Steps & Benefits Of Shashankasana Or The Rabbit Pose

What Is Shashankasana

If you suffering from any kind of problem either physical or mental, then obviously you will knock on the doctor’s door. There are problem like abdominal disorder, excessive irritation, muscle tension and so on. However, if you practice the Shashankasana regularly, then you will not have to wander at the door of the doctors as the benefits of Shashankasana will prevent many diseases.

Yes, yes! Shashankasana is the only medicine of many ailments.

What Is Shashankasana

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What Is Shashankasana?

The word Shashankasana came from two Sanskrit words, where ‘Shashank’ literally means “Rabbit”, and ‘Asana’ means “Yoga Pose”.So together the ‘Shashankasana’ means “Rabbit Pose”.

Since doing this asana our body shaped like a rabbit; hence it is called Shashankasana. There are innumerable benefits of Shashankasana.


However, while doing this posture, we should take special care of our breathing speed; otherwise, we can get bad results instead of good results.

Steps To Do Shashankasana or the Rabbit Pose:

Here I have provided the step by step instructions to do the Shashankasana or the Rabbit Pose below. Follow these steps carefully to get the most benefits of the Shashankasana.

Step By Step Instructions To Do Shashankasana or the Rabbit Pose

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Step By Step Instructions To Do Shashankasana or the Rabbit Pose:

  • First of all, sit down on the ground or on a yoga mat
  • Fold the right foot and place it behind the back or the right butt (hips)
  • Then fold the left foot in the same way and keep it behind the back towards the left hips and sit down
  • Now breathing keep your both hands upwards
  • After this, slowly lean forward and leave the breath outwards
  • Place head and palms on the floor
  • Now, breathing first, lift the stomach and chest, and lift the hands and come in the starting position
  • In this way, do this asana 4 to 5 times

Benefits Of Shashankasana

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Benefits Of Shashankasana:

You must have understood that Shashankasana is very useful for both our body and mind. Here are some of the benefits of the Shashankasana or the rabbit pose. Let’s check out the benefits of Shashankasana below:

Relief From Stress:

Benefits of Shashankasana are such that it keeps us away from stress, the effect is also seen in physical disorders. Stress is the root cause of all illness. Stress is likely to cause stomach upset.

This is also the reason for gas, lack of appetite, etc. In such a way, Shashankasana can prove to be a boon for us.

Relief From Constipation:

Since sublingual pressure is pressurized on the lower part of our abdomen, it causes constipation to end. So the benefits of Shashankasana are useful for problems that are related to our stomach.

Regular practice of the Shashankasana provides relief from constipation and other problems related to our stomach.

Reduce Excess Fat:

Regular practice of the Shashankasana can help to reduce excess body fat easily and quickly. Since the asana involves many stretches so the regular practice of this asana is very effective in reducing body fat.

The excess fat of the body can also be reduced due to the practice of Shashankasana.

Calms Anger:

You will be surprised to know that the benefits of Shashankasana can calm our mind and thus it calms anger and brings peach of mind. So those who are short Templers, who are angry, they must do this. Because of this, they may be able to overcome their anger.

Those who are short Templers and those who get angry very easily, must practice Shashankasana regularly.

Get Rid Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Believers believe that the benefits of Shashankasana help to get rid of the cardiovascular diseases. So if you are a patient of heart disease, then practice Shashankasana regularly to get of the problems related to your heart.

Along with this, regular practice of the Shashankasana cleans the lungs, liver, pancreas.

Brings Flexibility:

The benefits of Shashankasana are such that it helps to bring flexibility to our nerve and also to muscles. This helps to increase the immune power.

With the help of this posture, the nerves become flexible and thus it functions well

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