troubles and adverse circumstances.

For example, self-assessment meditation aims to help you to understand yourself more and help you to connect yourself with the people around you.

Increases Concentration

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Increases Concentration:

Concentrative Meditation with concentrated meditation can help you increase concentration. The power and patience needed to concentrate, it enhances it.

For example, after eight weeks in one study, the effects of mutilation meditation were seen and found that the ability to meditate on the participants has increased. Even meditation for a short time can also benefit them. Another study found that even after practicing meditation for four days a week, you get the benefit of meditation.

Reduces Dementia

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Reduces Dementia:

To improve concentration, you have to meditate regularly and mindfully. Overage, the problem of forgetting and getting rid of dementia. According to studies, the increase of concentration, memory and brain growth has also been found in older people with many types of meditation techniques.

Makes You Kind

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Makes You Kind:

Some types of Concentrative Meditation typically enhance positive thoughts and positive reactions to themselves and others. Metta is a kind of meditation which is also known as love and benevolence meditation, increases compassion in you. By practicing it, a sense of compassion and forgiveness for others develops.

Helps To Quit Bad Habits

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Helps To Quit Bad Habits:

Your mental discipline increases through Concentrative Meditation. By which control over your self increases and it becomes easier to know the cause of your problem. Because of this, the habit of reliance on your other things ends.
The psychic who can develop from you, can help you break the dependence by increasing awareness of your self-control and triggers for addictive behavior.

Meditation helps in understanding, re-focusing, raising will, controlling emotions and longing, and understanding the causes of bad habits.

Improves Sleep

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Improves Sleep:

Nearly half of India’s population suffers from the problem of insomnia. According to studies, people who meditate get the right time and deep sleep, while most people who do not have difficulty sleeping or sleeping in the middle of them often get bothered by sleeping again and again.

Reduces Physical Pain

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Reduces Physical Pain:

It has been learned from a study that the people experiencing similar types of pain, some of which were meditating and nothing else, the people who used to have had greater abilities to endure pain and even less pain Had used to go, and those who did not have pain and intensity. In fact, it is what you think. If you think more about a problem then he will feel more and remove ‘meditation’ from there, then for a few moments, forgetting him will not be experienced. Concentrative Meditation makes control over that ‘meditation’.

Reducing Blood Pressure

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Reducing Blood Pressure:

Concentrative Meditation causes less pressure on the heart. Thereby improving physical health. On experimenting with 996 people, it was found that when they repeatedly repeated it by focusing on a “silent mantra”, it reduces blood pressure on average by five percent. In some cases, by controlling the signs of the nervous system, medication also reduces blood pressure because the nervous system is directly related to blood vessels and heart.


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